Sunday, January 31, 2010


I would just like to give a shout out to my homies.
I love them and miss them.

I miss dancing
and skipping school and watching friends for days on end
and eating all types and quantities of carbs, never gaining any weight
and stalking Ryan Tollestrup
and being complete perverts
and thinking swearing was hilarious
and just being able to hang out with them whenever I want.

Everyone else's friends in comparison suck.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Princes Consuela Banana Hammock

Words cannot describe the pissed off mood I was in yesterday. Nothing, I repeat nothing was going to break my concentrated gaze. A monkey riding a tricycle smoking a pipe could come give me a wet willy, and I still wouldn't crack a smile. But then this came on.

That's right, I LOL'd.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mrs. Lonely

Al went to a Flames game tonight. So I did my best to waste as much time as I could in the most unproductive way. Actually, I did sew up a shirt and some pants that needed fixing. And I went to Shoppers and wandered around the make-up section. Then I tried to think of what I used to do when I didn't have a boyfriend to do puzzles and watch Corner Gas with. So what I've been doing is just looking through my pictures and editting them all night. Here, I'll share a few randoms from the past year. If you're bored of them and don't want to look, I won't be mad, I promise.

My editting skills aren't great, but I'm aiming to get Photoshop and having Pam teach me a few things (she's goood).

I bought this lipstick today. It was way too pricy, but I decided I'd start wearing it. Any tips on good kinds? This stuff I bought turned out to look more like lip gloss. I sure wish I had my own personal make-up artist around.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Four Hours Too Early

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, early shift. I am so exhausted and it is just coming up to 6 PM. I can usually last until about 9 at least! I have to get up at 4:30 to get to work on time for early shift and it ruins my whole week. Actually, having a job ruins my whole week... all the time. But I should can it cause I know how lucky I am that I have a job. Let alone an easy one AND a pretty high paying one. Lucky lucky me! I'm actually quite glad that I'm not in university. What a buzz kill.

So this is how my brain thinks now. "It is Tuesday. Great, tomorrow is Wednesday, and you know what Wednesday means? That's right, one more day til Thursday. And we all love Thursdays because they are so VERY close to Friday. And Friday brings us right on into Saturday. My own personal do whatever the H I want day!"

Except now that "I've" joined the marathon club (Dix signed me up, thanks mom!), I'm not going to be looking forward to Saturdays, since that is when the runs are. It's going to be like..."Oh crap it's Tuesday. Only four more days of freedom before I have to run myself to death". We'll see how that goes.

Okay, well I've already typed for eight hours of my day today, and I think I am deserving of a nap. Oh and also..

A box of Oreos is only $1.99. For an ENTIRE box. This new information revealed to me today blew my mind almost as much as Avatar did. It's basically like free cookies. Can anything top that? Nope. Sorry, James Cameron.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I love being a girl. Reasons:

1. Jewelry. Dressing up. Shopping. Making outfits. That sort of thing. Al said the other day that he thinks the reason I like getting dressed up and shopping all the time is because I used to be obsessed with Barbie dolls. I think he's right. I'm like my own life size Barbie doll that I can do anything I want with!

2. Getting pampered. I get to be taken out and if I ask for a drink or a treat, HE has to get it cause I am so "dainty and little and fragile and sweeet". :)

3. One day (hopefully) I'll be able to sit at home and bake cookies all day and play with the kids, and everyone will tell me I am the most wonderful thing in the world for it, A MOM!

4. If I feel ugly, I can just put on more make up.

5. I get excited easily. Any new piece of clothing can keep me excited for weeks! Like these...

My new pink shoes get me very, very excited.

6. Lingerie. Okay, sure I'm not married and not sexually active, but I have a whole stashful of the best lingerie around. I'm sure one day it will come in handy.

And I really like to be the little spoon.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



This is what I do all day.

Med Trans unite!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Glee

More Puck please.

Love your newest and biggest fan,


Thursday, January 7, 2010

BAD Charlie

Charlie Sheen spends Christmas in jail following wife's accusations of assault

'Bad boy' actor with a history of violence against women in cell for eight hours

This headline makes me saaaad. I am in no way a big Charlie Sheen fan because I hardly know why the man is famous in the first place, but I'm a BIG Two and a Half Men fan.

And now I can't bear to watch it anymore because I think Charlie is such a douche. It is pretty depressing because the only thing I ever turn on is either this, Friends, or According to Jim. Now that I've eliminated this from my life and I've SEEN every single Friends episod 15 times and According to Jim only comes on once in a like never, I'm pooched! I'm going to make an effort to get into Glee. Wish me luck.