Friday, November 27, 2009

Tooth Hurty

So I've had this tooth that has been driving me crazy for about a year now. I kept going to Shawn, and he just kept telling me that nothing was wrong but if I wanted to I could get a root canal. I'm like, ya I am going to voluntarily get a root canal! In your dreams! So I just decided to chew all my food on the left side of my mouth from now on and maneuver all the fluids around the tooth so they didn't touch it. And I did just that. Got pretty good at it too. But then it started getting kind of cold out and I couldn't breath in without a shooting pain up the right side of my face. So a root canal it was!! Plus I'm still covered under my parents so it was for FREEEE!!

I got that done yesterday. It wasn't really that bad. Except I get really nervous when I'm about to get needles, and when I get nervous, I have to pee, naturally. So about half way in with a huge green rubber trampoline thing on my face I made an effort to tell them that I really need to use the washroom "An a uz a wshrm?" They had to take the big metal bracket off and I went REAL QUICK to go pee. By the time I got back to the chair, I had been standing up too long and all the drool had soaked that big green rubber thing clamped to my tooth. So when she put the bracket back on it got all over my face. It was niiiice. Trust me though, that was not the worst part. I was supposed to pick a channel before they started, and I was just flippin through the channels and saw that chubby cuppy cake boy from Youtube! He is so cute and hilarious and I wanted to see what he was like in real life! Turns out he was on the Tyra show......... dot dot dot. I figured I could just watch it quick before Shawn came back but no, I couldn't. And for the whole hour and half (yes, it was back-to-back Tyra day) I had to watch Tyra freaking Banks. I really set myself up for that one. I'm blaming noone else. It was definately worse than the two needles and all the digging and the painful jaw afterwards.

So, if you've never had one, root canals aren't that bad. Just tell them you want them to put Mean Girls on.

Here is the chubby cuppy cake boy if you've never seen him.

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