Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In recent events, Al's PC broke down. Yup yup yup I know what you are all thinking and my family has been saying it ever since me and Al started our courtship...."you should have bought a Mac!!!" It's almost kind of become a catch phrase with us by now. Anyways, that's beside the point. Point is - we lost most of our info off of that dumb computer. Having the most fantastic computer-savvy bro-in-law, we might be able to save some pretty important stuff, but me thinks the music is probably a goner.

So I'm thinking I'd like to keep track of a few our "our songs". We had a playlist of them on Al's computer and here I go attempting to remember them....

1. The Luckiest - Ben Folds. This one is a given. I think it is on everyone's romantic list. But the history goes as follows: it was one of those typical nights with me dropping Al off in the Ranger with him in his neck brace. The song came on from one of my mix tapes (slash CD's) and I sang the whole thing to Alan in a real romantic/kind of sarcastic way. He totally bought it. And he officially loved me...at that moment....right there. Just kidding, he loved me the first time he laid eyes on me.

2. Goodnight Starlight - The Julianna Theory. This song doesn't really have a reason other than it steals all the romance in your heart with it's first line "close your eyes, you're beautiful when you're sleeping". After that, you're hooked. And the rest of the song is bliss to your ears.

3. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson. It was on our wedding slide show and it always made me cry when Al was away at BYU cause it reminds me of him and how he loves me even though I'm, like, the worst.

4. Just To See You Smile - Tim Mcgraw. Oh Timmy, you swoon all us lovebirds! Alan LOVES to see me smile, just ask him. His is pretty nice too. Especially with that beard he has been sportin as of late!

I'm sorry. I have to go off track for a second here. To get visual for ya here, I am blogging at the table and Handsome is on the other end doing physics questions which look absolutely ridiculous if you wanted to know. His stuff has been on my computer since his broke down, and I want to cry looking at those equations. Aaaaaanyways (man I am really drifting away here) it is a pretty quiet setting..we're both pretty focused. Al just shot up his head with a big fat grin on his face and exclaimed "THIS IS FUN!". He's not joking. He went on to explain something about batteries and forces and equations that didnt' make sense to me, and then told me that it was fun again. Yes, I said he is doing physics. What a guy....what a guy....

5. Loved You Before - Jason Deere. The week before our wedding, I had the week-before-the-wedding nervous breakdown. Not really about the Alan part, mostly about the wedding part. I was crying. Al started singing this song to me and danced me until I was semi-calm. Yup, he is a hopeless romantic. But not really hopeless, cause I LOVE IT.

6. Steppin Thru - Swollen Members. SWOOOLLEEEEN!! We like to dance to this one. And Al knows most of the lyrics. And Swollen is the bizzzomb.

And then there is the obvious song he made up for me and sang to bongo drums at our wedding that NO ONE video's. I plan on being bitter about that forever. (The tune is Steal My Kisses - Ben Harper).

I met you working at Raymond Pro Hardware
The girl behind the desk, you looked so fair.
I had to make a plan so you'd be mine.
I broke my neck, how could you decline?

I always have to steal my kisses from you.
Always have to steal my kisses from you.

Now everything I saw, yeah, I was liking.
You swam, you ran, snowboard, and went hiking.
As time went by, together, we had fun.
I am so glad that you became the one.


I can't believe that to me you said "yes".
I'm so in love with you, I must confess.
Today is the first day of our whole lives.
With me as your husband, you as my wife.


He totally surprised me with that, I thought he was going to sing She's Everything - Brad Paisley. Which is kind of another one of our songs I guess since it makes me cry and Al probably sang it to me, har har. And yes, I cry a lot. Get over it!

And thus commences a part of the list that I'm sure will continue to grow with even more special moments!! Awwwwww! Oh, and Al has since claimed that "this is not fun anymore" (pertaining to the physics spiel).

One more thing: I have started to listen to the rusty old iPod at work lately. I put one ear bud in one ear and listen to the dictation in the other ear. It's a task that usually brings on a headache, but it drowns out some of the sounds I don't want to hear (coworkers). Whaaat? Did I just say that? Anyways, here are a few songs I've been relishing in.

The Greatest - Cat Power
Each Coming Night- Iron and Wine
Last Kiss - Taylor Swift
Scarlet Begonias - Sublime
Midnight Sun - The Sounds
Home - Xavier Rudd
Dearest - Buddy Holly
Land Locked Blues - Bright Eyes

Listen up, you'll be relaxed and happy, promise.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Grade X

Aaaaaah, look at this gem of a photo. Grade 10. What a year.

To state it as clearly as can possibly be put, I was a freak. I died my hair jet black at the beginning of the year and always had it, for the most part, completely covering my left eye. I was completely obsessed with being some type of "punk rocker". I wore the color black, only. I would only listen to what no one else did, and outside my little group of friends, everyone was a "poser" (what a ridiculous word). The most frequent "compliment" I got was that I looked like the grudge.

Ever since reading my dear friend (pictured above) KGibb4's blog this morning, I have been thinking about high school. Lots of people, like she says, dwell on the past and can't get out of high school. I'm kind of happy to say, I don't think I have that problem. While I miss having all my friends around me all the time and having the metabolism the size of Hong Kong, I do not, I repeat I do not miss high school.

High school is hard on you. It's where you are trying to learn to be who you are but while you are at it you're getting all kinds of crap chucked at your face. Fear of not standing out, self-esteem issues, dumb boys that think with the brain that isn't in their skull, favoritism, issues at home.....bla bla bla the list goes on and on.

It might be kind of sad to admit, but it's the truth when I say that everything I am trying to be in life and every goal I work towards is the opposite of who I was in grade 10.

First off, I want to be nice. I want to tuck my hair behind my ears and let everyone see my kind of big ears and big forehead and chubby cheeks. I want to listen to T-Swift and J-Biebs all day long and tell everyone that they are my "favorite band". I want to wear pink if I feel like it and ruffles and earings and necklaces all the way down to my toes if I feel so inclined. I want to tuck my Lulu pants into my Uggs and go up to the store. I want to look at people and genuinely smile at them and mean it from the bottom of my heart that I hope they "have a good day". I want to be loved by my hubs as much as humanly possible and listen to him ramble on about how pretty I am as long as he wants without stopping him. I want to love him back just as much....even if he does occasionally listen to Nickelback.

Yes sir, I once lived in a fear of conformity. I am happy to announce that I have decided to conform (really hope I'm using this word right) to whatever I darn well feel like whenever I darn well feel like it. My newest goal in life is to do whatever my heart desires even if it is what every other 21-year-old girl is doing. Being different is cool...if you're actually different.

Just beeeee yourself!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

You Are Freaking Out, Man

I don't make dinner on Thursdays, deal with it.

So today when Handsome got home, we both alternated saying "I don't care" for about 45 minutes on the topic of what we wanted for supper....when it all came down to "let's go get burgers". So I put some stretchy pants on and shoved them in my boots, and we were off to Costco! (there is seriously a T in this word, after all this time)


That's right, the legend of the biggest juiciest most fufilling burger is dead. Here is my shoulder, cry on it.

You know on Arrested Development when they did those few episodes in a row where everyone had their own little misfortune, and they all hung their heads after and slumped their shoulders and drug their feet while a little depressing tune played in the background?? Well, I'm pretty sure I heard them play that same tune over the intercoms today as Big Al slugged out of there.

It broke my heart to see him like that.

So in attempt to cheer the old chum, I exclaimed "well!! At least we still have Tony Ro......." And I had to stop myself because The Roma Burger is off our list as they jipped us out of like 40 bucks last time we were there. We've been back two whole times (time is very valuable when you do university like Al) and they still haven't fixed it. Queer bags!!

We ended up at Mcdeeee's and I'm still hungry from that skinny little patty. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!!!

I'm freaking out, man.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Time To Want

Attn: all giveaway'ers.

This holiday season, it's nice to see all these giveaways happening via blogs and such. It warms my heart to think that people are reaching out to others who (for the most part) wouldn't usually be able to afford these things or think about taking the time to do them. I really enjoy following them!

So I would like to share a new giveaway for all of you who are looking for ways to reach out to others less fortunate than you.

It's called....Tina's Terrific Giveaway. I named it myself.

The rules? I win.

The prizes:

Great, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


What we been up to, ya ask?


Just to keep the general theme of the blog going, we have officially finished watching all four seasons of 30 Rock. It took us a while since we had to reweatch over half of them (I fall asleep real lickedy split once I sit down). I am a woman obsessed. I'll relax eventually, I swear.

So a few weekends ago (been a while since I blogged) we got the lovely priviledge of sitting this little guy:

He's pretty handsome, aint he? Right up there with Al! See how he's sittin on that couch like he owns it? Yaa that is pretty much how the weekend went.

He was obsessed with cuddling with us and licking our faces and trampling us with love. He also insisted on sleeping in our bed right smack dab in the middle curled up into the biggest heaviest ball he could possibly muster. I pretty much slept through it, but it sure kept Al up. Poor guy.

So I made him some bruschetta to lift his sleepless spirits. I'm such a little fancy chef.

NEXT! We had a STAT holiday for Remembrance Day. Man, I love free holidays. The day all started out with me having a mental breakdown (refer to the end of this blog). So I was reeeeheeeally wanting to get out of the house. Thought about heading to Waterton but it was kind of windy and I was feeling super sponataneous, so we headed a different direction and ended up in the lovely land of Taber. I knew two things about that place: corn. And a pool. So we opted for the pool. It was actually freaking fantastic. That slide is JUST how I remember it. We just went up and down and up and down and up and down, we couldn't get enough!! The only time we had for breaks was when the big mushroom turned on and was gushing with water for us to frolic in! That's how I remember it anyways. I don't have any recollection of spending like two hours in the steam room. (unrelated: so excited for that steam room in our doctor mansion)
Turns out Taber has live FIVE restaurants too. Outstanding! So we hit up BP's and ate dinner while our skin burned from that freaking salt water pool, what is THAT about?

Another thing I've been up to is growing out of my jeans. Seriously....depressing. What is it about being married that makes me so fat? I ate like a cow before! I have been lazy my whole life! I would say I'm even less lazy now, which is pretty much ridiculous. So now I'm officially on my eat a little less chocolate and run if I ever feel like it exercise and diet plan. I'm pretty convinced big things are in store for me, big things.

Gotta dream big, right?

Oh, and my polka-dot shirt finally came in the mail which made me happy for, liike, an entire week!

Aaaaaactually, I am still pretty stinking happy about it. Al ordered it for me. I just love that man.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wachu Wanna Orda Fo Lunch To-Day

What's this? Talking about 30 Rock on my blog again? Whaaaaaaat!!?!

But this has been making me laugh for days. Probably won't make sense if you haven't seen the episode....soooo DUH go watch it!

It's in season 4, called Anna Howard Shaw Day. HEE-LAAA-RIII-OOOOUS.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pro Schmos

Ok so I kind of lost my mind last Friday. I apologize about being a grade A psycho, but it is definately harder than I thought to hear nasty things about someone who is truly wonderful and 100% undeserving of crap talk. And someone I love very much. I know such chatter is inevitable, but I hate it.

Anyhow, you know those adorable cooking blogs, Bakerella type ones? Where all the girls get together and make cake pops or cookies and they are the most adorable perfected things and you think "how easy! I could totz do this!" Well I've done it myself now. Me and Dix and J got together with all the kids before Halloween and decided to make a cute little treat and deliver them to some much deserving people. I figured I'd take some pictures and put them on my blog, just like all the pro's do! I figured my iPhone would do just as good a job as their thousand dollar cameras. Boy, was I not wrong.........:S oooor maybe I was.

So the idea we had was to make our favorite thing ever, caramel apples! But mini ones! So J found the idea on one of the many blogs she reads. We were to use a melon baller to make little apple balls. This worked out quite nicely actually....better than I thought it would. Then we stuck little sucker sticks in them and dipped away. We made caramel and chocolate and butterscotch dips and put sprinkles on them.

The results were beautiful. As you can see here!

Just like the professionals do, I'm sure!

Look at those beaut's eh??

Here's a close up of the best one. JUST RIDICULOUS!!

Oh well, at least the kids liked them.

In the end we eventually just cut up the apples and dipped them right in the caramel and put them right in our mouths. Yum. Successful enough for me!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween. We didn't even dress up cause we're super duper lame but we did stay home and watch Addams Family with popcorn and the halloween candy that we didn't end up handing out.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Today, I am going to use my blog to yell at a few people that deserve it. I apologize if I scare the children.....

I just wanted to let let some people know that....guess what, you DON'T know what's going on in other people's live and your input DOESN'T matter and more likely than not, it has NOTHING to do with you.

Enough with the criticism and the snide remarks like you know what everyone is going through cause you have "been through it". Sure, maybe sometimes people can relate to other people's problems, but everyone is different and you can't open your big fat mouth until you've walked a day in another person's shoes, which I'll have you know is impossible.

I'm not perfect, I judge people and I think things of others that I probably shouldn't. But lets opt for some courtesy every once in a while how about?

And lets keep those loud mouths shut if you "heard this from this person who knows this person who heard if from this person". Really? Ever played the game 'telephone'? I think we learned when we were 5 how that one works.

I'm just so tired of watching people I love go through hard times and then having it made worse by people who think they are the fricken SHIZ. You aren't. Grow up. Spread some love, not hate!