Monday, February 15, 2010

#1 Wifey

I am going to be such a good wife.

Alan had a hard week last week with mid-terms and everything. He was at the school every night until about 9 or 10 PM, which really isn't that unusual for him but it is still exhausting. So most nights he will head over here just to say hi at the end of the night, and while I'm waiting I usually either fix him up some of Dixie's delicous extravagant meals or prepare a little something myself. Since Dix and Steve are cruising it up, it was all up to me to please my fiance last week.

Every time I cook something it seems to go the same way. I mess up like 5 times, get frustrated, slam stuff around, make a huge mess, and waste a lot of ingredients. But the thing is, it always turns out okay! And by the time Alan shows up, I've cleaned everything up, and all he sees is the finished product. He thinks I'm fantastic.

This was my attempt at a milk shake the other night. I tried to use our "Magic Bullet". Harder than it looks that thing. Luckily, after a few attempts and milk and ice cream everywhere, I found one of these.


And Alan loved it.

And here's a little special treat for everyone. We've been going through old pictures for our slide show. Ya, we're really on the ball.

Eye candy.

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Jennie Holt said...

Ha Ha You are retarded. I am super impressed that you figured out how to use the magic bullet...i thought it would be beyond you. JK your the best!! you gonna make Al grow his hair out for the wedding??