Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's the Hap Happiest


Pictured above: a Christmas tree molded out of a really nasty square given to me at work.

Now, like most people with a heart, I love Christmas. It is absolutely the best time of the year. But this year is delightfully special since it is my very first Christmas with my wonderful husband! Last weekend, Al finally let us go get a tree. I wanted one I think it was about November 1, but Al said the tree would have no needles by the time Christmas came, and we couldn't have that! No sir!

So we headed on over to Canadian Tire where they were asking for our souls in exchange for a tree. Sobeys, however, was cheap cheap cheap! After getting covered head to toe in mud from trying to pick up every tree and examine it, we found the best one this world has ever seen. Some guy wearing a fleece pullover, no gloves, and a hair net insisted on carrying it to the car for us...and I went inside to pay while Al strapped her onto the Corolla.

By the time I got to the car, woudn't ya know it, my door was strapped shut. I climbed through the window with ease, Al not so much, and I kept thinking "man, this is going to be a cold ride home with all the windows open". Turns out, you can still close the windows when there is only a tiny rope blocking the way. Who knew.

Here's me with our thrift store wreath (good find right?) while waiting for Al to bring Mr. Tree in.
We were veeerrry excited!

And here is the mess it made. I think I swept the floor more that day than I have my whole married life (stop judging).

Doin a happy dance since the tree looked AWESOME.

I never really got the opportunity to decorate the tree growing up. It was always Jen's duty since she's a bit of a perfectionist and got all the family talent in the form of "doing things well". I was always told I could "help" but once I figured out that every ornament I put on just got moved anyways, I ended up just observing and DJ'ing the Mary Kate and Ashley Cool Yule tunes. So this year it was my first time, give me a break.

Alan, going to school? I guess?

Attempts at a family Christmas photo:

We got a little red tinge goin on here.

Ooooh, and a white one now! (we switched up the book stack)

I was trying to get a kissy picture....

He just couldn't hold himself back!

There were about 37 more unfortunate-looking ones until this one happened. But don't worry, our smiles were still real cause we are VERY happy to be spending Christmas together.

So this was, like I said, last weekend we did that. I haven't been able to blog cause Al has been taking my computer to school every day and never coming home cause he loves studying so much. That same weekend, me, J, and Dix headed up to Calgary for some serious shopping. Now when I say serious, I mean serious. We left at 6 AM like we usually do and were pretty much waiting at the door when the mall opened. We figured we'd cover the mall by the morning/mid-afternoon, have a little lunch, maybe hit up Ikea or another mall..ya know...whatevs. But no sir, that is not exactly what happened. We went at it as hard core as shopping goes, and were in that mall for 12 hours. From 9 in the morning to 9 in the PM. I don't even remember having lunch or stopping for a pee break. It was all such a blur.

It was a really wonderful day though, and I bought like two people's Christmas presents. And maybe a few things for me....pretty successful!

There was no more room for a baby in that stroller. This was after we'd already made a couple trips to the car to unload packages. You'd think I had money to spend or something....abuuuuh...

Ash is the best person to shop with ever! And she's pretty freaking cute too!

I should probably go take pictures of the rest of our Christmas decorations and post them, but I'm so warm and cozy in bed and actually I think I'll just go back to sleep. A very merry Christmas to you, and you and you.