Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Chunk

So my little Henry has gotten not-so-little and gained quite a bit of chunk over the last little while. Even though it is kinda sad he's getting SO big SO fast, I could just burry myself in his chunk all day. Actually, it's exactly what I do every day. Every opportunity I get, I'm nuzzlin the fat. I was going through my pictures and came up with WAY too many to post, but I think Jen will appreciate it and she's the best and deserves it after spoiling Hen with all his sewed goods. 

Henry loves Al. And Al is CRRRAAAZZZY about Henry. If there were ever anything cuter, I never saw it.
This is the face we get every time the camera comes out. I would think he's too small to figure out that I'm trying to exploit his face all over the internet....but no. So catching a grin is nearly impossible.
We do catch it every once in a while though. Hen is super freaking smiley. He loves attention (just like me) and even in the middle of a cry if you say "hi hen" or "hi shugie" (his new nickname I got from watching too much Honey Boo Boo) he will smile at you and daaaaaaaaaamn its cute (cuss word necessary)

His laugh is ridiculous. You would die. I promise.
Loves his baths, as I'm sure most babies do. He even laughs through me dripping water in his eyes every 2 seconds. He's a good sport.
Sunday is my new favorite day cause I get to dress the chubbs up. This is one of his outfits. We need more sundays cause he's starting to grow out of his 3-6 months clothes, of which I haven't even removed half the tags yet (stress!)
Handsome Hank aka Hank the Tank
On our way to drop daddy off at school, hence why he's still in his jammies and not in 15 layers of clothes after playing dress up for hours. Henry sleeps a lot. And he sleeps really good at night. He will sleep for 10/11 hours and then wake up smiling and wanting to play. It's cute, but not so cute in the boobs-nearly-exploding area...
More playtime with dad. He will always be the favorite parent cause I am terrible at entertaining children. I have been babysitting a little girl for the week and I feel like all we do is stare at eachother awkwardly....and I feel like that because that IS all we do.
Obviously not as into it as Al-daddy was.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....babies are just dreamy. 

And now for the Iphone section. Starting off with a plethora of Henry's girlfriends (and these aren't even all of them) Come on someone, have a boy for Henry to play with cars and....hunt? with?

Claire (Amy's), Henry and Scarlett (Nola's) what seems like a looong time ago at Henry's shower (he was 5 weeks). Claire kept smacking him in the face.
Same 3 babies, a little bigger...and Henry a LOT bigger. He's just totally working it in this picture. 
HOLDING HANDS!!!! Henry totally made his move here and Claire was NOT interested. But as you can tell by the look on both their faces, it was gonna happen whether she liked it or not. Take note, Claire is 2 months older than him....he's a big boy. Also weighs the same as his friend Gretel who is almost 6 months older than him (what's uuup!)
        Henry and Ruby (Jessica's little girl). He was forced into this move but it was still pretty smooth. Swooned her right to sleep. 
And here we have Henry and Edith (Esther's). She's brand new and gorgeous. But Henry didn't make any moves because they are cousins, and no one likes an incest baby.

Concluding the girlfriend section, we have pictures of us at home in AB that made me so homesick I cried whilst posting:

We miss you gramma and papa and Jennie and babies and EVERYONE OUT THERE!
He loves when we clap his hands. Also when I make monkey sounds, which I am disturbingly good at.
oooooooh he kills me. Me and Al both check on him about 6 times a night (each) and then fight over who gets to get him out of his crib. ha ha we are too much........
More handsomeness.

Branny-Panties came to visit. It was so so so much fun. Her and Henry are the same size, so they had LOTS of good times together. Love that girl.
Me lookin shnazzy after never showering anymore and my baby who is always bathed and clean
Skinny jeans from auntie Branny. Can't believe Al let me get away with putting these on him, but he actually loved them. He's getting soft in his old age.
And I leave you with a squishy naked bum. I have two babies finally asleep so I must go do the same...no time for improving this very lengthy post.

My apologies,
Mama T


PamH said...

oh deary me these are all so very cute!! love those skinny jeans!! he will never take them off with that yummy flannel on the inside. when are you guys bringing him back to us anyways????

The Dudleys said...

LOVE his jeans! He is to die for! I could just squish those cheeks.

Jennie Holt said...

Ha ha Hank making some serious moves....LADIES MAN!!! oh man I cried whilst reading this post. and laughed my bum off. Regan was giving me weird looks. He is INSANE with all the cuteness going on. I just can't get enough of his perfect skin looking all soya sauce and whatnot. oh i just LOVE him!! i wanna hear him laugh. VIDEO IT NOW!!!

Kinsey said...

Tina he is seriously the handsomest little boy. Love that grey sweater and the jeans! Ah he is so stylin'. Keep blogging!! :)