Friday, October 26, 2012

A 4 Month Henry

Me and Hen left the house yesterday for the first time this week to get his 4 month shots. I hate this cold weather not because it's THAT horrible but because it reminds me of the doom that is inevitably on it's way, winter. So I've been working on halloween costumes and closing my blinds and staying inside, pretending that we live in Arizona and that it's too hot to go outside but that we'll hit the pool next week. 

They weighed and measured Hen at his appt and put him on the ol' chart. At 4 months Henry is:
  • 18 lbs 7 oz - the 95th percentile for weight
  • 26.5" long - the 95th percentile for length
  • has a giant head - 97th percentile
  • doesn't fit in his bumbo unless we squeeze each thigh separately
  • impossible to lift in his carseat
  • has plagiocephaly, due to the fact that there is too much Henry for Henry to roll over
  • breathes heavily - I can hear him from our room while he's in his nursery
  • sucks on his top lip when he can't find his hands, a soother, a toy or a blanket to shove in his mouth
  • is calm and floppy (one might also refer to it as being lazy) he doesn't like to stand up, just sit or lay on his back (refer back to plagiocephaly bullet)
  • is in size 3 diapers
  • laughs every time we look at him, which involves snorting and squinting his eyes (as you'll witness in the upcoming video, whaaa!!!! my first blog video!)
  • is the cutest happiest little boy and has me in tears laughing multiple times a day
I am trying to post a video, it will be a miracle if it actually works. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I told myself after I had my baby, I'd try to keep the blog about ME and not just post about whatever my baby was doing and when and where and why and things like this, but then I had Henry. And he was cuter and more sweet than I ever imagined possible. And it turns out, Henry is my ENTIRE LIFE. I knew a baby would take up basically all of my time, but I just really couldn't have prepared myself for how wonderfully darling he would be and how I would be ridiculously obsessed with every. single. move he makes (as mentioned in previous post, this includes the screaming). 

Pictures with commentary, as per usual:

 Henry in overalls. He only got to wear these a couple times because he tends to grow at a fairly rapid pace. I'll have to have some more cute little boys to get their use in. (note: all of his cute clothes are from aunty Branny because she's the best and lives by Zara) :D :D DD :D::D:D::D:D so many happy faces but never enough for you Hen!!!!
 Me and Henry in overalls :D :D :D:D:D: :D:D:D:D:D:D: D: D:D (except for I'm not wearing any overalls, sorry) My nose looks big here...I always thought I avoided the Heggie nose, but sometimes, at some angles, I think differently. Hmmm, maybe a nose job will be in the works when I go to get my boob job...ha ha calm down I'm joking (but not about the boob job)
We are a happy family (primary jingles are prominent around these parts)
 Going on a walk in Roughrider gear just in case someone thinks of mugging us (you don't mess with a fellow fan out here)
 And this is what we were prammin' around. NOT TOO SHABBY

 Henry's hands found eachother a little while ago, and now they never are apart. He always has to have them crossed over his tummy with the fingers interlocked. Cue me screaming through clenched teeth trying not to freak out (cuteness overload).
 Alan impersonating Henry (very well, I might add).
 Ok I put this hoodie (or as the Saskatoonians call it, a bunny hug...ya, I know, what the H?!?!?) anyways, put it on Henry (this is also from auntie Bran) and almost collapsed at the sight of it. I took about 60 pictures and took him to the mall where fellow baby lovers swooned and I gleamed with pride!
 One of many pictures of Henry not giving me much except for the occasional tip-over. I'll take what I can get.
 Oh, a little coo!
 We went home for Thanksgiving and got to see baby ETHAN!!!!!! He is just right in the center there and if you could just see a little closer, you'd see how stunningly handsome he is. Loved him and loved being home and wished I would have showered for the family pic.....
 Alan made this poster. He did a summer research project basically all on his own and created this on his own not knowing what the CRAP he was doing. He worked hard like he usually does and was really proud of it. He then placed 3rd out of all 4 years of med students competing. He's smart and I love him and was just proud as a mama goose. I'm sooooooooo lucky to have my Alley-Cat. he continues to get chubbier. Likes to stand up while we hold him now. Loves his jolly jumper too. And is quite handsome, wouldn't ya say?
 Sitting up all on his oooown?!!?!? Wow Henry, you are developed beyond your months. (doing a little word play there, you like? as in "wise beyond your years"...I'm so clever). I actually think he owes his sitting up abilities to his belly colliding with his thigh chub, but let's not judge (lest we be judged....) ((it's late))
 hahhaa oh, my little chunkamunk.
 Hen loves to get thrown up in the air and tossed from side to side over and over and over. We're worried it's causing him some sort of inner ear damage, but he chuckles so cute I can't HELP BUT THROW HIM.
 The excessive use of capitals in this post is attributed to the fact that I can't stand this kid. Multiple freak outs a day, have I.
 He loves to study with dad! Hopefully he takes after him and not me and actually goes to school?
 Holding dad's thumb. Too smart for words.
And all of us!! It's hard to hold our big heavy camera out and capture everyone but when you're all wearing grey, it's worth every effort.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

feelings, nothing more than feelings

Lately, I catch myself smiling a lot. Just smiling...a big fat grin across my big fat face (ha ha ok it's not THAT fat) but I love it. I have always struggled with being genuinely happy all the time and optimistic....a lot of the time I have to force myself to look at the positive things and be happy about all the wonderful things I have but lately, I'm just smiling! No effort needed.

Henry has changed my whole life. He has changed me in every way. Some bad (tore me apart in an area I would have loved to stay intact) but mostly, and pretty much only, good.

I love being a mom. LOOOVE it. I finally feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and what my body and my personality was meant to do. Even when Henry is crying and just wants me to play with him or snuggle him and even when he's screaming while I try and take the 15 layers off so he can get some boob, I am smiling at him. Everything he does is cute! His screaming is cute. His sneezes that cover his face in snot are cute. His big poops up his back and into his neck rolls are cute. 

Everyone says the same thing and I figured "oh ya, suuuure, you're just saying that to sound cool", but really, no really, I did not know I could love this much. 

And I love Alan even more than I did before. 

I am planning to post some new pics this week....but am feeling blessed and thankful and wanted to write it down but didn't feel like getting a hand cramp so veto'd the journal. 

Henry, you make me happy as a clam at high tide. 

(a pic from today)
((he won't smile for pictures - suuuuch a brat))
(((i need a new phone...i'm getting the 5...cause i am also a brat)))