Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bunny Hugs

People in Saskatchewan call hoodies bunny hugs. It's strange. 
But when Henry hugs his bunny - it's NOT strange. 

I think I may be trying to force it because I'm a little obsessed with stuffed animals, but I think Henry likes them too. I always put him on the floor and give him only his bunny to play with, and since he hasn't figured out how to move himself around yet - he's stuck with the bunny! (Looks like it's working)

I love this little boy and we are enjoying our reading week this week. Al has been taking good long study breaks and realizing that Henry naps most of the day and I watch way too much TLC....:D

My blog posts are usually 7 times this size, but I can't blog and watch Sean Tells All at the same time. Some of these sentences probably don't even make sense, blame The Bachelor.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

some pictures of Hen and one of a cake

I never thought I'd say this because it always seemed like Henry was born to sleep, but he hates going to sleep now. Letting him cry is the. hardest. thing. ever. And that's really all I have to say about that. 

So me and Al have been doing P90X together. We're finished our first phase of 30 days and didn't miss a single work out! BE impressed, because it's impressive. Of course, I haven't dropped a pound and Al hit his goal weight within 2 weeks, but that's beside the point. We took some 'before' pictures when we started and I have been avoiding them pretty solidly every time I open iPhoto because they make me want to barf, but we were feeling pretty smexy today and decided to take some 'after phase 1' pictures. So naturally, I went to compare them with my other ones, and in the same folder marked "P90X" sitting right smack dab next to my post-baby body 'before' picture, I found this: 

Refer back to me not losing any weight. This is Al's REALLY DELICIOUS birthday cake I made and ate all to myself. I really did eat the whole thing. It took a while, but I managed. I just really love cake. 

I went to a Relief Society party the other night and they had a little 20 minute photography class, wherein I learned how to be awesome and totally professional because now I know what aperture is and how to adjust at least one thing on manual mode on my camera, so I'll share my pictures with you...all of my cute fat baby.

Now this picture was taken BEFORE I was pro, so even though the picture quality is just pathetic, what a cute baby bum that is!!!!!!!!

haaaahahahahahha I seriously love this kid. I thought he might thin out as he got bigger and kicked his legs around and jumped in his jolly jumper, but he just gets a new roll every day....and I love every. single. one.

Sun flare, anyone?? Mmmhmmmm yes I did.

You work those angles.

And ya, that's all this post is....just pictures of Henry, which everyone has already seen WAY too many of..but I can't help myself.
And I guess now that I'm so talented behind the camera, there will only be more to come of this cute face.

Being a SAHM? - Awesome.
The 30 Rock Finale?? - Double Awesome
The fact 30 Rock is finished? - Life seems unbearable.
Best quote of the finale? - "I'll be the one in the purple sweater and wrapping a baby swing around some skank's neck".

On an unrelated note, I have an unhealthy relationship with way too many TV shows.