Monday, April 23, 2012

Thoughts on Life

So I fiiiinally find some maternity clothes to purchase online and they don't ship to Canada. What, like Canada is SOOO far out of your way, Gap. You're already shipping everything else to me! Got a problem with pregnant Canadians?

My baby thinks it owns the place these days. I just let it take over because whatever it's doing in there is adorable.

The other day I sneezed and peed my pants. I got things under control before it was too late, but I think that day marked the official day of me becoming a mother. Sorry Chloe and future offspring, can't jump on the tramp with you anymore.

My nursery isn't going to be cute and my kid will be dressed in rags, but you should SEE the stroller we, really, you should see it. I'm afraid if I post a picture you'll all bump key my door and take off running with it...and have the best run of your LIFE as you ease into comfort behind this luxurious pram.

Alan has 3 more weeks of school. So I started working on the baby quilt. It's a disaster, someone please  fix my mistakes.

I just measured my hips/waist to order something online and the tape measure is still synched around me.

I bought a dresser for the nursery off Kijiji. I called the number I got from the ad and realized 5 minutes into my phone call I was talking to a Hutterite (it's been a while since I've run the counter at Pro Hardware). It took weeks of her contacting me to get that thing in our house...Lisa really didn't understand that I literally couldn't leave work until 4...and then once I got it here and was pleased as  punch, I thought I was done with the phone calls and the texts (yes, they can text), but no. She texts me almost every morning at 7:30. She's persistent. "Hi Tina. How is you doing".....does anyone know how to block numbers?

The sunshine has been nice. It really cheers me up after being a real crabhole inside the hospice all day. I'm ready to leave that place.

Two more months of just me and Alan and the can I enjoy it when I have nothing to wear?! I'm suing all the maternity stores. Also this next sentence is for them:



Kelsey Scott said...

hahaha i just laugh so hard in all of your posts. I miss hutterites... I'm so jealous you have one who texts you! just jokes?

Jennie Holt said...

chloe is dissapointed about the tramp thing. but remember that is how i went into labor with her so don't dismiss all trampolines from here on out. we should start our own maternity store. put that stupid Thyme store out off business. THAT will show em.

We Are Anderson said...

check out some value villages. Thats where I got some of my best maternity clothes.

jezebel said...

hey PSYCHO i live in the usa so hurry and order it and send it to me and I will send it home with my mom when we are both in vegas in 2 weeks. and she will mail it to you. or if its faster I can just send it. NO IM SERIOUS. no girl should have to wear sweats and her husbands t-shirts everyday. i have prego pity on you. I'm going to call you today now that I know that you work till 4. AND I WANNA SEE YOUR STROLLER!!!