Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bunny Hugs

People in Saskatchewan call hoodies bunny hugs. It's strange. 
But when Henry hugs his bunny - it's NOT strange. 

I think I may be trying to force it because I'm a little obsessed with stuffed animals, but I think Henry likes them too. I always put him on the floor and give him only his bunny to play with, and since he hasn't figured out how to move himself around yet - he's stuck with the bunny! (Looks like it's working)

I love this little boy and we are enjoying our reading week this week. Al has been taking good long study breaks and realizing that Henry naps most of the day and I watch way too much TLC....:D

My blog posts are usually 7 times this size, but I can't blog and watch Sean Tells All at the same time. Some of these sentences probably don't even make sense, blame The Bachelor.

1 comment:

Jennie Holt said...

ha ha nice wrist rolls henster! I blame the bachelor for alot of things. like me eating a huge bowl of popcorn instead of just going to bed. *sigh* I want to hold henry :(