Monday, April 9, 2012

waddle waddle waddle waddle...yeaaaaa

Updated pregnancy fun facts:

1. I can't bend over any more.

A few weeks ago I was grocery shopping at Superstore. I hate the bloody loonie/shopping cart ordeal, so to try to avoid mental breakdowns in such a public area, I keep a loonie in the cash bin right by my steering wheel at all times. Well this particular day after I was all done my shopping, I got myself in the car and went to throw the loonie in the bin but dropped it...riiight under me. That was the day I realized it was all over...touching my toes, putting on my shoes without breaking a sweat, and any ease if there ever was any with picking up the thousands upon thousands of things I drop while doing anything...mostly eating...which is all I do lately.

Alan saw that loonie sitting right in the middle of the car mat the next morning and tried not to laugh, but didn't do a very good job. I guess he was ahead of me in knowing my capabilities as a pregnant woman were diminishing...and the whole situation from the previous day unfolded before his eyes. Sneaky little detective.

2. I drop everything.

The previous story is a prime example of this. I haven't heard many people having a problem with this while they were/are pregnant, but it is a major issue in my life right now. I can't seem to hold onto anything. Or maybe I'm just always too starving and eager to get everything in my mouth that things fall to the ground before they can all fit. But that doesn't really apply to the loonie fiasco...or does it.....(shifty eyes)

3. I'm hungry.

Like I said, I EAT. I thought all pregnant women ate like I do, but I just went to a potluck yesterday with 4 preg's there and, as I observed, I realized I need to take it easy. No one is quite as hungry as I am I guess.

So I wallowed and threw my feelings into a bag of Fudgeos.

There's about a billion other things but my pics finished uploading so here ya go...the past few weeks in retrospect:

 You might be wondering who this present is addressed to...couldn't possibly be me...but it WAS for ME. Alan has horrible vision. It was my birthday in March...that boy spoiled me rotten.
 This is the present I got before work.
 Ooooh whaaat's IIIINSIIIIDE?!?!?!?
 A Kindle!!!!! I love it. It is an absolutely heavenly thing to have in my possession.

I didn't take pics of the rest of the day but after work Al surprised me with a couples massage and took me to stuff my face full of a giant Earl's burger.

I love eating.
 Then that weekend we took a little trip home. Al took a pic of me driving since it's a very rare and special event.

 Everyone hates the drive from Sask to SoAB but I think it's beautiful and love it every time. Minus sitting in a car for 7 hours...which I don't think I'll be able to do again until the baby comes out. I'm having a hard enough time sitting on my recliner at the moment.....caaan't breathe....
 And the reason we went home...MANGO! Mango tango got married so me and Branny threw her a little shower. The weekend was great and Mango is great. Oh how I miss everyone out here in Saskachabush.
 The life partners in attendance.
 Some more lovely guests!
 Seriously sweet action shot. I know, these pictures are AMAzing.
 Ang looking sexy in a new piece.
 And wouldn't ya know it, the Easter bunny came while Al was at school today. Of course the only night I needed a pee-break/wake up call, I slept through the night. So the bunny showed up during the day...just for Al.
 Silly rabbit.
 Al did SUCH a good job finding his candy....that is actually for me..hehehehe.
 Girl look at that bellllay.
 Everyone just get over the fact that I never do my hair ok? Try to deal with it and stop complaining. I'm pregnant (best excuse for everything).
 I'm never quite sure what to do with my hands in these belly shots, so Al threw out a few suggestions for me. This one is nice, yes?

Ok so anyways I can never breath cause my clothes are all so tight and I feel like I have a constant smell that I can never escape. Whether it's me actually emitting an odor or being able to smell everything from 17 miles away, we'll never know. But I do know that I love my spazzy little baby. I can't believe how nuts that little guy (OR GIRL) is in there. The baby coming seems so far away still, but I feel ready to meet it. Not ready for labor PER SE but we'll get there....just kidding we won't I'm in denial.


Jennie Holt said...

ha ha i laugh every time i think of you and that darn loonie. I bet you will never get to use your maternity clothes again, they will be covered in food stains! but its ok cause you are the cutest! loving the boob grab Im gonna have to try that one.

We Are Anderson said...

I LOVE it. Your pregnancy sounds just like mine. I seriously have stains all over my clothes. We went out for dinner once and Josh was so embarrassed. I was covered. And i eat ALL the time. Josh's nick name for me was his hungry hungry hippo ( sounds mean but I liked it haha) So dont worry, your not a crazy pregnant women. You'll miss it once its gone. Sounds crazy. You look so cute!!

Paige said...

Pregnancy Whatever, I'm totally jealous of all you pregos, and there are all of a sudden A LOT of you!
Boob grab picture is top notch. I don't know why it isn't more common.