Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So I got my maternity shoot back from Esther and just wanted to share a few of my favorites. It's easier to look back on being pregnant than to look at yourself when you are pregnant...I actually enjoy these pictures now but I'm sure if I would have seen them while I was still a fatty...I would have wanted to cry....because I would have been pregnant...and every possible thing made me cry. 

 Now that's a round belly if I ever saw one. Isn't this little garden pretty?! Saskatoon might not have a lot to offer, but it IS pretty around here.....not that that makes up for the shopping opportunities...or lack thereof. This skirt is from Sears, which I find hilarious. You take what you can get around here.
 This house is one of the oldest in Saskatoon or they have it set apart as a garden/walk-through place. It's cute. I might maybe frame this one like 3 years down the road (takes me a while to make decisions)

 Knotting Hill, anyone? Isn't it everyone's dream to be pregnant lying on a bench on their husbands lap ever since that movie? While it was a dream come true, it also wasn't. I'd imagined it to be a little more comfortable....Julia Roberts made it look so easy.
 That HOUSE!

 We're tender like this...24/7.
 I'll just remind everyone that I had my baby like 3 days after this photo shoot........look at that beelllaaay!
Ok now it's time for me to post about Henry. Should take me about 72 hours cause I have 7 billion pictures to sift through. Good think I made cake yesterday to snack on whilst in the process!

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Jennie Holt said...

oh man you guys are the CUTEST! 24/7 eh? you should have a marriage seminar! you have the cutest belly ever. i mean HAD. it was totes worth it eh??? HEN is the