Monday, November 19, 2012


So just as I had finished typing my super whiney post about my homesickness, my mom and my sister - BAM! - show up on my doorstep. I squoze my fists and shut my eyes and jumped up and down - no really, I did. I knew my mom was coming but didn't know J was coming WITH HER! They are my most faithful visitors, I think they've come like 6 times since we've been out here. I am worth the drive (and in this instance, the flight) I guess. Just kidding, we all know they came to see the chub!

We had a fun weekend, let me tell you! There were no 4-yr-old drama queens or 2-yr-old...2-yr-olds and we got to shop and eat and eat chocolate (that deserves it's own category). And even though you know I would have loved to see the cute little tyrants, I get to see them in a month and it was so fun just to hang out sans headache. :) Guess I have nothing to complain about anymore, DO I?!!?

So I'm feeding Henry the other day, you know like I do, and usually he'll be done and then just sit there and laugh at me or Alan or nothing and nobody looking at him...but this time I decided I'd look at him cause there was nothing on TV (I'm joking, of course, I never stop looking at him) So I'm staring at his cute chubby face and he gives me a big ol' grin and WHAAAAAAT the H was that. A tooth. He has a tooth. 

Now, lets talk emotions. I'm emotional. At first I had a good spaz, got all excited, texted everyone I thought might possibly care. Posted about it on Facebook, cause I'm just obnoxious like that (hence, me telling the longest first tooth story ever to come to a blog). And then I got sad. Babies don't have teeth! Henry's not a baby anymore! Tears. After this little tyrade, I got mad. Did Alan even CARE about this ever-so-important milestone that had just occurred?!?!?!? And then I was happy again, but mad cause Jennie still hadn't texted me back and just po'd that there isn't a tooth emoticon on my iPhone, cause that would have been PERFECT. 

Henry is 5 months this week. When he hits 6 and is halfway to a year, I'm sure I'll have another emotional breakdown, but until then, some cute pictures I took of him just a second ago! (sorry, the tooth isn't visible yet, I am certain you are dying with anticipation to see it!)

 He's moved on to his 12-18 month clothes, which is exciting because that's all that is ever on sale at Gap but, yes, also sad. My emotions never get a break.

I love how in this picture you can see his little tuft of hair! It is getting longer but it's so fly-y..(?) ..that I can never get a good picture of it. I think the child has my painfully thin and fragile hair, which has been falling out like a fiend (mine, not his). Goodbye lovely luscious pregnancy hair, and hello hair in my toes and bra and food and stuck to the back of my arm and in Henry's mouth...I'm telling you, it's everywhere these days. Which doesn't do a whole lot for our new fluffy rug....sick.
 There's that grin! It's very easy to get these days, all I have to do is look at him. Don't mind his snotty nose, his teething process has made him pretty sniffly and every time I try to wipe it, I'm pretty sure he's going to break his neck.
 Henry and his tongue. He is hilarious with it. I keep trying to make a video, so if it ever works, I'll share it. But for now, just know that it IS funny.
And the beloved dino. Definitely his favorite and first toy. He has already barfed on him at least 20 times. So I'd say it's love (wish I knew how to do a heart emoticon).


Jennie Holt said...

ha ha oh my heck. henry on his tummy is the cutest thing ever!! Can't wait to see the infamous tooth!!! you sent me an awesome video of his adorable tongue abilities....just post that one!

Mal and Cody said...

I hope I get to see you guys at Christmas! Brady loves his tongue too. I can't wait for Henry and Brady to meet!

girluntitled said... hair fell out all the time before pregnancy...and it isn't that great right now what you're saying is that i'm gonna be stark bald by the time this baby pops out? gah.