Thursday, October 27, 2011

Virtual Tour

As previously promised to a total of 2 people (of whose opinions I obviously hold of upmost prestige), I took some pictures of my house and am posting them. I even got out the old point and shoot, even though I am 100% positive Al's 4G takes 100% better pictures. I think my point and shoot started giving me attitude when I had it set up on three books on the back of the couch doing a balancing act while me and my roomates made a dancing movie. Needless to say, it dropped and broke for a few days. It did come back to life, but has SUCKED ever since. 

Enjoy your grainy pictures. Any complaints, send some money for me to afford a new cam.                                    

Our kitchen is my favorite. I thought that I would hate how closed off it is, but I ended up obsessed with it. It's like my own little space and I love the cupboards and counter top. The floor is disgusting and I can't believe I missed that cup on our portable dishwasher. I tried so hard to move all the messes BEHIND me so they weren't in the shoot, but you can't win em all can ya? Sometimes, that cup wins.

The living/dining room. I really have nothing to say except that in front of the map is where our other couch is going to go and taking a picture of a chandelier is hard work and I made that deer head out of foam board. It is seriously so ugly but it took so much freaking bloody time that I decided to hang it up. That little wood table in front of the couch serves a lot more purpose than our dining room table...which is still our favorite J, don't worry.
I like the arches in our house....including the front entrance. The shoe organization going on here is an extremely rare occurence.  Savor it.
This is the duvet cover I made the other day! I found this fabric at thrift village (I sound so cool) and was like "I'm going to make a duvet cover out of this, and a dress, and a little girls matching dress, and put some of it into the quilt I'm making!" turns out I didn't even have enough for the duvet cover, but I made it work. I LOOVE IT.
Try to ignore that laundry hamper.  That thing is a DUMP. I've had it since I was like 14 and obsessed with black and my mom let me paint my room black and dresser black and dye my hair black...and get a black laundry hamper. why mom? why? look at that, i just officially got too lazy for proper punctuation...oh my gosh i'm going to fall aslsldfkseeeeep.

This is the dresser I painted. You can't really see the color that great in this shot, but it's maroon and I LOVE IT too. I love everything about our room except the laundry hamper. Oh look, I'm capitalizing again. Special.

And here is where Al is ALWAYS. He is supposed to build shelves in here to put his disgusting amount of text books on instead of in boxes and all over the floor like they are but he is studying all the time so when is he going to build shelves?

I am way too tired for this post but I wanted to show Sam my cute door knobs....I think you can see them in the hallway picture. The picture I tried taking of the door knob itself was actually seriously gross. It was like a mess of light and grain and someone give me some money for a camera pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Alright then, I think I'l take a nap on my desk. Yes, my desk. Yes, I am at work.


Jennie Holt said...

I DoNT SEE WHAT cup YOU ARE referring to....ashely was pushing the caps button while i was typing. LOVE you duvet cover!! good work!! gonna have to start calling you martha with all your DIY projects going on in there. i hope AL is ok with my kids sleeping in his office when we come. or I am NOT coming.

Sami-Jane said...

looove the door knobs tina! thank you for posting your cutesy little house! is that your chandelier or did it come with your place? regardless of where it came from - I LOVE IT! your tv stand is darling...and I am still jealous of your headboard!

PamH said...

Love everything!! Makes me miss our old apartments...seriously. Here's my favourites. The cute little scalloped woodwork above your sink. LOVE IT. Love the cardboard deer from UO, when did you get that? I've been eyeing it, but I wished it was bigger! Love your map..that's obvs. :) LOVE the duvet/headboard...LOVE LOVE the cabinet under the cardboard deer....when did you get that? Should I know? And love the grey tv stand, seriously...all so cute. Oh, and your mail sorter on the wall and the bread holder. :) And loved your fb comments today. :)

PamH said...

AND LOVE YOUR DOORKNOBS. I noticed them before you pointed them out thanks.