Monday, January 16, 2012

pop POP

Well the last few weeks of our little pregnancy lala life has been really quite exciting. My ittty bitty baby started showing itself in the form of my chubby belly, and I don't think anything has ever made me more pleased. So I thought I'd post an extra large picture of myself on my blog because I'm very proud of my big bellaaay. This is actually me TODAY.....almost like an action shot. That should make up for the last few months of my hideous blogging history, riiiiight? 

So I am 17 weeks tomorrow and another fantastic thing that happened was getting over the whole "I'm constantly nauseous and miserable" ordeal. It's gone and I think it's staying away for goodsies. It has been a few weeks without and I feel like catwoman or spiderman or something... pretty sure I can conquer the world. Also, I think even I would make a better catwoman than Anne Hathaway. WTH?

Anne Hathaway as cat woman: bad news.  Life outside closing my eyes and whimpering in my recliner: good news. 

Aaaand although the pregnancy emotions are here to stay, they were pretty much here the whole time so Al should be used to them by now. I just try to avoid conversations with other couples about how often their wife's cry...cause he really doesn't need to hear that sort of thing. 

And one more special surprise for you today....we have a new camera so you don't have to see just iPhone pics anymore! Hooray! For Christmas, we bought a digital SLR...Canon T2i????...if you really want to know ask Al because I was on the couch whimpering. I posted some of the new pics on Facebook and got 0  response from them, so you're only getting a few cause my feelings are hurt...and I'm a pregnant emotional wreck that doesn't handle rejection well.

So I welcome you to the new camera....for a new and improved BLOG....maybe....well, same blog, you'll just be able to see the zits on my face better now.
 Christmas Day, Al put a shirt on a blown up cardboard cutout of Benson and scared the heebidy jeebidties out of his mom.

Me in the greatest outfit I've ever received on Christmas morning opening my new Wok. It is wrapped in a towel. And this picture gets put on here mainly because I'd like you to check out the the residue on my leg. Toothpaste from the day before's shower. Yes, I brush my teeth in the shower. It also made me barf a few times in the shower. But that's not barf, it's toothpaste.  

I think this picture looks like it should be in a magazine. Probably The Ensign.  Bishop Wilde and his first and second favorite grandbaby, Levi. We got to meet Levi over the holidays and I must say I just loved that little fella. What a chubby darling little thing...I LOVE BABIES. 

 Probably the best part of my Christmas holidays. This girl is hilarious. And this picture of her in her princess dress covered in jewelery is just so typical Chlobutt. Her lips aren't getting any smaller, if you didn't notice. And she thought it was really cute to touch my belly to poke "her baby cousin" so that was just kind of adorable.
 No, I never shower and my hair is always in a really ugly bun. Over the holidays, Al didn't shower much either. Luckily we have a camera that can capture it all in it's beauty.
 I did shower for Al's birthday. And made him a cake. It is the first cake I've made him...yup, just stick with me and maybe four years later I'll do something nice for you.
 Effortless artistry (by me).
Well, FOR CUTE! so handsome he is!

Monday, January 2, 2012


While we were home at my mom's house for Christmas, my uncle and his wife who I only see about twice a year came to visit. It was Christmas Eve so everyone was over at the house including all five babies. My uncle sat next to me on the couch and starting asking me about what we were up to...and I asked him what was new with his family cause I'm super polite like that. He told me his daughter in law was pregnant and then immediately after said "whoops, I don't think I'm supposed to tell anyone that..." Luckily, five babies make quite a bit of noise so I was the only one who heard it....and I promised him I wouldn't say anything and would act like nothing eeeever even happened (clearly enjoying my uncle bonding time). Well about 2.5 minutes later, my aunt starting chatting me up and about 10 seconds into that conversation I asked her (proclaiming to absolutely everyone in the room)..."so is (insert cousin's name here) going to find out what she's having??!?!" 


It was sufficiently awkward.

Moral of the story...I am awful at keeping secrets. 

Another moral of the story...I've been keeping a pretty LARGE secret for the past three months and it's been....well it's been interesting. I just try not to speak unless spoken to and that's seemed to work...kind of. Good thing the people I did accidentally tell are excellent at keeping secrets! 

Yup, we're having a baby!! We were so excited to find out that we didn't even put the cap back on the pee stick. Just waved that pee around for all to the proud parents we are.

Our baby is due sometime around June 27. The dates are a little wonky but it's sometime around then. We had an ultrasound really early and the tech told me I was nine weeks but whoever transcribed the ultrasound report typed 8 weeks...gotta hate those transcriptionists.

Here's a pic of when we very first found out. And when I was still exercising and feeling like a functioning human being. That was a nice feeling...if I remember correctly..

Just a few weeks later. Before my boobs were the size of watermelons.

And this was at like 10 weeks or something...I'm now about 15 and look much chubbier than this. And seriously, my boobs are giant.

Being pregnant is really quite hilarious. I had no clue pregos felt this sick...and bawling your eyes out at the Kindergarten Christmas Concert is normal...right?

We're just so very happy about our lives right now. I just keep thinking about all the love we have in our lives and feeling so blessed to have it. And so incredibly blessed to be able to share that love with our little nugget.

I couldn't ask for a better baby daddy. I have one more day before he goes back to I'm going to go enjoy it. I'm even offered to go play basketball with him...yes, that's how in love I am!