Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Girls, Little Girls

I was having a little bit of a day today. Daylight savings is actually seriously gay and so is working early shift the day after dalight savings. If you don't count the time change, I was up at 3:45 this morning. So I was in a mood all morning. Alan was scared. I didn't get much done at work and a certain someone was being a tad bit too loud and giving me a headache. On top of these things that aren't really even bad but just seemed kind of bad...ok..., I had to get needles in my gums and pay a grand to sit in a dentist chair and get my face drilled off. POO BAGS.

But then guess who I saw?

I am in love with this little girl. Whenever I'm on my way to Jen's, I go at least 20 over the speed limit cause I am just way too excited to see her. She hugs me and cuddles with me and picks me first to take her to poo on the potty....which is obviously deemed a significantly high honor. Today she sang me a tune while I played the piano. Man alive, that kid!

So me and Dix took her to the merc today to pick up some chocolate. We said hi to gramps and were walkin around when I saw my mom-in-law! So I went to talk to her and Chloe was just suckin away on a sucker being adorable when I heard Dix yelling at me that she was choking. She was red in the face and her eyes were tearing up and she seriously was NOT breathing. I lost my mind. I do pretty well in high-stress situations. I did about five 360's and held my hands on my cheeks with my eyes and mouth as wide as possible (Home Alone) while I'm pretty sure Dix did the same thing. As I ended one of my turns, I see my mom-in-law doing the Heimlich on her. Oh darn, should have thought of that. So she started sputtering and coughing and eventually said Tina a few times. She then proceeded to throw up for about 20 minutes in the middle of the isle while we caught it with napkins and also while I gagged my brains out. Anyways, she was fine. And DJ saved her life while I spun in circles.

It scared the heebiejeebies out of me and I was glad all Jen had to see of it was Chloe saying "I bawfed mom...I sick mom...." when we got home. The poor chum!

I just love that little girl like a whole freaking lot. She is the number one reason I have a hard time with the thought of moving away when Al gets into school. Sure, there are plenty of other reasons, but she takes the cake. You certainly know I absolutely adore and crave Ash and my boys, but Chloe just absolutely made my crap-fest day wonderful today.

LOVE YOU CHLOE BUTT FACE!!!! (Jen can you tell her I said so? Thanks)


Kristen Gibb said...

Awww, you make me so jealous! I want to have nieces and nephews!!! She's so cute!

Jennie Holt said...

oooh you know you are her favorite too tina! and seriously not just anyone gets potty are pretty lucky! maybe we should get you into some first aid courses so next time DJ isn't around you don't kill my baby!