Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I know I have NO right to complain as my mother is just hours away from getting on a plane to come see me and I only live like a hop skip and a jump of a drive away, but being away is hard. And it's harder with Henry. I feel like we need his grandma and his aunties and cousins. It's like he's deprived of all that love that he'd normally be bombarded with. I mean, where's Chloe to shout "hiiiiii baby Henry" as loud as humanly possible 2 inches from his face all day long?

I just feel like whining today. It's so dark out it feels like 10 at night at 10 in the morning, my sister is going to Pitch Perfect without me AGAIN and I can't stop eating cookies. What, that last one is completely my fault? Oh....

But even as I type this I realize I have nothing to complain about and feel guilty even trying to complain. I just miss my family today and even though we are spoiled with friends and visitors and trips home, I want to just stop over at Jennie's house today so we can BOTH eat cookies all day together, and I can't.  ROUGH LIFE.

Maybe some new pictures of Henry will make you feel better. Oh wait, I'm the one complaining. Well, they make me feel better.

 Just relaxin on the cold (and dirty) leather couch, pretty hard to please.
Despite the fact that he is stuck on his back 24/7 and can't move himself around at all, Hen always SOMEHOW finds his rag and sucks on it, taking in some delicious bathwater. Guess he's sick of that strict diet I keep him on. Breast milk ONLY. Don't want him getting fat or anything.
 He's always pretty cute, but he's even cuter in his jumper. Jen lent this to us and every door I tried it in Hen would just be sitting on the ground. So either our doors are too short for it (even though I'm pretty sure all doors are the same size..??) or a more reasonable explanation, he was weighing the thing down to the ground. He's a lug, I tell ya!
 Took some pics after we went for our little family Friday night date to Tony Roma's. Can't go anywhere fancy anymore with this kid, but it's not like we ever did.
 He loves to chat with us. Very loudly. And even though I'm glad it's rarely a cry, his happy screams force me to have to crank Ellen and SYTTD up so I can hear it, leaving a resounding headache. First world problems.
 Alan thinks Henry only likes ME. Cause I get the best laughs out of him. But I am the one with the boobs, so can ya blame him?
 Wish it wasn't fuzzy. BLAAH I love this kid.
 My anti-kissing-babies husband kissing my baby. I tried to get him to kiss him on the mouth for the picture..."come on, it'll be funny!!!" haha if you know Al, you know that it WOULD be funny.
 mmmmmmm, cheeks.
 I put bright red lipstick on this night. We left the house and went to Homesense before dinner and then ended up inviting some friends to dinner so I speedily baby wiped it off before we got to the restaurant. I just felt like I was Liz Lemon'ing all night...."am I pulling this off?" Nope, I sure wasn't.

 Sorry Hen, you got my genes. Gain all your weight in your face.
 He's such a good little study buddy. It's got to be my favorite thing to look over and see Henry sitting on Alan's lap just watching him study. Love overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEART EXPLODING!!!!!
Put his snowsuit on him for the first time - we were desperate to get out of the house. CUTE RIGHT? These little snow pants were just making me die. And that little smile he does is pretty ridic too. I call it is his chubby munchkin smile. Appropriate enough, I'd say.

I know I whine a lot on here, but where else am I supposed to vent? I still find myself in tears of happiness almost every day. I am so blessed and love every second I get to spend with this baby and his dad!


girluntitled said...

hahaha i love that you called tony roma's "fancy" but it's true...these days putting on pants is fancy enough for me.

and it's hard being away from family, especially when grandbabies are involved. we only live in calgary and and are almost down south every weekend that our bishopric showed up to our house one day like we were falling through the cracks or something (ok, it had been a month since we'd been to our ward...but family time is important! and who likes 9 o'clock church anyway?).

PamH said...

Oh those little snow pants are awesome!! Who knew they even made them that small? And his yellow and gray shirt, the cutest! Maybe you need to borrow our doesn't have a tray and can be adjusted to whatever height your cute chunkers needs it at! And now you know why I talk to my sisters every single day pretty much! And they are almost always hanging out together without me and it sucks!

Kelsey Scott said...


Kinsey said...

You do have the most adorable child Tina!! Oh my. Cuter every time I see him (or pics of him). And somedays you just want your family. :/

Jennie Holt said...

how did i not comment on this?? I have read about 37 times. I love Henry and I love you and i can't WAIT until you are home for Christmas and I can see Hen roll over since you can't be bothered to send me a video. ahem.