Monday, June 21, 2010

Worst Blog Post Ever

So here are some random pictures from San Diego that I never posted. My computer refuses to not be gay, so this is all I could come up with. The order is ridiculous because....well because I am too lazy to fix it.

Consider me a terrible blogger. I don't even care!

I loved San Diego :).....but it was a little too cold. And no, I'm not kidding. I was shivering almost the whole trip. Maybe it's just cause I didn't have my sweet hubby to warm me up. Or maybe it was that darn cold breeze comin off the ocean. I don't know.

In little Mexico land. We had "real" Mexican food. It tasted pretty much like every other time I've had Mexican food...those two times.

Just frolicking around California! Trying to forget how much I missed my man.

Famous marathon runners. Holla.

Ok, I think these two pictures are funny. It's called up at 3 AM and about to run 13 miles. SMILE BIG.

Oh and here is a picture of me at Disneyland, haha. We did ride It's A Small World, and I did get a headache. It made me unusually cheerful though, I'm not gonna lie.

Ok, I was SO excited to see Sully. We followed him for like 10 minutes until he finally stopped and then stood in line. He didn't talk to us though. None of the characters do. Does anyone else think this is creepy?

So I pretty much was hobbling around the entire day because of my stupid foot. At like 4 in the afternoon we finally asked about renting a wheelchair and it was like 10 bucks! And we got to cut to the front of every line! Scaaam aaartists!

A for Alan. I was going to explain myself and say that the reason I only have one shoe on is because my bummed foot was so sore...but then I looked closure at the picture and my LEFT shoe is off. Uuuuh, heat stroke?

I can't really blame heat stroke though when I said it was cold the whole time though can I? Gee, this is beginning to be a lengthy explanation for something you probably didn't even notice.

It was hot on the day we went to Disneyland! I swear!!

This was my mom's attempt to take a picture of both of us on a ride. Yes, both of us. And no, the ride hadn't started. I'm a pretty decent actress.


I would just like to say that my internet started working half way through this post, so it really wasn't that bad afterall. I don't think....

I'm in a weird mood. Alan has his volume turned on LOUD and is playing a game on his computer where penguins shoot out of a canon and they say "YIPEE" every five seconds. Five seconds is way too much of a long shot. It is about every half a second.



Friday, June 11, 2010

Run Fat Girl Run

Weeeeeeeeeell! I did it! 13.1 miiiiilez.

It was fun, and I loved it, and I would do it again in a heart beat...if I could run. But I can't, cause I bummed out my foot. So now all I do is limp and complain. So, you'd be best to avoid me for the next few weeks until it gets all better. 

The runnin crew. We've had a lot of fun training together. I just wish I had as much energy as these 50-year-old (no, not you mom) ladies. They are out of control. 

I love my mom! Still can't quite keep up to her though. 

Marathon highlights:
  • The asian drum line that was goin at 'er as I ran past.
  • The moment the thought finally occured to me to just take my shirt off all together.
  • When that lady on the side of the road sprayed me with her garden hose. 
  • The sweat dripping down my face into my eyes (I'm not being sarcastic, I don't get to experience that very often).
  • Actually spotting my mom in the 30,000 people crowd at about mile 10.
  • When Vengaboys came on my iPod.
  • That darn finish line. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Learned Today That Hollywood is in California

Has anyone ever seen this movie??

For some odd reason, it seems like me and my sib's are the only ones that ever watched this. And if I remember correctly, we watched it quite a few times. I had a spaz attack about it one time and asked everyone everywhere I was for about a month if they'd ever seen it. I never found a soul.

The spaz attack all started when I made a decently funny joke in reference to this movie, and no one got it. Is there anything worse? I finally find an ounce of wit in me, and no one knows that the H I'm talking about. Result: spazzy Tina.

The reason I'm talking about this movie you might wonder?? My favorite part to mock in the movie is when the little boy and his family are driving through California and he is in the back seat of the car rocking back and forth going "caal...i...fooooor...nia......CAL...I...FOOOR...NIA!". It's not meant to be funny but is (you know, one of those).

Well, my whole life I've dreamt of going to California so I could do the exact same thing in the backseat of the car and have everyone who is with me laugh and laugh and laugh at my funny witty joke.

I'm going to San Diego tomorrow!

So it's really too bad no one has seen this movie. Maybe on the plane when we start flying over California I will do the impersonation really loud and see if anyone laughs. If they don't, I'll just keep acting like I'm mental and everyone will look at me and my mom with pitty. Maybe I'll even get free stuff.

Turns out, that's only part of the reason I'm going to SD, CA. I'm going to participate in a half marathon. Yes, me. No, I'm not just going to watch. I'm going to run it. Or at least make an attempt. I'm also going to go to Disney Land. And to the beach.

I am T-rexcited. I have to leave Al behind (since we planned this trip long before we were engaged) which makes me sad all day. I better go spend some time with him before I leave him on a jet plane.

Good luck to me!!