Monday, April 4, 2011

Wad Of Pics

I've got some pretty good news for everyone today.....drum roll please. This blog is getting even better than it already was. WAM! Impossible, You say? Well aren't you naive. I know that the pictures I post on here are already exquisite and beautiful beyond all compare, but believe it or not, it's about to get better. Al recently (weellll actually like kind of a while ago by now) purchased an iPhone 4GS....complete with like more pixels or something than my phone and a flash and a little button that makes it so you can flip the camera and see yourself when you are taking a picture. Ya, none of this crap 3GS thing I've had going on. Things are getting pretty serious around here. Now the only thing left to do is get working on my webside. It's gonna be HUGE.

So without further ado, all the pictures we have taken in, like, the last 4 months:

This one time I bought this really super long T-shirt from Superstore as a nightee and then went swimming at the Ramada. Next thing you know, I look like a Psych Ward admittee.

Then this other time I left Al home to fend for himself one night, and I receive message on the phone encompassing this picture. I threw up a little...or maybe a my mouth. He swears he loved it. Those are not hot dogs, they are breakfast sausages, for the record.

You know when you can see the mountains really good, so you try and take a picture with you in it and turns out you can't even see them at all in the picture? And also, you know when you take a picture with your left hand, unaware of what your right hand was doing at the moment? Yaaaaa....I don't know.

Al just YESTERDAY explained his smile to me. I can't count the number of times I've mocked him and other times screamed at him to "stop making that fake smile". He apparently cut his lip doing something in high school....ummm crap don't tell him but I don't remember what he said he was doing when he cut it......maybe I actually have heard this story before yesterday. Anyways, he cut his lip and now his initial smile turns crooked. So he tries to pull the left side of his lip down, making it look incredibly forced. So, whenever you see this smile, he really is genuinely happy, I swear.

A terrifying knee face. Artist: yours truly.

Takin a lover's walk across Whoop Up. We love you Lethbridge, but please let us not be living in you in a few months!

We took a little trip to Sir Scratchewan a couple weekends ago. It is sad when you consider being in Saskatoon for 4 hours and then Edmonton for like 5 a relaxing holiday, but I guess that's what us full-time employees gotta live with (I was clearly not made for working). Everyone kept telling us how excruciating the drive to Sask was going to be, but somebody's crazy cause that drive was gorg+beaut+fant. All shortened words for AWESOME. This blue bridge was my favorite part. We were in a hurry so we couldn't stop to take a picture, but being the photographer I am, the pics turned out great. I think the rock chip in the window adds all kinds of character.

I'm still mad at myself for not turning on Long Gone Sasatchewan by Corb while we were driving, but it was a little high stress on the way there. I had to help Al practice interview questions AND stay awake at the same time so we didn't die the whole drive. Be impressed, cause I did it.

The thing I enjoyed most about the drive was probably the 50 of the raunchiest, most run down gas station bathrooms I have ever laid eyes on and also peed in. Seriously, oh my gosh. Holy crap. I have never experienced such filth. I still didn't line the toilet seat with toilet paper or squat though. I guess that means I belong in Saskatchewan.

But also, the town of Alsask was pretty good. No, that doesn't say Alaska. It says AL-SASK. Took us about 13 minutes to figure that one out. So as we were pulling out of another putrid gas station, I decided to google map where we were. You guessed it, we were smack dab on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Really creative, finder of Alsask, real creative.

After being treated like Kings and Queens by Branny Pants in Edmonton, we drove home. And it was my birthday so we got to stop at Olive Garden. I also bought myself this new outfit. It was my birthday, shout hooray!

Why is this the first time I've seen one of these? Doesn't take a genious to know that I need at least 5 packets of ketchup every time I have fries. Five packets combined into one? Yes please!
And we all know I'm ALL FOR being sexist, but shouldn't this be upsetting more people?

Yes, we take all sorts of fun and interesting pictures around here. We are just snappin em left and right. That is quite literally all I've got in my photo library. I DO own a nice little Canon digital thing, but it either ends up in one of the random baskets of the house, the junk drawer, the utensil drawer, or the dish rag drawer, and every last one of those locations hides things very good thing Al's iPhone is so rad.


girluntitled said...

i am COMPLETELY offended by the last photo...what about us kids who are still trynna figure out what gender we wanna be ya know??

Spring said...

Never stop blogging. They are always my favorite, your birthday outfit is too die for and I need the blazer, and I'm glad you appreciate Corb because ever since Taylor left on his mission Corb lovers are few and far between!

Jennie Holt said...

ha ha ha psych ward admittee. chloe thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures, except the mean knee guy. she said he was scary.

The Dudleys said...

I hope hope hope Alan gets into the U of A...I am always in need of more friends in this lovely place. Also the breakfast sausage hot dog actually looks quite appetizing.

Breann Clawson said...

i laughed outloud about the


Malea said...

So I was just looking at your blog and cute little Ali said "oh no sad" because of your first pic on this post. I asked her why you were sad and she said because you wanted your daddy ;) Hope all is well up there!!