Monday, May 23, 2011

an excruciatingly long post about our trip

Ok so I was going to just save everyone the time and energy of loading up my blog page to see the pictures of our trip and was going to just post them on FB, but I looked and it's been almost a few years since I posted pictures on there and I probably lost my privileges or something. Plus, FB friends are so judgemental. I know my blog friends won't judge me for showing pics of my marriage guys still love me right?

So here you are, a whole bunch of pretty horrible pictures from our pretty awesome cruise in the Caribbean!

Really excited to get going to Miami. This pic was taken after forcing Al to get up 3 hours early so we could make it to Calgary with enough time to run to American Apparel to pick up something...just real quick...only took me like an hour and a half. Haha, sucks to be a husband sometimes. 

Here's us on the plane. I don't remember hating flying so much...I get more pathetic every day. Or maybe I hated it because we didn't eat anything the entire day because everything in the airport is triple the price of normal life and I am super defiant so refused to buy anything so I just drank Coke the whole day because that is the only free thing they give you. So I was sick both times we flew....but the view from Dallas to Miami was seriously amazing. We flew over the gulf of Mexico!

First day on the boat.  Gettin ready to go try out the pool. We pretty much only swam in that thing once cause it was significantly disgusting...about the size of a queen sized bed with about 40 sunscreened-lathered, sweaty bodies in it. And salt water. So we had to eat ice cream all day to cool us off. It was rough.

The boat leaving Miami. Not to mention, a DANCE PARTY down on the main deck. partyin, partyin, YA!

The first day on the ship was mother's day and also our one year anniversary (NBD). These were my mother's day gifts. Little did they know...I'm not a mom.....oooh ya, I scammed that brownie good!
We would have went down the waterslide more, but every time we climbed the stairs, the black rubber burned the bottoms of our feet, and it really hurt. So instead of wearing shoes up to the top, we just allowed ourselves about one slide a day...and it was the BEST.

 Us on the boat again...most of our pictures looked like this.

 Alan is a handsome devil and the sunsets on the ocean were so pretty.
Plus size models can be sexy too, right! Don't you watch America's Next Top Model? This is my new fav swimsuit that would look better on someone else but that I still bought and wore the whole trip cause I felt like it. I just noticed this picture is really dark...oh well!

Here's a pic of my big bum in my swim suit. I thought this picture was cool. And since you guys aren't judging me for any of these pictures, I figured I'd post it.
 These pics are us in Grand Cayman. Al was pretty excited about the second picture.

He was excited about this picture too. As hideous as it is, I still like it because it reminds me of that time I napped on the beach in Cayman like four times in the span of a couple hours. 

My favorite picture of the trip. Dinner was so delicious every night. And so were the appetizers and dessert...every night (you should really go on a cruise).


Us sucking our chins in. That picture of Al is funny and the one of me I think Al covered the flash or something.  Still working on that photography business. 

These pictures are from Belize. We went cave tubing in the jungle and it was really freaking sweet. Those pictures are on a disposable under water camera. I don't even know how to get them developed but if I ever do and ever figure out how to scan them, then I might share them!

 Alan sucking his chin in again at the theatre...waiting for the show to start.
 I had my first legitimate crush while being married on the ship. I was (slash am) in love with the star singer of all the shows. He was so super gay, but I couldn't help should have seen his butt in all those costumes...daaayammm.

 Best part of the trip for REAL was scuba diving. Like put a 50 lb tank on my back and take me to the bottom of the ocean for an hour scuba diving. It was like Finding Nemo down there, incredible. More pictures of that hopefully on another disposable camera. And also, I know how cute I look in that picture. My hair does really well in salt water. I might as well have grown up in California.
So scuba'ing was in Izla Roatan, Honduras. It was HOT there and in this picture I originally had shorts on but they got all wet and it looked like I peed them so I took them off  and wrapped a towel around me. Then I got a rash from walking around with sweaty sticky fat salt-covered thighs.
 A better picture of the scuba trip.
 I was so happy after I saw that I had captured these two doing this. I wish I had the ability to make friends so I had their email so I could send it to them.  I wasn't trying to be creepy, I was just trying to get a picture of the island and I was in the back of a boat strapped to a 50 lb oxygen tank.

 At the comedy club.
 The comedy club had cool carpet that I ripped out and brought home with me to put in our house.
 We love acting like no we actually do.
 Cutest serving of beans ever.
 Another dinner. I wish we got pictures of us all dressed up (no not this night) but we were just so tired and full...

 Al was sick most of the time. I took this picture to prove that point. He was finished eating and there was still bacon on his plate. :( it was really quite sad.

 And here are some cute pics of Al and some ugly pics of me in Cozumel. This stop was fun too cause we found a nice fresh water pool and a beach right beside eachother to spend all day in. Oh and a blow up park out in the ocean that was free!! (no it wasn't)
 Ok here's us in Miami....last day of the trip. I LOVED MIAMI ALMOST MORE THAN EVERYWHERE WE WENT.
A pretty tree. We found an outdoor mall and there were so many lesbians and good-looking people swarming around, I'd never seen anything quite like it. 

 Al at south beach. On our pamphlet that they gave us about Miami it said if we went to south beach we could see celebrities such as Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O'Neil, Ricky Martin, and Sylvester Stalone. They sold us. We hopped on the first bus there.

And there's our trip! If you actually read this whole post, first of all, I am amazed you made it and second of all, we have an announcement that is happy for the people who live in Lethbridge but sad for people living in and around Saskatoon.

AL GOT INTO MED SCHOOL!!!! We are moving to Saskatoon in a few months. I'm sure I'll have some great stories to tell...and can't wait. We are bloody excited.


Spring said...

While I was reading this I thought of nine things I was going to comment on and now I can't remember any of them, but your trip looks like soooo much fun! annnd you can get that underwater film developed at Wal Mart or London Drugs!

jezebel said...

i love that picture of the couple taking their own picture. I dont know why I'm always so self-concious to wear a bikini. if they can, I sure can, RIGHT?!
and I think you mean the news is sad for lethbridge people but happy for saskatoon people? you mixed it up.
and I miss you. lets go on a couples cruise. I AM SERIOUS! when can you do it? 2 years? no kids. done and done.

Jennie Holt said...

good luck with that jess. she is gonna have kids in like 9 months...10 tops. and SAAAHAAAAAD for lethbridge people like me. I am excited for that date we have in 10 years to go on a cruise together!! whoop whoop!!

PamH said...

Loved the pictures/trip rundown. Can't wait to check you out in your new bikini in real life. Still sad for the bacon left on Al's plate.

Jennie Holt said...

ooooh 4 comments! your moving up in the world tina! i just love to re read your blog and laugh and laugh. ha ha we like to act like dogs.

Gibb-Gibb said...

Tina!! Your trip looks like it was a freakin riot!! I'm so jealous that you got to explore so many different countries in central america! P.S. I met Al's Grandma. She is a GEM!! She made me a loaf of banana bread. And, Congrats to Al!

Leah said...

yay I've been waiting for these exciting pics! ha I just love your commentary and freakin lOVE your suit!! darn you and your amazing bikini body!! :o)