Tuesday, March 6, 2012

really getting quite pregnant these days

This one time I was in a maternity store with my sister and stuffed one of those fake tummies up my shirt. Yup, psyched ya out, this picture is not recent. After the picture was taken I thought to myself "I can look like this when I'm pregnant, I just know it. I'll just work out and keep out of the chocolate bowl!"

Well the chocolate bowl in our house has now evolved into a chocolate cupboard and it's necessary. I must say, being knocked up is not what I expected. I don't know why on earth I expected my boobs to stay the same size (I miss the ones in the picture...currently mourning their loss) or why I didn't think my face would get fatter (it changes almost daily, always has). And did I REALLY think my hair was going to turn into this...

And yes, monday nights are currently my favorite night of the week.

But due to my most recent study, eating Froot Loops after every meal and skipping walks to take naps does indeed increase the dimensions of your butt. I don't know why I always surprise myself with these things. As mentioned in the previous post, I think I am as invincible as Catwoman...was Catwoman invincible even? How would I know...I'm too busy watching the Bachelor to read comic books!

I also never expected being pregnant to be so wonderful, and I MEAN IT. I have been really lucky to feel so good...with a nice hearty appetite that keeps me going all day long. And feeling the baby is about the most....and for lack of a less cheesy word I'm going to just use the only word that fits...it's magical. Yes magical. Like rainbows and unicorns (which I still find myself hoping will turn out to be real). I love this baby and I'm not ashamed to post a pic of my chubby self to show you how big he/she is getting...because I'm a proud mama goose!!! Oh it loves this blog post it's kicking right now!

Here's me with a real belly stuffed in my shirt and a real goofy smile and yes those are real ta ta's. I can't get over them OK?! And we all know you only come to my blog for the TMI anways. 

Ok pregnancy blog OUT.