Sunday, June 26, 2011

buy, sell, buy, sell, funny money boom bang!

The title of this is just a quote that's stuck in my head because we have been posting on Kijiji all day.  If anyone can name what it's from, satisfaction is your reward.

Just so you guys know, that goal I made a while ago to be optimistic and happy is going quite splendid, I'd say. Aside from those three days in a row last week full of insane hormone swings and raging screaming fits at my sweet husband that I have since begged forgiveness for, things have been great. I don't even have to do my hair anymore or put make up on because I just really don't care. I guess this could be classfied as letting myself go........buuuuut.....ya I don't know what to say. It's freedom in my eyes, ok!

Anyways, I don't have much exciting aka pictures to post so to thrill up this post I am going to separate it into a happy/sad post regarding these last few months and the next few months.

I'm happy that I have a husband that makes it so I literally have to search and scramble for stuff to blow up at him about. When I just HAVE to scream (which I do about once a month) it ends up being about a towel being not placed 'just so' on the rack...or him having a cold for too long or putting out his back. I really don't deserve my life.

We found a place to live in Saskatoon. We went there last week and it was a blast. I already feel like it's 30% home. So that means it will become home to me faster than I thought. The house we found is perfect. I love it. I need to paint it though so I am not charging for color suggestions.

I got a feather in my hair. This also is part of the sad list but I am happy that I got one cause I wanted one. More to come. I know, the suspense is killing you. No scrolling forward!

We had a yard sale this week and it went swimmingly. Me and Jen both had a bum load of stuff to get rid of and only had to take like 3 boxes for donation in the end. My house is a pretty prime location for reeling in H core garage saler's. Plus I got a sunburn so that's great. I am going to be a wrinkly melanomic mess one day, I know, but hopefully by then I won't care...or the world will end.

I'm still happy I married Al. No I'm not surprised about it but I am surprised how much more I love him all the time and how I can't not tell you this right now even though it's a big wad of cheese.

I'm happy about the cute TV stand Pam found for me in the dumpster by my house. It is white but really needs a paint job and, once again, free color suggestions today. YOU are WELCOME.

I'm happy that Al finally bought himself a guitar. And that he let me talk him into just spending the money to buy a nice one. It is pretty D sweet. You guys should let your husbands buy a guitar cause even if they can't play it, it's a pretty big turn on (just deal with the TMI, come on you can handle it). Especially if it looks like Al's. I should have taken a picture..sure it is sitting right beside me right now and my camera is pretty much touching my love handle...but it's Sunday and I'm not supposed to exert.

I'm happy that we went to see Bridemaids this weekend and that Jen came cause she is the best to go to movies with. She laughs louder than I do at funny movies...and you all know how much I love comedies...and some of you know how loud I laugh at them (inquire from my neighbors if curious). Just go to the was not a ra-tard like The Hangover (yes I just quoted and bashed the same movie in one sentence)...but Bridesmaids is actually richly hilarious.

I am just happy in general.

Leaving. Leaving the fam. If I say any more I might bawl like a baby cow. I think what they do is considered bawling...

Leaving my babies behind. I actually have already had crying fits about this because I am obsessed ok? I'm sure if the ladies at work here me talk about something Chloe did one more time they'll cut my head off. "She's not even your kid!! SHUT UP!" And I guess you can't steal pics from FB anymore? So so much for that. So I just linked the words "my babies" with the two blogs...look at how can I LEEAVE?!

And in regards to the feather, it was cool when they put it in but now I don't know what to do because it just sticks out the side of my head and I look like yankie doodle who is clearly a lunatic..  To top it off, it is grey and looks quite a bit like a seagull feather. Classy.

I'm not sad about anything else. Except for the big desk sitting in the middle of my living room and Alan hurting his back this week. These two things are related cause this thing is heavy. It is really nice and sturdy if you want to buy it! Same with a whole butt load of vases and a futon that hopefully you haven't read about before in this blog. If you haven't, it is liiiike REEAAALLLY comfy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am forced to blog again because Al is watching some dumb sporting event on TV. What happened to wanting to hang out with me more than wanting to watch abnormal-looking lanky men run around a court that is the size of their left hand??? Oh well, that's my opinion on THAT and here's my opinion on some not random and totally related topics:
Saw three kids on a leash the other day with only one mom holding on to all of them. How HANDY did that look?? Pretty handy, and I'm fine with it.  Nobody is getting hurt, everyone is winning. Win there. The kids all get to walk around and play and laugh, and the mom doesn't have to set up one of those horrid contraptions they call strollers.  I promise I'm going to love my kids like crazy-go-nuts and also put them on a leash.

I just don't get why everyone thinks this is so terribly cruel.  Want to know what's cruel? Babies in trash cans. Kids with FAS. Beating kids with baseball bats. Hiding children in basements their whole lives. Home schooling. Just to name a few.
 Season 5 is on my computer and I pee every time I think about it. If BASSABALL wasn't on right now......I'd be done watching every single episode and my neighbors would be yelling at me through the wall to stop laughing like a loud butthead.
My blow dryer is officially out of business..cause going to work and church and Walmart with your hair wet is the best.
One thing is for sure, Constantine is hot. Every time the camera skims by his face/sexy bod real quick I get little sexy butterflies in my stomach and swoooon!

Ok I'm sorry you have had to endure my super awesome posts lately but the computer is dead and I'm done trying to ignore the game going on on the TV. I can't handle the sound of it anymore! haha you wish I was your wife don't you. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

my week in pictures

It's your lucky day! I confiscated the pictures that the marathon people sent me instead of buying them for 50 bucks each. They were trying to rob me! I actually felt guilty so only stole one and here it is.... along with some other pictures from the last little while. I'm a picture poster now...what of it?

This pic was really the only decent one. The other ones I almost posted to be funny but couldn't quite cut it. Yes, they were worse than that one I posted of me sleeping on the beach. I looked like I was going to DIE.  Anyways, this one is ok...doesn't quite show my pain but shows how disgusting my lips were. And somehow, I lost the two bottom pins of my number. I guess I was running pretty fast.

Here we are on the train ride there. Al got up with us at 4 and came and waited for a solid 7 hours. He's nice.
After the race. My thought process went a little something like...."somebody kill me"
My mom can and WILL beat you in a race.
Everyone in the fam jam ran somethin. Me and D ran halfer; D, L, and P ran a 10'er; and J and Shell ran the 5'er. Cause we are pretty much the shaaaaz.
I love my patient waiter gator.
Pretty much the best part of my day! You are supposed to ignore Jen in this picture or else I'm not allowed to post it.
This is me and Dix runnin the Coulee Cactus Crawl a week later. We're kinda matchy! Except she's prettier.
Our relay team. This race was SO hot and my legs are currently still debilitated so I looked like....well you can just imagine what I looked like running the thing. 

We had a little bit of a late Easter at the Heggie house. Doesn't matter though, both bunnies still got devoured within 10 hours by just one of us...I shall not reveal which one. 

Alan likes when we take pictures together and be's real cute about it. 

That's it, boring post. Jen is making me pasta...THANKS JEN. 
PS if you don't like these GIANT pictures, let me know and I will change them cause I aim to please. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

making goals like a grown up

So I finished my second half marathon..or halfer as I like to call it...last weekend. My time was slower than my time last year which is pretty gay but I'm just glad I didn't die. At about km 15, I was thinking to myself...."who the H put me up to this AGAIN"? But somehow, someway, my legs managed until the end.

So I tried to go for a run today because, of course, I am signed up for two races these next two Saturdays (my running group is insane) and legs wouldn't hardly move! I felt like such an idiot limping like the one guy in our run club with two broken knees...down the road. Oh well, the sun was out and that never happens so it was pretty much awesome.

I, of course, don't have a picture of the race because I miraculously remembered to pack the camera but evidently forgot to charge the battery. So I had Al at the finish line with my mom's camera and he, despite the 14 times I told him to, did not get a picture of me running. It's all I wanted in the world! I promised myself I'd never run another half marathon and that I'd need a picture of me actually running the flippin thing but Al just isn't very good at listening to instructions. I forgave him after I had some food. And there ARE some pictures of us posing with our medals looking real sick, I'll post them when they are in my possession.

So, Al getting into med school is SUCH a big deal for us. It shaves a whole year off of his schooling and makes it so we can move on with life, and we're so relieved. But the other day I was talking to my mother-in-law and she said something to me like..."don't you just wake up with a smile on your face??!?!" in reference to Al geting in to school.  I gave her this weird blank stare and then went something like this....(Liz Lemon style).."haaaa HAHA ha ha...ha....ha..." And then it was really akward and I had to try and dig out of the hole and explained that I really was excited about it all.

I've been thinking....why did I laugh like that? Why did I think it was so hilarious that I would wake up with a smile on my face? Well, I do NOT wake up with a smile on my face. It goes more like this...
hear my alarm
immediate hunger pains
barf at the thought of having to get in the shower and put clothes on
barf again at the thought of going to work
squeeze my butt and realize that it's all still there and didn't disappear over night
roll over and look in the mirror on our headboard and cry a little at what I see
try and wake Alan up at some point in there
finally get out of bed at the thought of the chocolate milk I get with my breakfast

There you have it, I am a pessimist. I have come to realize this lately, and it makes me sad. I want to be happier. So I am on the verge of trying. I'm trying to just be happy with what I've got. I have a normal face and my mom's eyes, so I try to focus on that. My hair is growing out and even though it looks like the bird crap on my car right now, it's long and that's fun. My unibrow is plucked for the time being. My legs still kind of work. My boobs aren't shaped like bananas...and so on and so forth.

Optimistic, eh??? But seriously, I have so much wonderful in my life. Alan is the most amazing person on the planet, I have the gospel in my life, my parents didn't disown me at a young age, my best friend is an angel sent from above, my hubs is gonna be a doctor someday, I have a good job, my family is fun and close, one of my nieces/nephews likes me.....haha oh crap I got sarcastic again...well actually not really...but I think the other ones are warming up to me.

Ok I love my life and I just need to remember that nothing sucks in it. I am making a real ACTUAL goal (something I usually try to avoid for fear of disappointment - pessimist). Look on the bright side. See the cup half full. Stop calling yourself fat. Stop blogging about the fact that you're fat.

I might still blog about that but I'm sure you guys are ok with it because everyone likes to hear that they are skinnier than someone...but here we keep smilin!! Next time you see me in real life, if that ever actually happens, drop kick me to the ground if I'm not laughing and smiling and singing Lou Bega!

Here is a pic of me and my buddy at the race expo..