Monday, August 30, 2010


I walked in from work today and thought to myself "I should blog today". So naturally, I pondered on what the topic should be. As I considered the possibilities, I glanced down and realized I'd eaten two entire rows out of the double chocolate coconut brownies I made yesterday.


Would I be going too far to say that it defines me? Psh, no way man! It does. I am a firm believer that chocolate heals all wounds. Every time I have a stomach ache or (please no) cramps or I feel sad or worn out, I go get me some chocolate. It's the perfect way to celebrate...the perfect way to make a good mood even better....the perfect thing to top off ever meal. If you can't tell, I go through a lot of it in the day.

I remember last Easter we got a candy bag full of chocolate on our desks courtesy of The Social Club. How special, right? I was on early shift so I was there at 6. I was so darn excited by this little surprise (best day of work ever)...what else was there to do but dive right in! That bag of goodies was gone by 6:05. The (very skinny, I might mention) girl I was on shift with was disgusted with me. So, that among other things gave me a rep. And now whenever there is chocolate in the hizzy, I am the first one to know....and the first one to eat it!

I just turned to Al and told him I had "writer's block" and asked him what he thought when I said "chocolate". His reply? "My competition for your time".

I'm also known as a biiiiit of a messy eater. Just a bit. I spill a little...sometimes. Also, I really like white shirts. About 80% of the time (this is true honesty at it's finest), there is a chocolate stain somewhere on that shirt. And most of the time, it is smeared on my butt from spilling chocolate crumbs and sitting on them (in the car and at work would be the prime places for these little incidents).

I know what you're thinking, I'm gross. I am, I know. I often wonder what my neighbors think of me. Running to my car every morning with a handful of Reese Pieces or a Fudeo shoved in my mouth....but I'm sure they can just see the glowing smile hiding behind the chocolate dripping down my face.

Soo, my real hearthrob, you ask?

I have so much stinking saliva in my mouth right now, it is ridiculous.


Alan and I have discovered a new, delicious, and what I consider a healthy treat. Presenting: our chocolate of the week!

They're good. Seriously. Don't let the "dark chocolate" part fool you, your mind will be blown!

So anyways, it may add a few more cottage cheese's on my thighs and size up the tire around my tummy, but I mean it when I say: chocolate, you are completely worth it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Date Night

Friday night is date night. So, pretty exciting stuff.

We went to the movies.

Just one quick little thing to say about this movie...


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mr. Pitt

I used to carpool with this chickadoodle from work. Nicest lady you'll ever meet, bar none. I honestly sometimes would find myself wishing that everyone I worked with was her. Just 8 other her's sitting around me, typing their little hearts out....while I nod off to sleep or check my blog (gasp! don't tell!).

One fine morning, we were driving in her little Saturn when the topic of acting came up. The next thing I knew (it all happened so fast), she was just absolutely going on a rampage about Brad Pitt. She just went off telling me how she hated that "just because he was good looking, didn't mean he could act" and that how he "was such a terrible actor" and she "hated all his movies" (I have to put this in quotes so you for sure know these are not my thoughts).

I almost choked on my own vomit. I didn't though, I just swallowed it and tried to act like nothing was wrong. If it would have been anyone else, ANYONE.....I would have let them see the smoke coming out my ears and the vein popping out of my forehead as I yelled at them in fury telling them that they needed to be institutionalized......the next thing they'd know, I'd have curled up into a ball and slid out the door and all they would see is just a tiny me in their rearview mirror, rolling in the ditch.

But this lady is just too much of a sweet I didn't say anything. Just waited until she had stopped being outrageous and kindly changed the subject.

It nearly killed me.

How could such an absurd thought even begin to bubble in one's brain, I wonder? Brad Pitt is a downright stinkin genious! That's why everyone loves him. His looks (yum yummers) are just the cherry on top of the deeeelicious pie.

Here's him in the movie I think he looks his very best. Legends of the Fall.

Anyways, so I was just thinking about that today and then got thinking about how much I would rather look like Kate Winslet than me and how I love all her movies, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite actors/actresses with y'all. Here they are in their (in my opinion) their shinest moments.

Kate Winslet - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I mean, name another someone you know that can pull off blue hair. Come on, do it.

Oh, Christian Bale. You were my first love, you had me star struck, but I wasn't 13...I was 20. (This is from a very nice scene in Equilibrium)

Maggie! Don't feel like trying to spell that darn'd last name of yours. Here you are in Crazy Heart! Good job on that nomination!

Mark Wahlberg in I Heart Huckabees.

Natalie Portman, Garden State. I just remembered that this is pretty much my favorite movie of all time, and I'm going to go watch it.
You'll notice that all of these people are gorgeous. Well, I'll have you know and am not ashamed to say that if I'm going to spend 2 hours of my life looking at you, you better look nice. That's right, I don't want to see that mess inside your mouth that you call teeth, MILEY.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hair Voltaire, I Personally Would Rather Learn About Voltaire

Sooo, I'm awesome.
Not to toot my own horn or anything. Actually, yes, to toot my own horn. Consider this as me, being a brag-whore.
I cut Alan's hair the other day. My first time ever as hairdresser! Unless you are counting Barbies which you're not because what kind of grown up woman even remembers playing with Barbies?!? Not me, I assure you. Psh...nooohot me..... the big reveal here.

It's half decent eh? I mean, it's no Angela Bridge hair cut, but what is? I was so nervous when I just started randomly snipping away not having a freaking clue where to start or where to finish or how to not cut my fingers every five seconds. I kind of figured it out though and seriously, I impressed myself...if you haven't already figured that one out.
You're probably thinking I am a huge knob job for bragging about something that, like I said, looks only half decent, but the thing is...I always screw things up. That's my nature. Screw up 10 times, then it will possibly maybe turn out good. I never plan things, never ever. I just GO. And it always makes a huge mess that I end up having to turn around and do all over again. For example, when I sew. I just slap a few pieces of material together and put my foot on that peddle and push as hard as I can cause I have to get this done!
In the long run, I always discover that planning would have been better. But I never learn from my mistakes...cause that would be too easy.
Anyways, sucess at it's finest for this young chap (me).
I always worked a full 8 hours today, went for a run, cleaned the house, baked cookies, made supper, AND I'm blogging. And yesterday, I worked, cleaned the car (seriously, worse than laundry), went running in the 30+ degree weather, paid some bills, cleaned the house (this apparently has to be done every day), and made Al's favorite dinner.
Is anyone else impressed with this new house wife? Caaaause ya should be!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cuppy Cake Gum Drop

So, this is a bit of a continuation from my last post about the peanut butter heaven that we whipped up the other day. Jen sent me the pictures we took, and I couldn't be selfish and not share them. Here they are in all their glory. I bet you are wishing this wasn't just a picture.

If I could virtually send them to you, I would....and once the smarty pants of the world invent a way to do that, I will send cupcakes to all my blog fans!

Here's me and Sam and Ash who was clearly wishing she was allowed off of her breast milk diet that day. Did I ever mention how much I love my new sister-in-law? Honestly, I'm not just saying this because Sam asked me for an "ode to Sam" post, I really mean it. She is so so much fun and always come and plays with the fam....absolutely the easiest person to get along with. She fits right in! We love her to bits and pieces.

And gueeess who passed school and is home for the month of August??? BRANNY PANTIES!!!!!!!

This here picture contains the genuinely nicest most loving girls in girl history....minus me. Really, minus me...I'm not trying to include myself in all.

I'm just at work right now on my break actually. I figured I'd continue to hide out in the basement instead of going out on my attempt-t0-get-some-sun walk because the sun is most definately not shining. I am really and truly racking my brain right now trying to find something to blab about but all I can think of is "I want to go home". Being at work really bums me out.

Well, my 15 minutes of freedom are over.

I hope everyone is having a hippity hoppity jolly Friday! I promise I am despite my prior whining. I love Friday's. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Much Happiness

How about instead of before we take that big tasty bite of food and ask the dooming question of "how many calories are in this?", we instead ask ourselves "how much happiness is in this?" Cause that's what I do, and I'm really happy.

Me and Al down'd two jumbo bags of extra buttered popcorn at the Movie Mill tonight. Sure, we both feel like hurling, but we are oh so happy.

And yesterday me, Bran, Jen, and Samiclablami made peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter icing and chocolate ganache on top. Tell em ladies, tell em how happy we were!

So drop your flash diets and eat, it's what god intended.

I loooove me some food.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I spell Banff like I do up there ^ because that is exactly what everyone says it like, so why in heaven's name is it spelt with an "n"?

I do not lie when I say this bothered me our whole trip there. Every time we said Banff...or rather BaMff, I would take extra precaution and try and pronounce the "n". Hard.

And dumb.

Anyways, this brings me to the beginning of a wonderful story in which me and my handsome prince took a weekend trip to Banff (I'll keep spelling it like this to avoid grammatical errors, cause you know how I hate those). We made the mistake of choosing a long weekend to go, we had any other choice. Lets just say I was one among many, many Asians.

It was our little celebratory Alan-has-a-week-off-of-studying trip! I'd never been to Banff before, and we were already in Calgary, so voila! We paid next near a billion dollars to get in and another few million for a camp site that was right by the road with deee-sgusting bathrroms, and we had ourselves a grand old time! Really, we did!!!

Our only source of income right now would be yours truly, so we tried to avoid spending any more money than we already had to just go GO INTO THE CITY. I don't know why this bothered me so much, but it did. Anyways...we just kind of walked around looking at the places we'd never seen. We did splurge and went to the hot springs and ate out Tony Roma's. Laugh it up!

We toured the big castle thinger-madoo there, whatever it may be called. The Prince of Whales of Banff, if you will. (I compared Banff with Waterton the entire time I was there, sue me).

I really really really liked walking around this hotel. I don't know why. We just kept acting like the snooty rich folk we truly are at heart and pretended like we were riding the elevator to get to our suite on the top floor.

We fooled no one.

Here is us at Lake Louise. That lake's color melts my heart, it really does. We happened upon a nice German friend on the trail and she took some pictures for us. I don't know what's going on over there in Germany, but she took some reeeeally crooked pictures. I loved her anyway. Up to heaven I go!

A dead stuffed wolf and I. This was at an information centre or something. They also had in their possession and on display a stuffed goat and a stuffed BABY GOAT. Yes, a teeny tiny baby goat. Sick, sick people.

Lake Minnewanka or something of the sort. The best thing about this lake was that it was filled with Powerade!

LIES! The best part was this little guy.

He was a begger and a half.

Another lie would NOT be that we spent over two hours playing with and feeding him. So in other words, we suuuure did!

Alan...caught in the act.

Alan makin us a fire. It actually rained a lot so we only had a fire once, but boy did I make s'mores! I actually like to call them "shmores" with a taaad bit of a German accent. It's more authentic since shmores orriginated from Germany.
(quite possibly another lie).

We found this lake on a map, got everything ready for a picnic, drove all the way up here, walked around for a good 10 minutes trying to find a place to spread out our blanket, found a place, spread out our blanket, got out our books and our lunch, and then it rained. Thank heavens we found time to squeeze a picture in there before it was too late!

Two pictures!

I was truly shocked by the mass of people and stores in this little city in the mountains. It was fun to go shopping downtown though. Alan got new sunglasses and was overly excited. He hasn't had new sunglasses since...ever. This is in no way a lie.
All in all, great relaxing fun trip. It was great to escape all of the madness....which includes my dumb job and the dumb laundry.
But I love Bamff. No worries though, I still love Waterton much more.