Monday, January 31, 2011

I Got The Fever

You know that moment when you see something you like, something you absolutely know you must have....and you don't know what to do so you just stare it right in the face..and then the next thing you know they are staring you right in the face..and you don't know what to do and you freak out a little inside but you just can't seem to stop looking..and then they have to be the one to drop their gaze cause they feel so incredibly akward...and you know that but you keep looking...and as they walk past you you try so hard not to but you can't help it and you turn your head to follow them until your neck is straining so bad you think you might pinch a nerve...and you feel all hope is lost and you're going to lose them forever and suddenly you feel your feet turning you in a 180 and you watch them walk away until they are a small spec in your vision...and out of your life forever?

Ya, you big creeps, you've all done it. You can be a big liar and say you havent, but you have. And I know I have. Many a time.

It all began with the boys with spiked hair and frosted tips and the seashell necklace. They looked so much older and more mature than I did, but I could still tell they were my age. And I couldn't look away. Then it turned into any older guy in general, didn't matter really what he looked like, but he was taller than me, and that was enough to have me goggling at him down the hallway no matter who was watching me. Next, it was the punk rockers with the band t-shirts and the "too cool for school" baditude. Following this, it was literally any guy with hair past his shoulders (preferrably dreads) with glazed over eyes and a half smile on his face as he nodded softly to his reggae blasting through his giant headphones. Eventually, I moved onto finer things and I stared after the boys with the big beautiful eyes and long eye lashes that my children would one day inherit. The boys who dressed nice but not gay and who had big manly hands devoid of any big gold bands on their left hand.

So now that I've put a ring on my best stare-down ever, I'm left with, ask??


Pups, pups, and more pups. It happened today. I saw them from a distance on my walk to my car. The owner was an older man, probably in his 60's, and he had two of them. Two stunningly beautiful, well groomed, full-grown Alaskan Malamutes. I tried to look away, but try my best, my eyes forbade me not. And as they neared, I thought of getting up the courage to ask for a little petting time, please sir just one pat on the head!! But then the man gave me a look that read "geez lady, what the freak?" and he crossed the street. But I did my little turn and watched longingly as they departed from my presence.


An Alaskan Malamute is among the top of my choices. It's in battle for the top with those cutie-pie Bernese Mountain Dogs (the one in the first picture). Big, fluffy dogs just melt my little heart. Or my big heart? I dunno, I guess whatever you think on that one.

But ya can't go wrong with one of these sexy dogs either. Gorgeous I tell ya, just gorgeous!

I've always thought dalmations were hella sweet, and I still do, but I hear they are mean. And I can't have my guy never givin' me big slobbery kisses and nipping at my feet.

Rotweillers, I guess they can be pretty mean too. But I could probably handle the deep growling and gnashing of teeth and killing of my neighbors, cause LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

When it all comes down to it, black labs have been there for me through thick and thin, and I've never stopped loving this breed. And I think if we got one anytime soon, we'd get one of these bad boys.

But that aint going to happen. Sorry to get your hopes up. But I don't want to coop my sweet little guy (I clearly already have one in my imagination) up in our teensy tiny house all day while me and Al go off on our day-to-day business. But to state the obvious, I have some major dog fever. And it's so much hotter than baby fever under all that fur!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Hump Day

Well, apparently no one shares my Carey Mulligan passion. Oh well, more for me!

OKAY, I had yet another person ask me if I was pregnant today. Well, no I'm not. But thanks for asking. NOT! I swear I'm not fat enough for this question. I also can not think of a worse thing to get asked...especially when they ask it when I've squeezed into my jeans for the special occasion of leaving the house and am sitting there unable to breath and dreaming of my stretchy's back at home. So just to inform everyone, I am not "eating for two" as my FB status has previously stated. Just don't leave your FB on when you go to Jen's house...she won't go easy on you! When I'm pregnant, my blog fans will be the first to know. I bet you sure feel important now! You're welcome. :)

I know I blog about my pants being tight a deepest apologies...but it's just kind of hard to get it off your mind when you are so incredibly uncomfortable all day long. Can anyone else relate to this? Or should I just go try and find some new pants? But who really has the money for that sort of thing? I guess it's time to turn to Walmart brand mom jeans.

Did anyone watch the SNL Women Special on a few months ago? It was a hoot and a holler!

Oh, and while I'm talking about Tina Fey kind of sort of a little bit, anyone watch the Golden Globes? I was totally expecting everyone to have sacrificed their entire Sunday night like I did and be raving about them the next day, but I was alone everywhere I went. They must not have been informed of all the Christian Bale footage. Even underneath all those scrags, he still looks dreamy. Aaaaah....

Anyways, back to T. Fey, what's the issue with Glee beating out 30 Rock AND Modern Family. Who is judging these freaking things, anyways? Whoever was in charge of that award must have never watched Glee or else they would have seen Mathew Morrison (Mr. Shue...don't worry I had to look this up) and turned it off. I hate that guy! I pretty much feel the same way about the whole show. It's just really let me down. I gave it my all though. I watched it every week hoping that it would get better and they'd keep me interested, but they failed. They've lost a good soldier. Or is the word "fan"? I'm sure those words work as synonyms.

As you have already discovered, I don't have much going on to blog about. Me and Al have both been sick this week. Now, I think I've mentioned before how good I am at sleeping. I take pride in this. However, last night I found myself laying there with my mouth wide open in an attempt to breath and the area behind my eyeballs and all the way to the top of my head and down to my neck just aaabosolutely pounding. I spent the whole time trying to get my nose to stop running by turning over and letting it drain to the other nostril...but before I had the time to fall asleep...I'd need to turn over again. Being sick is THE BEST. So at about 2:00 AM (lets keep in mind I had to get up at 4:30) I was getting really sick of the whole thing and woke Al up in a frustrated huff.

He asked what would help me stop playing reruns of The Bachelor in my head over and over and over (we watched it right before bed last night) so that I could fall asleep...and I asked for a story. He proceeded to tell me the life-changing story of Lululemon Girl and her travels to Lululopolis. That girl sure came across a lot of things on her way to the big city, but somewhere between a talking pack of bunnies that needed her help and her "walking and walking and walking and walking and walking....and walking..." I started snoring.

Does anyone else love my husband as much as I do?? Probably not. Well, except his grandma. But I'm sure I could even take her out in a loving Al competition. He's just such the best.

So then after work today, I turned Arrested Development on and after half an episode, fell asleep. And then I kept sleeping for three stupendous hours. It was a glorious time and I wish a three hour nap upon everyone everyday.

And would you look at that, I just made a fairly decent-sized post out of absolutely nothing. Good for you Tina, good for you.

I already posted this on FB, but it's just making me smile. I love me some Xav!

Until next time...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I (emoticon heart) C. Mull

Does anyone else want to marry this girl?

Cause I do.

We watched Never Let Go and The Education within the last few weeks and I just, ya know, love her. Go watch em (minus the parts involving Kera Knightly...barf)...and enjoy! I know I sure did.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have been associating the feelings I get when the thought of my blog comes into my brain with feelings of overwhelment (probably not a word) and anxiety as I try to unscramble the 500 events that have happened since the last time I blogged. Ergo, I have been putting it off. And I was going to try my best to avoid a huge Christmas post but the ONLY thing I took pictures of was our little 5 AM Christmas at our house...and I need something to help me along. Me rambling usually just turns into a whole bunch of mumble jumble nonsense. Who am I kidding, that's exactly what this will turn into. Anyways, I am currently blaming Alan for my lack of picture taking as every time I go to capture something chuckle-worthy, he withdraws worried that it will end up on here (this might have something to do with the butt-grabbing pictures of us in front of our tree). Well, heeellloooo? What else am I supposed to blog about??

Ok, exhibit A: Holly Jolly Christmas.

I have to be honest here. I ended up at the pharmacy on Chistmas eve buying the only over-the-counter anti-anxiety meds I could find. I did not sleep for the entire week leading up to this day. My stomach was in constant butterflies and it was giving me the runs. I couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING. I really am ashamed of what I just told you, but I told you nonetheless. Umm, you're welcome..? Ok and look how excited Al was, right? Rich.
I got a lot of nice things from the hub, but this made me swoon. Note to reader: do not buy a cheap 10 dollar ironing board at Jysk. It will make you the ultimate pissy grouchy wife every Sunday morning, faithfully.

I did not disappoint in present giving. That right there is a Cadillac of a drill set. It's sorts of for drilling....and stuff... Ok fine, Steve picked them out.

Ok so special moments were had by all Christmas day. My favorite part was probably watching Chloe open her plethera of Belle toys (she's even more enthusiastic than Al). And I also recieved a sewing machine from the Mother. Watch out Jennie's Blog, my sewing projects are gonna slam yours to the ground.

So, first comes Christmas, then comes Whitefish. My camera remained in my suitcase to miss the event of my butt growing three sizes, but it happened. Good thing I had some nice comfy new jammies that allowed plenty of stretch room. So to say the least, we ate a lot...and hot tubbed a lot...and slept a lot...and shopped a bit but didn't buy anything. Oh and went snowboarding of course. Also, I didn't work ALL WEEK. Hells ya!!

Then came new years. And who really cares what we did. But I guess I should make some new years resolutions quick so I can put them on here eh? Ok here goes:
1. This is actually a real one. It's the only resolution that was thought out before new years came. Run another half marathon.
2. Be a good Sunbeams teacher. Yup, my first calling ever. :D :D I'm gonna dominate it for breakfast!!!!...which is how you're supposed to treat church callings...right?? I'm new at this.
3. Get Al into med school or get pregnant so I can quit my job.

Ok, that last one isn't real but it would be nice to get him in early. And would be nice to do that other thing on there too.....cough cough...Ok ok ok lamest resolutions ever. It's a step up from every other year though...since I've never made any before! What can I say...I'm a real go-getter.

If you haven't already noticed, Al grew out his beard for like 2 months. It was sexy right up until the end when it wasn't sexy and so I made him shave it. I actually miss it a lot. It was almost ready to braid.

He did the whole "stages and pictures" thing while he took it off but I refuse to post them because they make me cringe (moustaches...ew).

Exhibit L (I think thats what letter we're at now), Alan's birthday. I really hate that it's so close to Christmas. I'm debating changing it to like September. We need more to celebrate in that month, no? So, I'll let ya know how that one goes. Like most times, I had planned on capturing the events of the day with the ol' camera, but like most times, it didn't happen. I made him bacon for breakfast and took him out for all you can eat ribs for dinner. And got him a drill set for Christmas. It had to count because we're broke as a joke....from those drills....not a joke. Ok, so it was a pretty good day. I kept forgetting it was his birthday but everytime I remembered I made it count! (it was my first day back at work, cut me some slack). we are nuzzling into bed and about to fall asleep, I realize I FORGOT to bake him a CAKE. Just forgot. Just didn't even cross my mind. I'm a dirty dirty woman....and I need to be punished. I probably should have repeated that line to him to make up for the cake incident, but I just promised to make him a cake a different day and went to sleep. Hahaha, holy cow....I'm a dumpy wife!

Weeeeeelllllllllllllll, my eyes are now half closed. I'm gonna go see what's on TV. Oh and then I'm going to realize that the only thing that's on is hockey and Family Guy (is it just me or has that show really gone down the drain?) and I'll proceed to turn the TV off and roll over and fall asleep on the futon which is actually kind of like laying on a piece of wood.

Peace out home boy.