Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Change is good. Change is so good, in fact, that I am going to put it as the title of my blog post and pretend to blog about it but probably go off ranting about some stupid angry tangent. But for now, let us discuss all things "change".

I started my new job today! I have been at orientation for two days (woof) and today started work (woof). Yes, we all know I despise a good job but, nevertheless, I'm excited about this new one of mine. I'm working at the university hospital right next to my big boy Al-Bear...could that be any more picture perfect and adorable? We get to drive together every morning and walk two glorious hours together from the parking lot to the hospital...I'm sure it will be truly magical every morning when it's 40 below and my eyes and nose are frozen shut and my legs feel like 300 lbs of rock solid ice. Can't wait. So yes, my new job is in the Pathology Department and it's just very new and different and the people I work with are in the same generation as me and I'm very excited despite the fact that I can't sit on my couch and watch Say Yes to the Dress all day anymore. Cause that was kind of freaking awesome.

More things concerning change: this new city. Saskatoon is singing to me. It's singing me songs like "I'm so pretty and look at my river and all the paths to run and walk on and look how nice everyone is and how all the people in the church here are so for la la". I think Saskatoon just made that one up on the spot but it was pretty good...I mean for improv and everything. I am just really enjoying our new life out here. I read a quote on Pinterest (get ready for a tangent on that) that said something liiiike..."home is where you are". Or something super gay. But gay stuff almost always makes me cry...including that inappropriate image I have of Jim Carrey in that one gay movie he made...but I just decided I need to stop being homesick and realize that I AM home cause my Al-Bum is here. And he's a tarty fart sweetie pie with a great ass butt.

And then there is Pinterest. I have so much to say to you Pinterest but all I can say is beware if you are a stay at home mom or if you have a job because you will have to quit that job due to excessive scrolling and pinning and clicking and reading and planning and dreaming...OH PINTEREST WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

Ok ok ok. I'll refrain. Another change (can you believe I'm still on topic...holy crap). We have been eating healthier in our house. I promised I wouldn't blog about this until I lost 10 lbs...but every time I almost make it there I go to Dairy Queen so whatever....screw it (I am obviously the BEST at dieting). I started WeightWatchers a while ago. I did it good for like 3 weeks and ever since just kind of don't do it. But I do eat waaaaay healthier. And I feel golden. Like I'm made of gold. And I poop at least twice a day. And if you know me, you know that poop is pretty much gold to me. Did I just hear you judging me?

Eating healthier makes you feel better. End of story. I still eat crap, but just not constantly. Did I just hear you being proud of me?

I hung this picture up in my house. I got it off a little thing I liked to call Pinterest and just printed it right off our totally rad and free printer. I was impressed with that little gaffer! It's just a nice picture that makes me think of me and Al and this little journey we are currently embarking on....a journey I like to call LIFE...(I figured I might as well take that lame little comment and run with it). 

Up up and away!

Well I know I promised ONE of you that I would blog my house but I haven't cleaned it ever yet so just keep waiting and your patience will pay off in the end....I'm sure. I also am missing a couch but we can work around that I think. Can't we? Come on, we can do it!!! Ok umm happy birthday to Chloe this weekend and Chloe if you're listening I love you and tell your mom you want to come to my house far away and visit me.


Jennie Holt said...

HA HA HA I was dying laughing so chloe and ashley had to come see what was so funny. i don't think they get sarcasm. glad to hear your pooping regularly i am a proud mama bear!

ps. chloe is eating this fudgsicle that has been in our freezer for 10 years that i told her NOT to eat. and is gagging "this is dross!!" yup you should always listen to your mommy!!

Pps. love that picture!

ppps. chloe is sad you can't come for her birthdya. but she still loves you!! lets SKYPE!!

PamH said...

Love the hot air balloons!!! I have been wanting to make paper mâché hot air balloons for Baker's room for forever!!