Monday, December 1, 2008

Been Waiting For a Million Hours

Well it's here! One of the best months of the year! I would say it's the best, but it's so hard to choose when you're in Alberta because everything is magnified in greatness by like 20, but Christmas is almost here!! We put up our big new 10' tree and decorated the house and got the Christmas CDs out and ate homemade chocolates AND went Christmas shopping. Mmmm, I love Chrstmas, and I looove Christmas shopping! I usually end up with 2/3 of the stuff I buy being stuff for me but I mean that 1/3, doesn't it just make you feel sooo good! Haaaa. I got three new pairs of boots today. I am ridiculous. Having such a wack shtack of money makes me crazy and I do whatever I want. It's nice to live at home with such a big pay check even if I don't have any friends! At least I have my Dixie. And Jennie and Chloe. And two new nephews! Family shmamily! I'm so lucky! I love my life!

Al, who apparently is a red head, got delegated to put the star on the tree.

Here is Vanny poo and me when Pam was having Boston and we got to tend him. Lotza fun! He's a doll!

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