Thursday, June 14, 2012

9 monther

I see the same people at work every day. We go for break 3 times a day together. I have been pregnant for 9 months now. The other day one of my coworkers came to pick me up for break and exclaimed with wiiiide eyes "holy, you're HUGE!!" In which (as I do every time I get this comment) I said..."yup, it grows a few inches every day I swear..." followed by my whole face turning red and a few awkward glances while I try and change the subject. But she just wouldn't quit. She said this to me about three more times, asked if I was sure I wasn't having twins...and then gave me and the baby weird looks the rest of our lovely coffee break together. 

Then a few days ago, I'm walking down the hallway on my way to my 13th pee break of the day when I see a different coworker whom I also go for breaks every day with. As I go to say hello in passing, she exuberantly tells me (again - very wide eye'd) that she didn't even recognize me and continues to be flabbergasted that it is even me in there.

So I'm feeling REAL special these days. I am big. Very big. My FEET. Everything is swollen and big. And the baby, that little thing is big too. I can feel pretty much everything it does. But that is the fun part. It's been pretty nice to me...only nudges me in the ribs and hard kicking business. Looks like we DON'T have a soccer player in there! (just like mommy)  We are dying to find out what has been growing in there for 9 months...and we're finding out very soon. Exciting. And also terrifying (childbirth................)

I uploaded a bunch of pics from all the cam's from the last little here we gooooo!! 

Al finally got to summer break. We went for bikerides and walks and picnics...but now it's just been raining like a butt... which is stupid. But summer break is NOT stupid. 

Al trying to cheer me up after yet another CRAZY HORMONE SWING. I tried to find a video of the 30 Rock where Jack's wife says this...cause it's been my favorite thing to say for the past 9 months...but no dice couldn't find it. Anyways, Al is good at cheering me up.

My desk at work. My belly started touching the keyboard a few months back. I have to say the weirdest feeling ever is feeling your belly rest on your legs. And feeling my belly touch my keyboard was the second weirdest feeling ever. 

I just quit work TODAY. Like 10 minutes ago. Can't believe I'm not going back to my little cubicle...ever. I feel...weird...about it. I feel like I should be doing more to celebrate. After all, I've hated  being a transcriptionist for abooout 4 years now...

Saskatoon got a Cabellas. It was a pretty exciting day for Al, as you can see. 

Al playing with our friends' babies. I love watching him with kids...he's going to be a good dad. And hopefully it's enough to make up for my inevitably poor mothering skills. 

 Painting the crib! It is leaned up against a shovel stuck in the ground covered by a cardboard box (heaven forbid we get paint on he shovel). I insisted on facing the had been a while since my skin had seen it. And I pretty much get what I want these days.....:)

 We planted a garden. It was cute while we were doing it, cute when we were done, and even cuter now that it's sprouting. And that is why one plants a garden right? To be cute. 
 My girls came to visit. Guess they wanted to witness the giant in real life before she popped the baby out. I love them way too was way too fun and too short!
 My beeeeeeeautiful sister. 
 And her beeeeeeautiful daughter. They didn't cooperate for the pic. 

 Al loves Smash. She's kind of hard not to love. So is Alan. He is working in the ER this summer with the triage nurses and I'm convinced every day someone is going to throw themselves at him. How could you not?! 
 Cute girl eating her cone. 
 Cute boy eating his cone. 

 Our attempt at some preggo photo's together. That's as good as it gets. Dix was siting down and didn't want to stand up. It was hot, give her a break. 

 Riding the train. Saskatoon is exciting...seeeee?!?!?!?! 
 Chloe was awfully snuggly all weekend. I love her. Jen, MOVE HERE!! 


Ash looks pretty cute in our wooden high chair. I got it like 2 years ago at a garage sale for free. It's served a purpose twice now. 

 I was making a puppet show for Chloe when she said it was "time for a sleep". She curled up to my tummy and zonked. Daaaaarling. 
What we actually did all weekend (ate fudge). 

 Baby got lots of attention over the weekend. 

And finallly the end of the pics, here's my updated belly pic. 38 weeks today and counting...counting and counting. My bishop asked me how I was doing the other day and I said..."good...just waiting it out...taking forever....tick tock...tick tock". Yaaa, pretty sure you're not supposed to 'tick tock' in normal conversation. I am the worst.  

So maybe my next post will be about a baby and not a belly. Oh man, what's it like to wear pants without a stretch waist? What's it like to be able to bend over?? 

What's it like to MEET MY BABY?!?!?! 

More on that...hopefully soon. :)