Monday, March 4, 2013


If you are an avid follower on this blog, you may remember that for Al's birthday in January I got him The Price is Right tickets. The tickets were for March 13, and we've been excited about it ever since I purchased them. We had already asked our friends to babysit and were patiently awaiting the day, when pretty much over night Henry decided to grow up and be a big baby. He's got us wrapped around all his chubby little fingers and won't go to anyone else without a heart-wrenching, traumatic fit. So, Al posted the tickets on Kijiji and some black guy came and picked them up yesterday. The fact that he was black is irrelevant, I was just trying for a little excitement to this story (pretty sure it worked). 

Henry at 8-months-old = my favorite thing ever. He loves me. He loves Al too, but mostly me. He's chubby. He smells good. He sits in one place and doesn't move, since he can't. I love the kid too much, it seems, and sometimes all I can do is worry about how much I love him. 

Henry sitting on our NEW BED. That's what happened last week. We bought a bed. It was expensive, but it was worth it. We've had it two nights, and both nights I was able to stay on my side of the bed without rolling into the crevasse where everything else had also rolled and gathered over night (mainly Alan).
  I put him in this shirt, and he kinda looked like a girl, since it's from American Apparel and everything in that store is gender neutral...but I think he pulls off the look quite well - especially with those lashes!
He's still an extremely happy baby. Not as happy as he used to be, but happy. He just doesn't like other people, but can ya blame him? ha ha -jk  I hope it's a phase. 
 I decided I'd give the ol' hobby of sewing a go last week, and I ended up getting quite a few things sewn. I sewed some bibs, some pillow covers (in the previous pictures), and two pairs of baby Toms for Hen. If you're wondering why he's floating in the second pic, don't be alarmed - he was in his jumper.
 See? Not actually floating. Just looking slick with his combover.

The other day in church the little girl in front of us (she was 5), asked if Hen was a "girl baby or a boy baby". I told her he was a boy. She said "he has a big head" very matter-of-factly. Then proceeded to ask me several times "why his head was so big" Yes, child, I know it's a big noggin, but I'm convinced he's pulling it off. And it gives me more surface area to cover with smooches!
And I flipped the camera around for a quick second, just to throw ya for a loop. We've been feeling fairly good over here since starting to work out on a regular basis. It's a nice change from being so negative about myself all the time.

If anyone has any fun ideas for something to do with a well-behaved baby who has us totally whipped, we are looking for an idea to replace our Price is Right FAIL. Ok, thanks.


Jennie Holt said...

whoah look at that gorgeous face! you can use that as your profile pic for your up and coming photography business. Henry just wants ME to watch him, bring him here and you can al can go on a date!

amy said...

okay Henry is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And do stylish I might add. If he's not already betrothed you can save him for my future daughters.