Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hank, The Hen Man, Henster

I'd say one of our bigger problems these days is that we have three different devices on which to take pictures. The big, nice, expensive camera that is heavy and horrible to lug around, Alan's phone which is a 4S and takes pretty decent pictures, and my 3G which takes the WORST pictures. Of course, most of the pictures get taken with the 3G because I'm a woman obsessed...first off with Henry and secondly with Instagram. So I'm sure everyone's seen their fair share of pics through there, but I'm just going to post the pics we've been taking with the nice big camera right now....since combining all three would be complete MAYHEM. Shall we? 

Henry at about 5 weeks or so. He already looks so much different...he's got hair all over that bald head now! 
And here's our little man going cross-eyed. Ha ha this picture is just kiiiillling me. He was pretty much cross-eyed all the time for the first 5 weeks of his life. He's figured it out now though, get off his back!
My Henny has very nice skin. Thanks gramma Dix! 
Same day...just got the camera out and played around with it for a while, nothing too exciting. Except for everything Hen was doing...because that's ALWAYS exciting. We are constantly just bent over top of him watching him do nothing (well, pretty much nothing). 
So here's the start of our trip home to SoAB. We decided to make it a fun little drive so we woke up real early (including having to wake Henry up to feed him) and hit up Drumheller for a serious dinonsaur fix and then Calgary for a serious shopping fix. Here's Al at the Royal Tyrell that what it's called? 
We usually fight over who gets to carry Hen...Al won this battle. So I just took pictures of him the whole time, occasionally getting a dinosaur bone in the background. 
The museum was fun. I really wish I would have ate lunch before we got there because I mostly remember being starving and thirsty as H the entire walk through the museum, but it was cool. I'm sure it would have been cooler if I liked dinosaurs? Or wasn't completely creeped out by their existence. Also, if I would have eaten lunch before.......
Hehe..Henry. Those pants don't even fit him anymore. 
 We tried going for a walk through the "badlands". Is that what they're called? It was so BLOODY hot and I didn't have any shorts that fit me at the time and wore long sleeves because Al likes the car cold so I was about dead...also, still hadn't eaten lunch. If you're wondering what's in the bag, it's a stuffed dino for Hen. He's spoiled already, don't even worry about it.

I give Drumheller a 7/10 overall (I've been watching a lot of reality TV lately). I've always wanted to go, and I'm glad we went. I'd say my favorite part was just how the ENTIRE town revolves around dinosaurs. They are as obsessed with dinos as we are with Henry!

 Then we went to Waterton when we made it to SoAB...with these cute faces...ALL of them being cute. Jen, this is me sending you this you go. Even though I know you got Pam to take more for you cause you think I SUCK at photography.
 It was heaven being in Waterton. Serious, absolute bliss. We miss the mountains SO MUCH in S'toon. Technically, they do have one mountain here. You can even ski on it. But it's legitimately a man-made pile of dirt on the edge of a coulee. No, that's what it is...I am NOT lying to you right now.
 Henry loved camping. He even got this blanket from Caribou Clothes...spoooooiled.
Another picture of me??? I dunno.....why....I put this up....I'll just leave going back now....

We also hiked Bears Hump with Hen, that was fun. I got to carry him that time and I did some really good sweating. We took 5 little kids up with us. It was pretty impressive, I must say. 
Jen had a shower for me when I was home. It was the best. I got to see everyone I don't ever get to see and show Hen off. Here's me and Bonnie trying our darndest to pose for a picture...FAAAAIL. 

Me and Britt with Hazel and Henry. I can't believe we both have babies...weren't we just playing with FAKE babies like a year ago? Yup, sure were. 

 We blessed him in Welling with both of our whole families minus Sam and Lanny. It was (and I mean this) a very special day. I might be getting choked up thinking about it. I just loved having our family around all in one place and I love being married to someone so amazing who can bless our babies. He's just such a good dad (tears). I'm such a cheesy mom now....always tearing up. I'm just so in love with my boys, OK?!?!?!?
 Henry never woke up once. I waited and waited to get a pic of him in his outfit with his eyes open but by the time it happened he had poop seeping up to his neck rolls....soooo....
 Just fixing the bow-tie all nice and good. His double chin kept flattening it.
 How good is this?!?!?! hahaha my little munchkin. My milk is 100% cream..all jokes aside. I mean what would you expect? All I eat is carbs and sugar. :D

 Pam took this one for us so it looks a lot nicer. That skirt looks pretty weird when I sit down though.....who knew!
 Baker and Pam lovin the swing.
 Grandma and Grandpa and ALL their grandbabies. Everyone was quite matchy!
 In the process of changing him out of his poop-covered outfit. He has gained more weight since this picture...if you can believe it.
 And this is Hen back at home looking at his toys. He's just getting so smart and big and cute and chubby and fun. He smiles and coos and loves to look at his toys swinging back and forth. We just really really love him and I just REALLY REALLY love playing with him all day.

Stay-at-home mom trial = success.


So I got my maternity shoot back from Esther and just wanted to share a few of my favorites. It's easier to look back on being pregnant than to look at yourself when you are pregnant...I actually enjoy these pictures now but I'm sure if I would have seen them while I was still a fatty...I would have wanted to cry....because I would have been pregnant...and every possible thing made me cry. 

 Now that's a round belly if I ever saw one. Isn't this little garden pretty?! Saskatoon might not have a lot to offer, but it IS pretty around here.....not that that makes up for the shopping opportunities...or lack thereof. This skirt is from Sears, which I find hilarious. You take what you can get around here.
 This house is one of the oldest in Saskatoon or they have it set apart as a garden/walk-through place. It's cute. I might maybe frame this one like 3 years down the road (takes me a while to make decisions)

 Knotting Hill, anyone? Isn't it everyone's dream to be pregnant lying on a bench on their husbands lap ever since that movie? While it was a dream come true, it also wasn't. I'd imagined it to be a little more comfortable....Julia Roberts made it look so easy.
 That HOUSE!

 We're tender like this...24/7.
 I'll just remind everyone that I had my baby like 3 days after this photo shoot........look at that beelllaaay!
Ok now it's time for me to post about Henry. Should take me about 72 hours cause I have 7 billion pictures to sift through. Good think I made cake yesterday to snack on whilst in the process!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pam I Am

Ok I have a LOT to talk about I knooow I know but I don't have time so all you're getting are a few pictures for now. We have been doing a lot with our little Hen man and I'm going to tell you all about it with an obnoxious amount of detail but that will have to wait until Al starts school and I'm bored and crying to myself in bed all day cause I miss him. AKA I'll have a poop load time on my hands...maybe...

While we were home in Alberta this past week, Pam my sis-in-law said she'd do a free shoot of our little family. She works full-time and me and Al and Henry were all over the freaking place so it was hard to get a time scheduled in...but on Henry's blessing day after his dinner out at the in-law's farm Pam suggested we do a few pics.

Hen had had a lovely poop explosion all over his adorable blessing outfit (coming soon to a blog near you) and Alan didn't bring anything cute to wear, so he switched outfits with Derick, Hen wore a back-up outfit I had, and I am awesome and brought clothes...but not these are Pam's ALL the credit goes to Pam and Derick..thanks guys!

 Isn't Henry big?!!? I love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE kissing his chub. Can't emphasize that enough.
 My favorite part of the session had to be Pam telling Alan to "stop just squinting and smile", that's just how he smiles every time a camera is involved. Very forced. But we love him anyways!
 What we do..ALL day.
 Oh freak, I love that double chin.
 Hank on a log.
 He refused to look at the camera. I assume this age is kind of difficult to take pictures of....he wasn't quite at the point of focusing on us yet. Just started this week!

 Henry in a tire. This might be my favorite ever.

 He cooperated good for these ones...don't you love him?? I go nuts!

I love my little family. And also our family we got to visit this summer...we miss everyone so much. Thanks for the pictures Pam! Always shocked how good they turn out since we are a disaster whenever a camera is involved.

I'm not sure why people are so nice to me, but I have a few more photo shoots to share that were also done pro bono. I will post the pics when I get them but for now, check out my friend Esther's blog. I looove all her work. You can find the pics of us HERE and HERE.