Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shopaholic & Clone

You know, if you are reeeeally lonely, a good answer to your problem (as is the answer to so many other problems) is shop. If you go to the mall enough, the shop workers will eventually recognize you. Then they will start making small talk with you like they KIND of know you. Then eventually they will call you by name and ask you how your day was and what you're up to that day. It is almost like having friends! But better because they are at work, so they have to be nice to you. I don't usually shop alone but you kind of have to at Christmas so I went to get some stuff at the mall today. I got to see all my closest friends. Is this something to be ashamed of? No, no it's not.

1 comment:

Jennie Holt said...

that will happen when you are at the mall 4 times a week or more!