Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Humorlicous, hah hah

I tend to find everything funny....even when, and sometimes especially when, it's not supposed to be. I don't mind having the sense of humor I have; in fact, it makes everyday life pretty spectacular, but it also gets a tad bit frustrating. I just want to share the laughter with everyone! But how do I explain to someone that I think the way their right eyebrow is moving is making the giggles inside me (yup, I'm a giggler) start to rise higher and higher til I think I might absolutely lose it. You're right, I can't. And like I said, it's a little frustrating.

Like when I started my job at the hosp (shortened word forms are probably funny). I found all the new people I met amusing. I know, I'm horrible. They're wonderful people, they really are....but I just tend to get a kick out of seriously everything. The way people move their mouths, the force and speed at which they choose to type, the way they order medicine for their cats, the way they say "bu-bye" at the end of every phone call the exact same way....every single time.

Point of my stupid story? Humor. It's what I thrive on. It's the most wonderful part of my life, and the most horrible. Sometimes, I feel like I AM Liz Lemon. No friends cause all I do is mock people. I'd like to say "today is the day I change for good. Today, I start a new leaf and become a better form of myself and stop laughing inside my head all the ding dang day long", but sorry, not gonna do it. But I do promise to only laugh at nice things, like flowers. And rainbows. I promise I'll find a way to make them funny.

Thinking about this makes me feel lucky. I feel like I scored in finding someone that "gets" me. The other day, I did something spectacular. Now, this happens a lot so I don't remember the specifics but after I had done this so-called thing, I raised my fists high and shouted "STEVE HOLT!" And my sweet baby cakes, the skip in my step, the apple of my eye, burst out laughing. And my heart welled up so big in my chest I thought it might burst (kind of like the Grinch, you know the one?) Just like it does every day, when he gets my jokes and we're both doubled over in tears watching 30 Rock (I like that show, ok? like, seriously).

You know the good ol' classic relationship conversation of "when did you first know you loved me....(hands under chin).....(googly eyes)......(siiigh)....". Well, ok, we have had it. And you want to know about it, I'm guessing...since you're still reading...

Me and Al had known eachother for a mere few months. He still had his neck brace on. I told him all the time that he looked like a little innocent puppy dog (minus the neck brace) cause he had big puppy dog eyes and a beard and, you know, he just looks like one! I was driving him home in the Ranger like I always did since he couldn't drive since he was in a neck brace. We were talking in the car, it was probably 3 in the morning...I probably had to be at work at 6....(ah, to be young and in love). Anyways, he started acting the part that I always told him he was and started barking. And barking, and barking, and barking. And licking my face. (not in a creepy way, like a DOG). He went on like that for a looooong time. I tried to have conversations with him and he would only bark short answers like "YES" (imagine that as a bark). I laughed and laughed and laughed and cried a little. The next day I told the story at the dinner table and was in hysterics, tearing up, and spitting and sputtering between bits of broken up words trying to tell it. It was just really funny, I promise.

Yup, I knew he was the one.

And he still is.

And I can't wait for him to get home so we can watch more you-know-what. (I'm afraid if I make another reference to the show I might end up in jail for copyright...or something..)

Oh and PS, BTW, really hoping someone gets my Steve Holt reference here or this post is for the birds.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fountain of Loooooove

Since becoming a poor "student" and paying for tuition and rent and food and my own clothes and everything, I've developed into quite the day dreamer. Me and Al very frequently discuss what we will put in our big ol' doctor mansion when he finally finishes school and we have all the money our hearts could ever desire.

His top requests are reasonable:

a) A double headed steam shower in a steam room that also contains a jacuzzi.
b) A grandfather clock (not part of the steam room).

Mine are reasonable too, shut up!

a) A pool with a swinging ball just like at Nicholas Sheron and a hot tub and a sauna.
b) Some sort of contraption that allows my pots and pans to hang from the roof above my island.
c) A maid.
d) A closet that spins just like Hannah Montanas.
e) A horse pen and another maid to pick up their tards.
f) A masseuse.

And above all of the good and wonderful things this world has to offer, one of THEEEESE.

A posifruitly ginungous chocolate fountain and another maid who is constantly filling up trays of pineapple and strawberries and cream puffs for me and my guests to dip in the chocolate waterfall! (mine will just be a straight waterfall like Willy Wonka's, none of this mumbo jumbo nonsense ^)

Alan thinks it will get "gross" and is "unsanitary". What is he, a DOCTOR?


And you guys are all invited.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Completely Random Post

I'm sorry ok? I can't concentrate on one thing for long enough to make an adequate post about it.

I was on my way to bed the other night, doing my usual ritual of not brushing my teeth and not washing my face when the other usual ritual happened where I find melted chocolate somewhere on me. Now before you get ahead of yourself here, I'll just show you the picture so your mind doesn't wander too far.

This picture looks pretty minimal actually, the chocolate spot looks smaller than it was in real life. But I mean, come on, HOW DID IT GET THERE?

So this last Saturday me and Al decided to put the books down (ok that was just him I guess) and go on our little weekly date. We had Costco burgers (go have one if you haven't) and then were going to hit up the early show when I decided we should spice things up and wait for the LATE one. What can I say? Sometimes I get a little crazy.

Turns out, everything closes at 5 on Saturdays when you live in the big city. It's a rough life. So after hanging out in Costco for a pretty long and decently entertaining while and getting kicked out at 7, we were pretty much SOL.

Good thing we discovered that Petland didn't close til 7:30. Yes! We had 15 minutes to play with the really weird looking animals that we eventually fell in love with and almost left with.

Rodents seriously love Al.... Melts. My. Heart.

Actually, I don't know if this was a rodent? More of a bearded bunny with weird eyes. Suuuper cute though (sort of not kidding).

Oh look, a picture that has nothing to do with Costco or chocolate or rabbits. Well, you can understand why I had to put this on here. I was having a hard time not sharing. I honestly have the cutest nieces/nephews known to mankind. To top it off, all Ash does is giggle and coo at me. How could I not absolutely adore her? Exactly, I couldn't. And I do!

So ya, my impending boredome as afore-mentioned in another post has hit. Al is once again a busy man and I'm a not-very-good-at-keeping-myself-occupied woman. I have been fixing up some curtains for the last few days though, and I must say, I've done it again! Impressed myself, that is. Jen, the mastermind sewer, has nothing on me! I mean, I only ripped, like, three holes in them!!

Sorry about Mr. Fuzz in the form of pictures, my iPhone is afraid of the dark. The curtains look cuter in real life.

VOW: I solemnly vow to only blog about one single thing the next time I blog. Tina OUT!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm thankful for chocolate.
I'm thankful for my sexy husband.
I'm thankful for Jesus.
I'm thankful that I don't live in a basement suite.
I'm thankful for the two turkey dinners that we're having today.
I'm thankful for friends that still sometimes talk to me even though I do a pretty poor job of keeping in touch.
I'm thankful for good movies and good actors.
I'm thankful for funny sit-coms.
I'm thankful for Bernese mountain dogs and black labs.
I'm thankful for Sublime and for Superstore for playing them yesterday while we were wandering around waiting for our movie to start.
I'm thankful for SoAB and Raymond and that I got to grow up here and still get to live here and got to marry someone from here.
I'm thankful for my two families. This should be closer to the top, but this list isn't in order.
I'm thankful for my nieces and nephews when they're not screaming and whining at the top of their lungs. Just kidding, I'm thankful for them all the time!
I'm thankful for my motherly instincts and my baby fever and thankful that Al isn't giving into it just yet.
I'm thankful for the colors grey, peach, and mint green.
I'm thankful for clip on earings.
I'm thankful for garage sales.
I'm thankful for good health.
I'm thankful for wonderful people.
I'm thankful for a patient husband who forgives me immediately after a tantrum, which are not far and few between.
I'm thankful for how easy it is to make cookies.
I'm thankful for a dishwasher.
I'm thankful for birds, especially that blue one at the pet store last night. I am not thankful that she costs 500 bucks.
I'm thankful for the Rocky Mountains.

Really, I'm just greatful that this could happen to me.

I have such a wonderful husband and such a wonderful life, really I really really really do, really.

Quack quack, happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're Tina and Tina, Aaaaaah.

I used to be quite the little quoter back in the day. I was really into watching movies over and over and over again, but only the reallygood ones. I guess I'm losing my touch though, cause I'm just not so quick on the money anymore. It seems I used to have a comeback to anything in the form of a movie quote....once again...only the good ones. When I worked at the good ol' hardware store with Pierson, he would take his pointer finger and hold it up to his imaginary foggy window and go "eeeeeeee" every time I snuck a Mean Girls quote into a convo. If the window hadn't been imaginary, well I'd imagine there would have been a fair few streaks on there!

Mean Girls has always been top of my list for movies. Seriously, like, THE top. I almost don't like to share this bit of information about myself with people because of the reaction I get. It's never what I'm looking for. In most cases it's "man....I guess it's been a while since I've seen that" or "I've never seen that". Fags! Get a grip on yourself! (hopefully you're not out there reading this). The reaction should be more like: "............." cause they got too excited and the uproar of laughter was brought on so hard once they remembered the movie that they passed out.

It's just so clever. So witty!!

I always knew the reason behind it all. I always knew who brought me this wonderful gift and let me enjoy it hundreds (literally) of times.

But I never really understood how much I would love this woman until I realized she'd brought me this, this most precious valuable gem...a new reason to wake up every morning....a reason to live a better life...a reason to do everything faster and more efficient to give me more spare time at the end of the day for it's viewing pleasure...

Nothing has ever been funnier.

I can literally sit at work and giggle at my desk all day long thinking of the episodes I watched the night before.

Thank you Tina,

Thank you for bringing this into the world. And thank you for having the best sense of humor in all the land. I. Love. You.



(Honorable mention goes to Tracy Morgan)