Monday, January 2, 2012


While we were home at my mom's house for Christmas, my uncle and his wife who I only see about twice a year came to visit. It was Christmas Eve so everyone was over at the house including all five babies. My uncle sat next to me on the couch and starting asking me about what we were up to...and I asked him what was new with his family cause I'm super polite like that. He told me his daughter in law was pregnant and then immediately after said "whoops, I don't think I'm supposed to tell anyone that..." Luckily, five babies make quite a bit of noise so I was the only one who heard it....and I promised him I wouldn't say anything and would act like nothing eeeever even happened (clearly enjoying my uncle bonding time). Well about 2.5 minutes later, my aunt starting chatting me up and about 10 seconds into that conversation I asked her (proclaiming to absolutely everyone in the room)..."so is (insert cousin's name here) going to find out what she's having??!?!" 


It was sufficiently awkward.

Moral of the story...I am awful at keeping secrets. 

Another moral of the story...I've been keeping a pretty LARGE secret for the past three months and it's been....well it's been interesting. I just try not to speak unless spoken to and that's seemed to work...kind of. Good thing the people I did accidentally tell are excellent at keeping secrets! 

Yup, we're having a baby!! We were so excited to find out that we didn't even put the cap back on the pee stick. Just waved that pee around for all to the proud parents we are.

Our baby is due sometime around June 27. The dates are a little wonky but it's sometime around then. We had an ultrasound really early and the tech told me I was nine weeks but whoever transcribed the ultrasound report typed 8 weeks...gotta hate those transcriptionists.

Here's a pic of when we very first found out. And when I was still exercising and feeling like a functioning human being. That was a nice feeling...if I remember correctly..

Just a few weeks later. Before my boobs were the size of watermelons.

And this was at like 10 weeks or something...I'm now about 15 and look much chubbier than this. And seriously, my boobs are giant.

Being pregnant is really quite hilarious. I had no clue pregos felt this sick...and bawling your eyes out at the Kindergarten Christmas Concert is normal...right?

We're just so very happy about our lives right now. I just keep thinking about all the love we have in our lives and feeling so blessed to have it. And so incredibly blessed to be able to share that love with our little nugget.

I couldn't ask for a better baby daddy. I have one more day before he goes back to I'm going to go enjoy it. I'm even offered to go play basketball with him...yes, that's how in love I am!


maleatortilla said...

I am so excited for you guys!! I can't wait to see your cute little kiddo!

The Dudleys said...

Congrats Guys! You will make the best parents! I can`t wait to meet the little creature!

Kyra said...

HIP HIP HOORAY!! I'm so excited for you guys! And i'm pretty sure you look exactly the same in all your pictures...which is tiny.

Leah said...

conGRAAAAAAAAAAAAAts Tina!!! Your gonna be the most stylin prego girl evah I just know it! Can't wait to see more pics! :o)

Sami-Jane said...

yay for another blog post and yay for pac-man!

Jennie Holt said...

how did i not see this??? you FINALLY blogged about chloes new baby cousin! she is so excited she prays for her ever night! (and yes its a girl) i want to see MORE preggo pictures! like one every DAY please!!!