Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Learned Today That Hollywood is in California

Has anyone ever seen this movie??

For some odd reason, it seems like me and my sib's are the only ones that ever watched this. And if I remember correctly, we watched it quite a few times. I had a spaz attack about it one time and asked everyone everywhere I was for about a month if they'd ever seen it. I never found a soul.

The spaz attack all started when I made a decently funny joke in reference to this movie, and no one got it. Is there anything worse? I finally find an ounce of wit in me, and no one knows that the H I'm talking about. Result: spazzy Tina.

The reason I'm talking about this movie you might wonder?? My favorite part to mock in the movie is when the little boy and his family are driving through California and he is in the back seat of the car rocking back and forth going "caal...i...fooooor...nia......CAL...I...FOOOR...NIA!". It's not meant to be funny but is (you know, one of those).

Well, my whole life I've dreamt of going to California so I could do the exact same thing in the backseat of the car and have everyone who is with me laugh and laugh and laugh at my funny witty joke.

I'm going to San Diego tomorrow!

So it's really too bad no one has seen this movie. Maybe on the plane when we start flying over California I will do the impersonation really loud and see if anyone laughs. If they don't, I'll just keep acting like I'm mental and everyone will look at me and my mom with pitty. Maybe I'll even get free stuff.

Turns out, that's only part of the reason I'm going to SD, CA. I'm going to participate in a half marathon. Yes, me. No, I'm not just going to watch. I'm going to run it. Or at least make an attempt. I'm also going to go to Disney Land. And to the beach.

I am T-rexcited. I have to leave Al behind (since we planned this trip long before we were engaged) which makes me sad all day. I better go spend some time with him before I leave him on a jet plane.

Good luck to me!!


Suz said...

I have seen it! You are not alone! lol

Jennie Holt said...

HA i love that movie. best line ever. also you have quite a few nice one-liners in this post i am truly appreciative of. you make me laugh all day.

kelsey said...

who hasn't seen this movie? seriously. i have seen it many, many times. maybe it's a raymond thing. . . and yes, i'm a total blog stalker.

Josh and Shay said...

IVE SEEN IT.. i admit though the only reason i saw it is because its one of joshuas favorites. he saw it on the satelite and FREAKED! out he was so excited. i guess he watched it all the time when he was little too. And that was one of my favorite parts to actually haha.