Friday, January 11, 2013

henry has more hair than me

This is going to be a dump of a post so let's just cut to the chase. We are all still alive. Henry is still the best. He is still gaining weight. He still doesn't care to move around or do anything. But he has accomplished a FEW things:
- He sits up pretty good. His head is just so big so if he falls it really SWINGS him down and he'll get a pretty solid smack.... so he continues to play on his back a lot, which he still loves soo can't complain there! (plagiocephaly complaints excluded).
- He grabs everything in reach. If it's not in reach, he disregards it (I don't think he'll ever crawl)
- Cries when I leave the room (greedily, I enjoy it)
- Sleeps a lot, had to wake him up after 13 hours the other night, yes I am with it.

Here are most of the pictures around Henry's 6 month mark. I'm really trying to avoid a Christmas post just so you didn't get too bored, but it was a good Christmas - what can I say. 

 We have taken Hen swimming quite a few times now, and we've taken a few pictures, but this is the only picture where I figured out to put Henry in front of me, deeming it post worthy. I LOVE SWIMMING, if you didn't know. And so does Henry, match made in heaven. Al hates it, but he's learning and I'm proud.
 In sad news, at about Henry's 5 month mark, my hair fell out. For one, it's covered our entire house in hair and for two, I have next to no hair on my head. It's ugly, but now I have all this new growth and it's ridiculous. I tried to get a picture of my "halo" of short hairs b/c it's the most ridiculous thing...ever. In my bald spots it looks like I just took the buzzers to it.  
Henry trying to eat Al's perogie.

We figured it was time for solids, which were well received. 

On our way home for the holidays (blogger is being a little cuss today)

My mom wouldn't let me put this on Instagram, so I'm posting it here b/c she doesn't know how to find my blog. It was me and Dix and Al and Steve Christmas Eve...ya, you guys are all LAME for my family who is reading this. But how great are our jammies! 
I always force him to do this so I feel skinny. And we wonder why his back always hurts...
Got mah hair did! Didn't do it this day but was really bored in the car, so a selfie was in order. Also got to see Mango, which was also quite a treat, especially since she does my hair so well and has such a ffancy nice husband. 

We just love that Branny of ours. 

We got to go through the temple with Mango her first time. Having grandparents around to babysit is QUITE nice, I must say.

 Henry loves Christmas. I have a picture of him opening his present, but SOMEONE is gay and deleted it (bloogggeeer.....)

One of the best Christmas presents. I stole my mom's coat so much, she got me my own. (Take note of my scraggle hair and be sad for me....plzandthanks)

Al made me this canvas, cause he's a doll. I posted this mostly to note that midway Christmas morning Henry smacked his head and puked EVERYWHERE (mostly on me) so, since we got two pairs of Christmas jammies, I put the top of the other one on...and it accounted for the worst Christmas jammie combo of all time. 
Also, if you're keeping track - notice the lack of pony tail? 
Sorry for my overuse of the word "jammie" today.
After it was all said and done.
sums up our holiday pretty good. Puzzles are a biatch, but we love them (hurts so good, kinda thing)
Van is the sweetest thing on earth. I hope every day that Henry turns out like him. Oh and grandma is pretty sweet too, I GUESS. ;)
My mom has this thing where if she likes a pair of shoes, she buys 3 of them. Sometimes resulting in misfortune like this ^^^
Henry and the big bro in matching sweaters, except Henry dominates with his elbow patches. This is in Whitefish, cause we got to go this year YAY.
And Alan's birthday comes right after Christmas, which I loathe entirely. I think this is the first year I have gotten him an actual present. I sent him on a scavenger hunt, even made up rhymes (I am a Dixie clone).
Henry-big-head enjoyed it. (I love him enough that I'm allowed to call him whatever I want)
The hunt resulted in The Price is Right tickets!!!!!!!! Anyone want to babysit for us so we can actually go? ha ha we are pretty excited. They're coming to Saskatoon and probably to wherever you are too so get tickets!

Al's so much more fun than I am. He'll be the favorite as soon as my boobs are rendered useless. But for now, I'd say I'm winning.

And to end this beast of a post, a picture of J. She's always begging me to put more pictures of her on here...VAIN, I know...but I miss her anyway.


PamH said...

I loved this post! Hey, you can get mad at Leah for us not being there Christmas Eve! : )At least we got to spend lots of Christmas Day together!! And love the matching sweaters, I stole the pic from your blog. Henry is all ready as sweet as Van...and a better baby too! Ha ha. Soooo I think you'll be safe in him turning out even better!! :)

PS. Please take off the word verification from your comments...I KEEP FAILING! Lol.

Jennie Holt said...

whoah hottie surprise at the end there!! Loved the red tight/pink waffle shirt combo, totes gonna steal it. it was pretty much the best time of my life having you around for two weeks!! maybe NEXT time you come i won't be sick?? maybe. i love henry and i miss him and you like none other. great blog post!!!

PAM how do you take off your word verification????