Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my baby

It doesn't matter how hard Henry just bit me on the nipple or how deep the two little teeth gouges are after I scream and pull him away, when he has finished nursing and is resting his little (actually it's pretty big) head on my shoulder, I melt.

I don't think I'll ever be able to stay long at this face for very long. Oh brother, I love him.

Happy announcements for the day: Alan is done another semester!! Only two more semesters of classes and then he starts the "fun stuff". His opinion only on that one.

Another happy anouncement: it's almost Christmas! Just in case you hadn't heard that. We are making the horrible trek back to SoAB this weekend, and I couldn't be more excited! I love and miss that family of mine. I'm hoping I'll be seeing most of my readers over the holidays, so with that, I'll see you soon!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I'm supposed to be working on my lesson for young womens right now....that's right, I teach lessons at church (MATURE enough for you?)...but instead I decided I would do something massively unproductive and blog.

I'm supposed to teach my 12/13-year-old girls about controlling their thoughts. How do you teach an entire 40 minute lesson on something so deep and confusing, you've never given it much thought. I can't control my thoughts long enough to think about controlling my thoughts. Figure that one out! I like to keep things simple.

Keep it simple! Eat some cake! That's my motto!

Anyways, I think Henry inherited my POV (abbreviation for point of view - not sure if that one is pop enough for everyone to figure out - but I'm sure pop ((the shortened version of popular)) is probably pretty safe here). Henry is veeeeeeery chill. I took him to the mall all day and he either sucked on whatever was in his reach, sucked on his bottom lip when nothing was in reach, fell asleep in a huge mess of poop down his pants that I didn't clean up, or laughed at me doing nothing. He really is an easy baby. I am B to the LESSED to have him.

Today I spent like 2 hours in the dollar store. Man, they have some good stuff in there! I think I'll stop going anywhere else EVER! Watch me do it and be classy at the same time...WATCH!!

So one night a few weeks ago, my sis (don't think I've ever called her that - today is abbreviation day!) told me she was making her Christmas card and I was like "I SHOULD MAKE ONE!!!!!!!1" Then I got SO excited about it, found the first one I liked on etsy, told Jennie to recreate it for me, told Alan it was photoshoot day the next day and to take a shower, took a picture, didn't edit it, emailed it to Jennie, she sent me the card...I sent them to Walmart instead of even considering any other options, and WHAM - a Christmas card in T -24 hours.
I wish I had the patience to spend time on anything. I'm exactly the opposite of a perfectionist, whatever the word for that is....sloppy, maybe? It turned out pretty cute though I think, thanks to Jennie and Henry being adorable. 

Here are some more pictures that we took with a self timer...but NOT a remote. So just picture us crawling back and forth all over the floor and trying to get Henry to look at the camera and not us...when no one was at the camera. Ergo, he's not ever looking. So we decided not to either. 

 Oh there, we were finally all looking - but what's that look on my face?!?!!!!!!!!!!! Very strange.

I love my little family and I LOOOOVE Christmas. If you want a card, I printed off about 75 extra.