Monday, August 19, 2013

just walk already

I feel like I start a lot of blog posts like this: Al started school today.....(siiiigh).

Whenever we get a break, it's always hard to go back into real life...but we're there again. So I can start doing the normal things I do other than playing with husband and baby all day long (although I wish we could just do that forever). Hen is 14 months now. He is STILL NONMOBILE. I repeat, NONMOBILE. I feel like I might go insane. I still have to lug him around everywhere: to every room in the house whenever I leave, to the toy that he's just chucked across the room, etc. etc. He loves to throw, and good for him and yes he's great at it, but it's kind of a bad combination for his lack of movement. I love that kid more than life itself, but it'd be really cute and nice if he'd get on with it and walk...or crawl....I'll even take a butt scoot!

So aside from that very main point, I have no complaints! But I find it important to always start off complaining, no matter what, and try to end on a good point. :) For real though, life is swell. We've had a joyous summer wherein picnics and camping and swimming and beaching and just straight up playing were had. We have enjoyed the company of the man in the house for the time we had him, and now we shall return to enjoying him from a distance. The distance of the couch to his desk (approximately 5 m) where he shall remain for 4 months til his next break is due. Having him in school sucks, but I'm so glad he knows what he wants to do- Al if you're reading this (which you probably aren't, aint nobody got time for that!)...I love you and THANK YOU for your hard work. How do you do it, son?

Oh, summer, I love you. My problem is I don't take pictures very well when we're busy. I only think about snapping photo's when nothing, aaaabsolutely nothing, is going on i.e. driving in the car, me and Henry sitting on my bed, watching TV (which evidently doesn't make for very good pics). So there's not much in the way of that, but I'm sure I can muster one of Henry's cute face to share AFTER you've read ALL of this. No exceptions!

Now let's talk Henry - he likes to chatter on about things. Acts like he's talking to us and sharing vital information. Good times. He likes people to pay attention to him. He likes to throw (as previously mentioned). He likes to drive his car and make car sounds, which is quite cute. He likes to walk around, but can't...that is where I come in. He likes to open and close cupboard doors. He likes to grab anything and everything wherever it is and whatever it may be. He doesn't put a whole lot of those things in his mouth though, germaphobe maybe? He is very meticulous and careful. If it's not food, why put it in your mouth? SO SMART. Haha #bragging. He is starting to slim out but has a long ways to go if he wants that modeling career he goes on about. I really love the kid, if anyone hasn't caught on to that. If he never wants to walk, so be it...Henry I will lug you around until you're 30!
 Eating a cuke (in the car...) I took like 50 pics of this, but did I take any of our trip to Calaway or the Zoo? That would be a solid "no".
 Throwing rocks in Crandel. We camped up in the campground there for a spell. I realized I have to say goodbye to hiking for a while, hauling Hen up the 30 minute flat trail nearly killed us.
 Throwing rocks in the crick! These are off Al's phone, that's why I'm in them...
Playing with trains in Chapters while mom shopped at the mall for way too long and spent way too much money. Al, are you a dr. yet? No? Oh, crap, I forgot and spent all the money we don't have AGAIN.


The Orrs said...

Man he is looking so old in all these pictures! He definitely could start a modeling career just how he is. Such a little cutie! I'm still not too sure about this whole slimming out business with Henry... I just love those rolls on his bod!

brooke and rope said...

I liked your "ain't nobody got time for that" reference... Hahah! I'm happy you guys are back... Even if it means summer party time is over

PamH said...

Oh my that blonde hair is killing me! I know it's not really blonde but seriously he is too grown up!!

brock + amy said...

Blonde claire needs to play with blonde Henry!

Jennie Holt said...

guess i need to check my blogs more often! since goole reader is gone I have fallen off the bandwagon. Hen never needs to walk. he is the best reacher ever, and knows you will carry him. why does he need to walk??? Can he PLEASE be a model?? that face needs to be ALL over the GAP and/or various magazines and stores.