Monday, April 5, 2010

As Of Late

Oh hi everyone.

I feel like I should just sit here and type for a while since I haven't been typing for doctors in what seems like forever. I went home sick on Thursday with a grumbly rumbly stomach and it has stretched on until today, making me call in sick 'the deuce'. I just have one thing to say about this:

Today, I love Greg Smith.

I should be up and running by tomorrow!

On the topic of wedding, things are going swimmingly. The invitations are done (five nine twenty thousand years later). Alan built me some peach backdrops. I finished scrapbooking the guest book today (two six eight hundred years later). And now I am just working on the slideshow, which is really fun. Breanne told me what song she is singing to us at our wedding and I am so excited about it I could die. She is the best MOH anyone has ever had. And looking at old pictures makes me realize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful friend. I love her.

Sorry to be all mushy gushy, but being engaged will do that to you.

Me and Al went and checked out our soon to be new digs on the weekend and it is perfect. Nothing could have worked out more perfectly. It is so spacious and has a dishwasher (yabadabadoo!). We even have our own fenced in backyard with a lawn. I don't even remember what it's like to have one of those!

Also, look what I got.

My grandma Heggie wanted to just get rid of it because it was in the way. Best unexpected surprise gift ever.

In terms of my marathon club, I have been a big poop ball. I missed the last big run from being sick and haven't been able to run since. I really hope I'm better by this weekend so I can catch up. But I made it on the wall of fame at Runner's Soul, so what else really matters? Right?

I really love my life and it is just fantastic to be in love with someone so ridiculously wonderful as Alan. I am surely getting the better end of the deal on this one.

Oh, and conference was great, even though I had to rewatch it today because the Gravol I took on Sunday knocked me out all day. S'all the same, right!?

So there's the update. I know how ridiculous exciting it was for everyone to read. I bet you'll read it ten more times just to try and relive the moment.


Jennie Holt said...

your cute. glad you will be feeling better tomorrow. then you can talk to me all day. yup its all about me.

The Dudleys said...

Don't forget to send us an invitation! We are so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see your scrapbooked guestbook and peach backdrops.

Kinsey said...

Yay for the wall of fame! :)

Arrington's said...

Um where is my invite?!? Tatum spent a solid five minutes telling me how cute it is and now I really need to see it! I'm so sad I won't get to see all the action up close I know your wedding is going to be Fabulous!! Good Luck and put TONS of pics on as soon as you come up for air after the honeymoon...:)

Tina Heggie said...

JADE, I have really done a terrible job at the invites. Sorry. It is so hard to think of I made my mom do it. And she has a lot on her mind. If you send me your addy (on FB or something), I'll send you an invite ASAP.

I don't even think your mom got one. I hand delivered it to Ivy, and no one knows where it has gone from there. Dun dun dun.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! A runner. :) And congrats on getting married soon. I look forward to reading up on your blog. :)