Friday, August 17, 2012

Pam I Am

Ok I have a LOT to talk about I knooow I know but I don't have time so all you're getting are a few pictures for now. We have been doing a lot with our little Hen man and I'm going to tell you all about it with an obnoxious amount of detail but that will have to wait until Al starts school and I'm bored and crying to myself in bed all day cause I miss him. AKA I'll have a poop load time on my hands...maybe...

While we were home in Alberta this past week, Pam my sis-in-law said she'd do a free shoot of our little family. She works full-time and me and Al and Henry were all over the freaking place so it was hard to get a time scheduled in...but on Henry's blessing day after his dinner out at the in-law's farm Pam suggested we do a few pics.

Hen had had a lovely poop explosion all over his adorable blessing outfit (coming soon to a blog near you) and Alan didn't bring anything cute to wear, so he switched outfits with Derick, Hen wore a back-up outfit I had, and I am awesome and brought clothes...but not these are Pam's ALL the credit goes to Pam and Derick..thanks guys!

 Isn't Henry big?!!? I love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE kissing his chub. Can't emphasize that enough.
 My favorite part of the session had to be Pam telling Alan to "stop just squinting and smile", that's just how he smiles every time a camera is involved. Very forced. But we love him anyways!
 What we do..ALL day.
 Oh freak, I love that double chin.
 Hank on a log.
 He refused to look at the camera. I assume this age is kind of difficult to take pictures of....he wasn't quite at the point of focusing on us yet. Just started this week!

 Henry in a tire. This might be my favorite ever.

 He cooperated good for these ones...don't you love him?? I go nuts!

I love my little family. And also our family we got to visit this summer...we miss everyone so much. Thanks for the pictures Pam! Always shocked how good they turn out since we are a disaster whenever a camera is involved.

I'm not sure why people are so nice to me, but I have a few more photo shoots to share that were also done pro bono. I will post the pics when I get them but for now, check out my friend Esther's blog. I looove all her work. You can find the pics of us HERE and HERE.


Jennie Holt said...

oh man they are SO cute! that one of you looking at him with his double chin is to DIE FOR!!!! he is a dream! love them all how are you gonna pick a fave?? nice job Pam!!

Kristen said...

These are so adorable! My favorite is "Hank on a log", hahaha. And Tina, you look soooo good! Without Henry in the pictures, I wouldn't believe you just had a baby. And I loved the pictures on Esther's blog too!

PamH said...

ba ha ha...totally hope alan didn't hate me when i told him to stop squinting! lol. you guys were seriously too cute to photograph...i kept thinking "if i have a daughter, maybe i'd get lucky and she'd look as cute as tina since henry looks as cute as derick!" Ha ha.

The Orrs said...

These are all so cute! Seriously you look soooo goood Tina! Henry is growing so fast!