Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disneyland, Please

I just want to go to Disneyland where everything is joyous and grand 24/7 and nobody every stops smiling ear to ear and you do whatever the H you want and you can get whatever you want when you want it, cause you're in Disneyland. I want to be there where there are no jobs, no stomach aches, no headaches, no bad weather (okay there might be bad weather, but who cares? I'm in Disneyland!) There's no transcription in Disneyland cause no one needs anything transcribed because nothing in Disneyland is important enough to transcribe because it's just a big care-free fest of pure joy. When I'm in Disneyland, I don't have to type and I can dance around and jump and sing and ride and eat and not go to work and wear sweats all day if I want, cause I'm in Disneyland.

Point of the matter is, this has been a horrific week. If these friggin clouds don't depart from my presence soon, I am going to drown in a sea of gloom. Ya, check THAT sentence out! You know once ya start writing poetry, something is wrong.

I have been doing the late shift this week. That combined with the fact that I have been sick but not ballsy enough to call in sick combined with the clouds that never let the sun shine through has been throwing me into my extreme alter-ego, which you would not like if you saw, I can assure you.

I came home the other day and to prove to Alan just how extremely terrible I felt, I slumped my shoulders as low as I could and stuck my bottom lip out at least 3 inches and hung my head as low as I could just barely high enough so I could look at him out of the corner of my eye as I drug my feet walking through the kitchen. He got the point...and took me to the pet store and to get some orange chocolate (I'm 5).

It worked though, I love him.

But then I started getting pretty sick that night, and it un-worked.

Anyways, enough about the weather and the week from the utter pits of despair, how about everything else eh!? Let's see, what have me and my champion of a husband been up to...there's so much to shuffle through goodness...what to tell...what to tell!

We've watched three seasons of Big Bang Theory, a season of Modern Family, and are half way through 30 Rock. We lay in bed a lot for lack of any comfortable furniture in the house. Ergo, we sleep a lot. Or at least, I do. I have never been so well rested in all my years! It's faaaaantastic. On Fridays, we go out to a movie. We saw Dinner for Schmucks last week. Don't see it. Seriously, don't. We weighed ourselves the other day and both were up about 10 lbs, so that's nice. On an unrelated topic, we love to cook enough food for at least 9 people and eat all of it in one sitting. I also love to bake and that only brings positive results, of course.

So ya, we're an exciting couple to say the least. And that's quite the way I prefer it.

We went out to dinner with Al's family the other day, courtesy of grandma Beazer (awesome). I had the pleasure of sitting next to grandma and so was chatting her up about what movies they'd been watching lately when I overhead talk of stroganoff on the other end of the table. I listenned in a bit and heard Al going on kind of like this..."Ooooooh, Tina makes the BEST stroganoff!!!" I just cocked my head a bit and gave him the utmost outrageous look but he didn't back down. So I looked at Bonnie and said, quite firmly, "I have never made stroganoff." Al was right baffled. He just gave me this confusing look "yaaa....(hand gesture), out of that box?".

That's right, Hamburger Helper. I get praise at the dinner table (with the in-laws no less) for being able to make Hamburger Helper. Don't even try and tell me your husband is better than mine.

So yes, things are all well and dandy. I was planning on using this little space of time to nap, but I blogged instead....while multitasking and making my infamous stroganoff dish. Off I go to stuff my face!


Jennie Holt said...

ha ha ha i am laughing my head off. i told regan that story and just about died laughing. me...not him. he just thought i was telling him to be more like al. ha ha but thanks for letting me relive it cause it brought me out of this gloom-filled cloudy depression that has been lurking around my house.

what happened to your picture???

and also i love the big bang theory. hilarious.

Mandi said...

haha this made me laugh. A lot. Mostly because I made hamburger helper so much after me and Tyson got married that we can hardly eat it anymore...

Josh and Shay said...

i wish josh would eat hamburger helper! he wont eat anything out of a box or bag or pre frozen. so no sidekicks no chimchangas! no nothing. it has to be home made!! it sux balls!