Thursday, September 12, 2013

some MORE pics of Hen

I know, who thought it was possible to have any more pictures of this kid, but my little Hen-bott is growin up! I can't say he's made life real difficult on me the last 14 months. Recovering from childbirth, on the other hand, weeellll....not so easy. But he's made it completely bearable. Because he's the absolute sweetest. 

He was playing at the bottom of the steps the other day, so I dusted (literally) off my camera and snapped some pics. They will tell you everything you need to know about Henry at 14 months. 

 Cute. Stuck in one place.
 Blonde. Tan. Usually quite pleasant. Looks like Alan.
 Occasionally grumpy. Still chubby.
 Plays with cars a large chunk of the day.
And does this the rest of the day. Throws EVERYTHING.

And ya, we've been having fun. No time for blogging when the sun is shining!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

cute things that happened today

I am a very lucky person. I am lucky to have a REALLY good best friend. One that even drives the long boring road to Saskatoon to come visit for the weekend. She came this weekend and the entire weekend was a pure blissful blast of a time. Sadly enough, she had to leave today. Thus brings us to the first cute thing that happened today. Henry really loved Bran the whole time she was here, like A LOT. He would cry and freak out if I tried to take him away from her. When she left, I told him to give her a hug (he will on and off and very randomly give someone a hug) and he hugged her about 10 times, giggling and laughing and giving her kisses. CUTE.

For the most part, Hen was a grouchy poop today. It may have had something to do with our delightful company leaving us, or it could have just been a "wrong kind of the bed" kind of day, but I can't help but just dwell on all of the adorable things he did today. When he woke up from his morning nap, I went in to get him and just listened to him chatter and talk nonsense for a while. While I waited, he rolled onto his stomach and sat up on his bum. He has NEVER done this. I was in shock. I started clapping for him and giving him the up-most praise when he continued to grab the top of the crib, pull himself to his knees and then stood up...HE HAS NEVER DONE THAT EITHER. He got a lot of kisses.

We were saying the prayer before dinner, Hen was on my lap, and he was chugging down water from a sippy cup. He hasn't figured out to fold his arms for prayer yet, so he just goes about his business. We said amen. Told him to say amen, but he just barfed a big pool of water onto my plate instead.

Hen learned to walk today. I still can't believe it. No, he's not a pro. But he took like 15 steps. He got his balance and took off as long as he didn't bump into anything. I posted a video of it on my FB, I am proud like a mama goose.

When I put Henry to bed every night, I give him his fluffy blanket and he usually will snuggle me for a few seconds before reaching for his crib. Today, he snuggled me for a solid 5 minutes, rubbing his blanket on his face and playing with my hair. I swooned.

I love him so much it hurts.

Monday, August 19, 2013

just walk already

I feel like I start a lot of blog posts like this: Al started school today.....(siiiigh).

Whenever we get a break, it's always hard to go back into real life...but we're there again. So I can start doing the normal things I do other than playing with husband and baby all day long (although I wish we could just do that forever). Hen is 14 months now. He is STILL NONMOBILE. I repeat, NONMOBILE. I feel like I might go insane. I still have to lug him around everywhere: to every room in the house whenever I leave, to the toy that he's just chucked across the room, etc. etc. He loves to throw, and good for him and yes he's great at it, but it's kind of a bad combination for his lack of movement. I love that kid more than life itself, but it'd be really cute and nice if he'd get on with it and walk...or crawl....I'll even take a butt scoot!

So aside from that very main point, I have no complaints! But I find it important to always start off complaining, no matter what, and try to end on a good point. :) For real though, life is swell. We've had a joyous summer wherein picnics and camping and swimming and beaching and just straight up playing were had. We have enjoyed the company of the man in the house for the time we had him, and now we shall return to enjoying him from a distance. The distance of the couch to his desk (approximately 5 m) where he shall remain for 4 months til his next break is due. Having him in school sucks, but I'm so glad he knows what he wants to do- Al if you're reading this (which you probably aren't, aint nobody got time for that!)...I love you and THANK YOU for your hard work. How do you do it, son?

Oh, summer, I love you. My problem is I don't take pictures very well when we're busy. I only think about snapping photo's when nothing, aaaabsolutely nothing, is going on i.e. driving in the car, me and Henry sitting on my bed, watching TV (which evidently doesn't make for very good pics). So there's not much in the way of that, but I'm sure I can muster one of Henry's cute face to share AFTER you've read ALL of this. No exceptions!

Now let's talk Henry - he likes to chatter on about things. Acts like he's talking to us and sharing vital information. Good times. He likes people to pay attention to him. He likes to throw (as previously mentioned). He likes to drive his car and make car sounds, which is quite cute. He likes to walk around, but can't...that is where I come in. He likes to open and close cupboard doors. He likes to grab anything and everything wherever it is and whatever it may be. He doesn't put a whole lot of those things in his mouth though, germaphobe maybe? He is very meticulous and careful. If it's not food, why put it in your mouth? SO SMART. Haha #bragging. He is starting to slim out but has a long ways to go if he wants that modeling career he goes on about. I really love the kid, if anyone hasn't caught on to that. If he never wants to walk, so be it...Henry I will lug you around until you're 30!
 Eating a cuke (in the car...) I took like 50 pics of this, but did I take any of our trip to Calaway or the Zoo? That would be a solid "no".
 Throwing rocks in Crandel. We camped up in the campground there for a spell. I realized I have to say goodbye to hiking for a while, hauling Hen up the 30 minute flat trail nearly killed us.
 Throwing rocks in the crick! These are off Al's phone, that's why I'm in them...
Playing with trains in Chapters while mom shopped at the mall for way too long and spent way too much money. Al, are you a dr. yet? No? Oh, crap, I forgot and spent all the money we don't have AGAIN.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a birthday for a henry

So many things crossed my mind last Friday. Images, horrible, dreadful images, of what I was doing exactly one year ago to date. And beautiful, wonderful images of the past year. As I pushed out the images of me half dead and swollen to the size of a hippopotamus, I caught myself crying more than once at how happy I was. Happy to have Henry in my life. Happy he is healthy. Happy to be a mom. Happy he has a great dad. Happy to know we will be together forever. :)
This little boy has blessed my life, ten fold! 

For the much anticipated birthday (I love special occasions, especially ones with cake), we had friends over for sloppy joes and CAKE. I spent a lot more time on the cake than the dinner, because...well must I explain? Cake just deserves so much of my time. 

Just like every kid does, Hen has his own little personality. And even though no one really wants to read another blog about how special and wonderful and fantastic their kid is, too bad, I'm going there. Things about my 1-yr-old that I want to remember:

1. He has a big head. Even though it felt like it was the size and shape of a ceiling fan coming out, to my surprise, he had an average, tiny newborn-sized head. But over the span of about 3 weeks, it developed into a melon. The transformation happened right before our eyes, and I can remember thinking every day that it had grown another inch in circumference. While his head grew, he went through a little bit of a rough patch as the rest of his face caught up, but when it all turned out rather cute. And now that the rest of him is also a good size for a 1-yr-old, we hardly even notice! 

2. He is a pansy. Me and Al decided that we have a wuss for a son. Hen is very delicate and cautious. He thinks about everything for 10 seconds, and then slowly and methodically goes in for it. He gets pushed over by babies younger than him and cries. He chickens out when we try and get him to reach for something or walk to something that is too hard. He can't crawl and he can't walk, and it's because he's scared. But this personality trait makes him THE SWEETEST THING EVER. He snuggles, he likes stuffed animals, he likes to rub soft things on his face, and he likes to keep close to us, always. 

3. He is easy. Ever since Henry was born, I have been bored. This is not a complaint. This is just a statement. When he came hurling out of me a year ago, he practically came out sleeping. He has slept through the night since he was 5 weeks old. And during the day, he can more often than not be found napping. We have had comments from fellow parents about "knowing what it's like to go without sleep". When this happens, we pretend like we can relate, trying to act like we're ALSO very hard done by, but we can't. I have slept more in the last year than I have my whole life. 

4. He hates other people. He doesn't let anyone else hold him without spazzing out. I try and force him on people to get him acquainted with the idea, but people only want to hold a screaming baby for so long...

5. Although from a distance, he's very friendly. He smiles at everyone in the store, and they think they are preeeetty special. I love seeing how a baby can brighten up someone's day. So, as long as they don't get close, people are fooled into thinking he loves them. 

6. He poo's a lot. Pretty self explanatory, he has a good digestive system. I envy this of him. 

7. He is very expressive. I think hen first laughed at 2 months, or around then anyway. And ever since, he has been laughing. He is extremely easy to please and I could not possibly count or have any space on any of my devices to hold the videos I have of him giggling. And when he's sad, it's made very clear. He will put his chubby little hand on the top of his head and drag it down his face as he sobs, just to clear up any doubts about the devastation happening on his end. 

8. He thinks balls are funny. But who doesn't? Ha ha, no but really...he can spot any spherical object (always assuming everything is a toy), and whines until it's given to him. And it usually is, because I'm also a pansy, and give him whatever he wants. 

I am obsessed with this kid....and although it was nothing like the other parties I see swarming the other blogs, it was fun, and I managed to squeeze in a few pics.

Getting some help from Logi, who couldn't stand watching Hen move so slow. 

 I didn't manage to get a picture of Hen + the cake + the candle because he had eaten his whole piece and then another (we encourage cake eating in this house) in about 10 seconds flat.

Max, Hen, Scarlet and Meah. This group is just A LITTLE entertaining. 

You said it, llama. Or horse? Or unicorn? .....? 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


In an attempt to cut back on watching a pathetic amount of episodes of Cougar Town in one single day, I am on my blog. It's sad, and I know it, and I'm okay with it.

I quit nursing Henry almost a month ago now. It was a BIG step for me, and I can't believe I actually went through with it. My experience with breastfeeding was a good one, minus the first little while when that little suck wouldn't get on with it and get some food, but I eventually got attached, like I do with everything, and I thought letting go was going to break me. I figured I would go until Henry pushed me away, and was constantly worried he was never going to. Even though I was excited to be on the cover of Time Magazine, I suddenly just got up the courage one day. I woke up one morning and thought, let's just try to keep the boob in the shirt today. And I did. And the next day, did the same thing. No screaming baby...nothing. Bizarre!! It worked! I had done the impossible!

Then about a week later, something snapped in Henry. I was in Edmonton visiting Breanne and one day he just freaked right the heck out. He started looking at my chest and LOST IT. He doesn't throw tantrums a lot, so it was clear what was going on. He was clawing at me and bawling uncontrollably, causing me to do the same. This happened a few times, and everything in between was a devastated, emotionally-distraught baby who didn't want anyone to touch him or look in his direction. He just wanted to be in my arms. And welcome to my month of June.

Not that I don't like him in my arms, cause I do...but my patience is limited (so many Cougar Town episodes to be watched you know...)

Anyway, just keep in mind I'm just blogging because I'm bored. It's been rainy and I've found myself staring at the wall a lot lately (my other form of not watching Cougar Town). Buuut on the bright side, quitting nursing has really been the most fantastic thing I've ever done for myself! (hello, selfish wench!) I just feel normal. I am back to being my usual, hormonal self. Happy sometimes, devastatingly down other times. Welcome back, PMS.

And welcome to my personal life, blog readers.

I have been alone too much lately. Not counting that baby always on my hip. Yes, this one.
 The baby who has too many teeth for his age and can't crawl or walk or stand up on his own. My sweeet sweet baby.

My drooly messy baby whom I love just too darn much. Here's to hoping he is clingy and wants to sit on my lap forever. If anyone does watch Cougar Town, you'll understand why I relate to Courtney Cox's character so well - attachment issues at their finest). :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


If any of you don't follow The Bloggess, well then you should, cause she's a riot. She posted a "rules for life" list today, and I can't help but repost it because it made me laugh and want to kick some people in the back and spray paint some serious x's on foreheads. I will edit it for you because even though I enjoy a good cuss word now and then, I'm sure I'm alone among my readers.

1. Don’t be shit*y. (that's how I edit swear words...)

2. Don’t make happy people sad. 

3. Don’t make sad people sadder.

4. If more than two people tell you that you’re being an asshole (not a real cuss word), consider that maybe you’re being an asshole.

5. Flush the toilet behind you.  You’re grossing us all out.

6. Support the under-dog.

7. Critics aren’t automatically bullies and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you ignore all of them out of hand.  That being said, it sucks to read shi**y stuff about yourself so find an honest friend to read your criticism and tell you if it’s something worth listening to or if the critic is just a crazy BLEEPING ________ (fill in the blank yourself, have fun with it)-canoe.

8. Real bullies are complete assholes but they can’t recognize themselves as such so maybe spray paint an “x” on their forehead so that we can all just recognize them from a distance and ignore them.

9. Be stupid.  Be childlike.  Be ridiculous.  Be happy.

10. Don’t use the word “literally” when you really mean “figuratively”.  It literally makes me want to stab you a little but I don’t do it because that’s illegal and also because I have a very limited amount of knives.

11. Read more.  Watch shows that inspire you.  Embrace whatever makes you geek out.  Even if it’s Laura Ingalls.  Because Laura Ingalls is fascinating and there’s nothing wrong with obsessively knowing every detail about her life and death.  Stop judging me.  

12. Bite off more than you can chew.  You can always spit it out on the floor if you decide you don’t like it.  Women do it all the time.

12b. Embrace your flaws and foibles.  If people make fun of you, kick them in the back and then blame it on a ghost.

14. Don’t let other people on the internet tell you what to do.  Unless it’s this list.  Then I guess just use your best judgement.

15. Become a pirate.  Or a monster truck.  Or a space toddler.  Or a jacket.  That’s my favorite one.  I just jump on someone’s back and say “Sorry.  You looked cold.  Zip me up.”  It’s awesome.

16. Do something nice for someone you love.

17. Do something nice for a perfect stranger.

18. Do something nice for you.

19. Do ‘The Robot’.

20.  Add your own.  Go ahead.  You can’t EFF this up any more than I have.

So to add my own -

21. Dance around your house like an idiot.Flap your arms like a goose and make your husband tell you he thinks it's cute.

22. Be kind. Just not to the old man in the white van that's been following you around for the past few days.

23. Be who you want to be, and don't compare yourself to people who are different than you (so everyone) (this ones for me, because it's the worst thing I do...)

24. Be open minded.

25. Act like you live in Hawaii. Don't do your hair. Don't shower. Take the garbage out in your underwear and no shoes and wave to the neighbors.

There's a few for today, things I needed to tell myself...things I needed to hear. Also things I did/do on a regular basis. We are MASSIVELY enjoying the warm weather that has arrived, being completely forgiving of its punctuality. I decided I'm allowed to wear no clothes after the months of torture this city has caused me. So stay far away from my house....or at least call first.

And for an update on my Hen, he's still pretty awesome. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Not only am I not an over-achiever, I'm not much of an achiever. When I start something, I usually will get a great deal too eager and excited about it. I drive myself crazy thinking that this thing, whatever it may be, will forever change my life; that I will forever be defined as the girl who did "this". Once the excitement has worn off, I'm usually left with a pile of work that I just can't quite get motivated to finish. So I don't. Knowing this about myself, I tend to opt out in the first place, because it will more than likely end in money wasted...and me being disappointed in myself.

Although this sounds a tad bit depressing, I am okay with it. I know my personality, and if there's something that's important to me, I'll always do it. I just prefer not to waste my time on things that aren't worth my energy. Because if I'm too busy, my TLC shows might start backing up on the PVR, and the amount of stress that could potentially cause is just not worth it. 

So now you know. I am not good at finishing things. And, hopefully, now that you realize that - I'll be able to impress you...

After I was finished being pregnant and gave birth to Hen, I was feeling pretty damn sexy. I remember being in the hospital and thinking I was totally rocking my hospital gown. Braless and pantless, bleeding and swollen from head to toe, I can honestly say I never felt better about myself. I looked amazing (my opinion only). My mom kept telling me that I looked "skinny minus the belly". Aghast, I responded "WHAT belly??!"...

 (rocking it)

If you've had a baby, you know that that feeling soon wears off and you're left with some lovely weight around the mid-section (and in my case, my FACE) that is floppy and saggy and nothing like you've ever seen in your life.

I decided I'd do something about it, and I promised myself not to flake this time as I began the wonderment that is P90X. I made sure I told everyone I knew about this great adventure I was soon to embark on. I told my family, friends, I am pretty sure I blogged about it, and I put it on IG and FB. That way, I knew I'd try harder. Al lovingly joined me in my efforts (because he's an angel sent from above), and after being as lazy as humanly possible and eating as much food as I could ever imagine during Christmas break, we started. And a few weeks ago, we finished. We got up at 5:50 every morning before Al left for school, and I didn't miss a work out. I impressed myself and am here to brag to you about it in hopes that you'll be impressed...?

Are you?


People finish P90X all the time?

You want me to shut up about it???

Ok fine. But that's something we've been up to in our house. We're feeling healthier and better about ourselves. I can't praise this program enough. It has changed how I feel about working out, and I now know every Tony Horton quote there ever was. I didn't change my diet....
 So, I'm sure there would be room for improvements...but I got back to my pre-Henry weight, and mostly, I'm just glad I finally was able to finish something I started.
I couldn't find a picture of myself that was any less worse than this one and wasn't a selfie (typical mom problem). I'm no supermodel by any means, but I feel good (sometimes) and that's all that really matters...

Now that I've rambled on about something you didn't care to know about, I'll give you what you came for - pics of my sweet babe, playing with a balloon. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the cookie monster's got nothin on me

About once a week, I find an excuse to bake cookies. And ya, the excuse is usually "I want a cookie", but that's excuse enough for me. So I make my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, eat half the batter and 10 cookies, and then look at my counter completely engulfed in cookies and wonder what on earth I'll do with them all. Within a few days, they're gone. And as much as I like to tell myself I'm not the one who ate them all, I am. 

My brother posed a challenge to our family a couple weeks ago to go without Coke and chocolate for a week. If you know my family, it was quite a feat. I accomplished it (please hold your applause until the end), but it was a long week. Dieting is for the birds. I love chocolate. I love baked goods. I love eating and enjoying my food. I love the extra fat on my neck, because for me, that means I'm happy. I do hate the fat hanging over my pants, but I just blame that one on this kid - 

Food is how I cope. And right now, with the weather and Alan still having a month left of finals when everyone else is done, my countertop full of cookies is serving me well.

And along with that, comes my happy baby (wait a second, didn't I just post about how whiney he is?) Ya, sometimes I complain about him complaining, but he's happy. He smiles at everyone, and he sleeps like This week I took a picture of Hen and when I went back to look at it, I almost fainted. He looked huge. He IS huge. He has been going through a growth spurt. It was like it happened over night - his pants are making his thighs look like they're in a vise, his shirts are all so tight around the waist that they won't stay down and his toes are poking out of the shoes I made him. In accordance with this, he's inhaling his food. I feed this kid all day long. Literally. Tonight, I fed him dinner and watched in awe as he just kept eating...and eating and eating. An hour later, he wanted more. And more. And so it went on until he passed out for the night.

My baby aint much of a baby anymore, and although I quite like the excuse to go shopping, it makes me nervous. I need a pause button. But I guess I'll have to settle with taking 500 pictures a day.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Today, after a long, whiney morning, Henry was finally allowed to be naked after his bath. I found him on the floor playing with his snot sucker (the BEST toy apparently). He had rolled and plugged his soother in to shut himself up, since I'm sure he figured it was bothering not only me but the guys in our basement. It was one of those tender moments where I thought to myself "aaawe" instead of saying it out loud because with any noise comes the realization that mom is near, and the complaining begins again. So I watched him for a while, too long I suppose, because pretty soon his face went red, as he held his breath and laid a big turd on my floor. Happy Thursday, everybody :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

you should see him reach

About once a month, I get out my inconveniently gigantic camera, and take pictures of Henry. For the last 4 months, they've been the same - Hen sitting laughing and smiling and being a doll while I act like an idiot and crawl around, having no clue what I'm doing. But lately, things have been different. Observe -
The other day Henry had his usual head-to-toe smothering of oranges/bananas/goldfish and had covered his entire highchair in it when Alan reached over and nonchalantly picked a golfish off of the tray and ate it. He laughed and commented on how he would never in a million years have thought he would do that. Well, I never thought I'd post a picture of my kid drooling and bawling. Drool is disgusting. Unless it's your kids, then it's just a fact of life, and, yes, sometimes it even get's in your own mouth. And, no, you don't care. Henry is drooly and whiney and sometimes inconsolable. He wants me to pick him up all day, and once he's up, he's clawing at my shirt. Depending on the shirt I'm wearing, he's pulling it off of me and putting his hands down there, or swiftly launching his head in the direction of a boob or two. When I finally give in and let him nurse, he's yanking and he's biting. He's just plain cray cray.  
 I'm not trying to complain. I love every second. My heart skips a beat when he cries. Something inside of me loves having to console him. I love to feel needed. I love his tears, even though they make me sad. I love his snot, even after he's sneezed it all over his face and rubbed it in his eyebrows. He's an angel, even if he's not acting like one.
He's 10 months old next week and is just too bloody heavy to move himself around, so he's become an expert at reaching. When asked where he's at I say "sure, my baby can't crawl, but man - you should see him reach!" SO PROUD! 
I'm still getting smiles between the wailing, and they're nice :)

And now I'm just posting pictures cause that's how I do.
 Henry's red ball - classic dollar store purchase that would probably be a more enjoyable time for everyone if he could crawl after it...

And one more because I just love that belly!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slow the H Down

My iPhone has been telling me lately that there's no storage available to take yet another picture of Henry in the exact same position doing the exact same thing. So, it forced me to go put my pictures on my computer so I could take them off my phone, providing me ample space to continue recording Henry's laugh every 5 minutes. In the process, though, I ended up knee deep in pictures of little teeny 6 lb baby Henry, and I swooned. My first reaction was "I NEED another one NOW" and although I haven't gotten over that yet (trying really hard to ignore it), I realized that I'll never have that time back. I'll never just be a new mom with one tiny little newborn to watch all day and do nothing else. It makes me sad to think that this phase of my life can't last forever. I can't imagine a better time (including right now) where I can just play with my baby all day long and and enjoy every little second because, quite frankly, I have nothing else to do. My life is bliss, and I'm enjoying it.

But, I need time to slow down, because I'm kind of freaking out. My baby is big. He's a big big boy and everyone everywhere tells me so. He's fat. He's happy. He's heavy. He's pooping real turds now. Slow down Hen, I can't take it all in fast enough!

So some updates on the child - still not crawling. I'm watching him out of the corner of my eye right now and he's just laying there on his back, laughing everytime I look at him. Easily amused. He either sits on his butt and plays with what is in reach or lays on his back and looks at his hands. He's 9 months old, and doesn't care. I think he has my personality...

I had to go to young women's the other night, so I left Hen with Al. When I got back home, I inquired of how everything went and Al moved Henry out of his spot on the carpet only to reveal a horseshoe indent in the shape of his butt. He hadn't moved for 2-1/2 hours.

6 teeth, and counting. The next two bottom ones are coming in.

He has a hairy spaz whenever I leave him somewhere for too long. Or most of the time even when I walk out of the room. I'm flattered, truly, but that's enough of that, Henry.

He has a toy dog, Scout, who talks and sings to him. He thinks it's funny and likes to suck on his nose (intelligence at it's finest). Me and Al know everything that dog says (and he says a lot). I'd say about 40% of what we say in a day consists of quotes from Scout.

Once again, Henry's a fatty. He's constantly eating (again- like me!!). He likes being breastfed (I'm pretty worried about weaning him when the time comes) and he likes eating bread...and cookies. He'll eat as many bananas as I'll give him, but they make him constapato and as for vegetables, he also gets that from me, and hates them.

But he sure doesn't look like me anymore. He's morphed into a baby Alan, just like I knew he would. I love it. Man I just love that big head of his.

Monday, March 4, 2013


If you are an avid follower on this blog, you may remember that for Al's birthday in January I got him The Price is Right tickets. The tickets were for March 13, and we've been excited about it ever since I purchased them. We had already asked our friends to babysit and were patiently awaiting the day, when pretty much over night Henry decided to grow up and be a big baby. He's got us wrapped around all his chubby little fingers and won't go to anyone else without a heart-wrenching, traumatic fit. So, Al posted the tickets on Kijiji and some black guy came and picked them up yesterday. The fact that he was black is irrelevant, I was just trying for a little excitement to this story (pretty sure it worked). 

Henry at 8-months-old = my favorite thing ever. He loves me. He loves Al too, but mostly me. He's chubby. He smells good. He sits in one place and doesn't move, since he can't. I love the kid too much, it seems, and sometimes all I can do is worry about how much I love him. 

Henry sitting on our NEW BED. That's what happened last week. We bought a bed. It was expensive, but it was worth it. We've had it two nights, and both nights I was able to stay on my side of the bed without rolling into the crevasse where everything else had also rolled and gathered over night (mainly Alan).
  I put him in this shirt, and he kinda looked like a girl, since it's from American Apparel and everything in that store is gender neutral...but I think he pulls off the look quite well - especially with those lashes!
He's still an extremely happy baby. Not as happy as he used to be, but happy. He just doesn't like other people, but can ya blame him? ha ha -jk  I hope it's a phase. 
 I decided I'd give the ol' hobby of sewing a go last week, and I ended up getting quite a few things sewn. I sewed some bibs, some pillow covers (in the previous pictures), and two pairs of baby Toms for Hen. If you're wondering why he's floating in the second pic, don't be alarmed - he was in his jumper.
 See? Not actually floating. Just looking slick with his combover.

The other day in church the little girl in front of us (she was 5), asked if Hen was a "girl baby or a boy baby". I told her he was a boy. She said "he has a big head" very matter-of-factly. Then proceeded to ask me several times "why his head was so big" Yes, child, I know it's a big noggin, but I'm convinced he's pulling it off. And it gives me more surface area to cover with smooches!
And I flipped the camera around for a quick second, just to throw ya for a loop. We've been feeling fairly good over here since starting to work out on a regular basis. It's a nice change from being so negative about myself all the time.

If anyone has any fun ideas for something to do with a well-behaved baby who has us totally whipped, we are looking for an idea to replace our Price is Right FAIL. Ok, thanks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bunny Hugs

People in Saskatchewan call hoodies bunny hugs. It's strange. 
But when Henry hugs his bunny - it's NOT strange. 

I think I may be trying to force it because I'm a little obsessed with stuffed animals, but I think Henry likes them too. I always put him on the floor and give him only his bunny to play with, and since he hasn't figured out how to move himself around yet - he's stuck with the bunny! (Looks like it's working)

I love this little boy and we are enjoying our reading week this week. Al has been taking good long study breaks and realizing that Henry naps most of the day and I watch way too much TLC....:D

My blog posts are usually 7 times this size, but I can't blog and watch Sean Tells All at the same time. Some of these sentences probably don't even make sense, blame The Bachelor.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

some pictures of Hen and one of a cake

I never thought I'd say this because it always seemed like Henry was born to sleep, but he hates going to sleep now. Letting him cry is the. hardest. thing. ever. And that's really all I have to say about that. 

So me and Al have been doing P90X together. We're finished our first phase of 30 days and didn't miss a single work out! BE impressed, because it's impressive. Of course, I haven't dropped a pound and Al hit his goal weight within 2 weeks, but that's beside the point. We took some 'before' pictures when we started and I have been avoiding them pretty solidly every time I open iPhoto because they make me want to barf, but we were feeling pretty smexy today and decided to take some 'after phase 1' pictures. So naturally, I went to compare them with my other ones, and in the same folder marked "P90X" sitting right smack dab next to my post-baby body 'before' picture, I found this: 

Refer back to me not losing any weight. This is Al's REALLY DELICIOUS birthday cake I made and ate all to myself. I really did eat the whole thing. It took a while, but I managed. I just really love cake. 

I went to a Relief Society party the other night and they had a little 20 minute photography class, wherein I learned how to be awesome and totally professional because now I know what aperture is and how to adjust at least one thing on manual mode on my camera, so I'll share my pictures with you...all of my cute fat baby.

Now this picture was taken BEFORE I was pro, so even though the picture quality is just pathetic, what a cute baby bum that is!!!!!!!!

haaaahahahahahha I seriously love this kid. I thought he might thin out as he got bigger and kicked his legs around and jumped in his jolly jumper, but he just gets a new roll every day....and I love every. single. one.

Sun flare, anyone?? Mmmhmmmm yes I did.

You work those angles.

And ya, that's all this post is....just pictures of Henry, which everyone has already seen WAY too many of..but I can't help myself.
And I guess now that I'm so talented behind the camera, there will only be more to come of this cute face.

Being a SAHM? - Awesome.
The 30 Rock Finale?? - Double Awesome
The fact 30 Rock is finished? - Life seems unbearable.
Best quote of the finale? - "I'll be the one in the purple sweater and wrapping a baby swing around some skank's neck".

On an unrelated note, I have an unhealthy relationship with way too many TV shows.