Monday, August 29, 2011

hello my name is unemployed

Ok hi fine I'll post a dumb blog. I now officially reside in Saskatoon. My life is so strange right now...strangely glorious. I am unemployed...coming up on a month now...and I am obsessed with being unemployed. That's all you really need to know. I don't want a job. But still I seek employment at every clinic and hospital in the city...what is my freaking problem? I actually already have a job but just haven't started yet. And am open to someone paying me more. So ya...that's where I am right now. Uuuuuuh Sasktoon is pretty. It really is...I'm not just blowing smoke out my behind. It's gorgeous here. And people are very friendly and we're making friends and yada yada yada it's great. But I'm still 7 hours away from my I'm not going to say I love Saskatoon quite yet...don't get your hopes up high in the sky fly high bird sky. ...  .....?

Al has started med school. His class consists of about 80 students and he is the only married one and the only one who doesn't look like they're 12 too. Anyways he comes home from school the other day...and I was jabbering about something unimportant and stupid that somebody unimportant and possibly stupid did to me and he responds by saying "ass wipe." I about crapped myself (I have never heard Al swear before) and realized that my husband is a changed man. He swore three more times that day.

I must tell you, I have a swearing obsession. Minus the big F bomb, I like to swear. I think it's funny and I have been known to have a problem. Since being married to and just generally being around my in-laws, I have learned to not do it very much ever...but I still secretly have a dirty mouth. Just don't tell my mother in law. Actually, you can, I'm sure she can sense what I'm going to say when I stop myself in the middle of my story after.. saying "what a b....". Uuuuh.

So anyways, short story long, I feel like our lives are going to be very different around here. And that makes me happy because it's a good change. Not just the swearing thing, but just US in general. But Al is already too busy for me to handle and me too not busy but I can handle it. So if anyone in Sasktoon is out there and ALSO bored, I AM HERE and I AM YOUR BEST FRIEND.

Here are some pictures for you and yours. Out of order, just like you like them.

 This is me in a giant hand coming out of the ground.
 This is a photo I Instagram'd of me and Smashy. Oh how I miss that baby. Don't make me cry stop talking about it!
 This is my favorite person in the world who I also miss even though he's only about 15 feet away. In his new office studying. Good thing the Bach Pad comes on in 25 minutes! WHAAAAAAAAAT best show ever.
 Saskatoon is pretty. Remember how I told you that already?
 Saskatoon also has a few beaches. Ya, beaches. And me and Al spent lots of time on them before he started school cause we both had no job and no friends.
 We like to ride our bikes even though I sit crooked on mine so my crotch gets really sore on the left side after about 30 minutes. Totally worth it cause the paths here are pretty. But I already told you that.
 See! Big sexy beach!
 Another thing we did before school started was go couch shopping. We couch shopped so much that I actually yelled at Alan to just PICK ONE because I was SICK of looking at them! And then the next day we took this one home and I'm sitting in it and it's so comfy and you are jealous of my new couch!

Oh and I just noticed myself in the mirror behind snapping the photo! Always a good thing to find! ha ha awesome!
Freaking Alan took me to the fair. I freaking love him and also I love things that little kids love...and I love them as much as little kids do and I act exactly like a little kid at them.

BYE BYE NOW. I typed this post in 10 minutes. Love you. I especially love you for not finding me and killing me after having put you through this torture! HA better luck next in next time my post will be better k I promise.


Jennie Holt said...

ok stop it. your making me all sad and stuff. love your pinky raise as you are taking the couch picture. sounds like Al is going to be best friends with chloe....she said "shit" yesterday. I have a real problem....

Jennie Holt said...

i miss you. that is all.