Monday, August 10, 2009

I bought a couch

Well actually I bought two couches. Well, a couch and a matching chair, and daaang girl are they every fiiiine! Me and Dix were taking the boys to the park to play on Friday and what did we see on our way? I big shiny red GARAGE SALE sign. My personal favorite thing to see on a bike ride. So anawas, we pulled up there. And I laid my eyes on these beauties and just couldn't resist. I gave the woman 75 bucks straight up and went and got Derick's truck and loaded em up. Now all I need is a house!! For the time being though I rearanged my entire (TINY) room and fit it in there even though everyone said it couldn't be done. I'm so proud of myself.

There's a few views for your pleasure. There is a matching chair that I forgot to take a picture of. And courtesy to Poop and Ang Cat for the necklace hanger. Also courtesy to Roger for my sweet picture of Chief. Maybe I'll go buy a house now.