Thursday, April 18, 2013


Today, after a long, whiney morning, Henry was finally allowed to be naked after his bath. I found him on the floor playing with his snot sucker (the BEST toy apparently). He had rolled and plugged his soother in to shut himself up, since I'm sure he figured it was bothering not only me but the guys in our basement. It was one of those tender moments where I thought to myself "aaawe" instead of saying it out loud because with any noise comes the realization that mom is near, and the complaining begins again. So I watched him for a while, too long I suppose, because pretty soon his face went red, as he held his breath and laid a big turd on my floor. Happy Thursday, everybody :)


brock + amy said...

THIS made me laugh! It seems they know when you're having an 'awww' moment an they do something to snap you back :)
Ps love the new look!

Jennie Holt said...

I hope it wasn't on your fuzzy rug!!!! and seriously cute pics. you are a superstar photographer!!!!