Wednesday, April 17, 2013

you should see him reach

About once a month, I get out my inconveniently gigantic camera, and take pictures of Henry. For the last 4 months, they've been the same - Hen sitting laughing and smiling and being a doll while I act like an idiot and crawl around, having no clue what I'm doing. But lately, things have been different. Observe -
The other day Henry had his usual head-to-toe smothering of oranges/bananas/goldfish and had covered his entire highchair in it when Alan reached over and nonchalantly picked a golfish off of the tray and ate it. He laughed and commented on how he would never in a million years have thought he would do that. Well, I never thought I'd post a picture of my kid drooling and bawling. Drool is disgusting. Unless it's your kids, then it's just a fact of life, and, yes, sometimes it even get's in your own mouth. And, no, you don't care. Henry is drooly and whiney and sometimes inconsolable. He wants me to pick him up all day, and once he's up, he's clawing at my shirt. Depending on the shirt I'm wearing, he's pulling it off of me and putting his hands down there, or swiftly launching his head in the direction of a boob or two. When I finally give in and let him nurse, he's yanking and he's biting. He's just plain cray cray.  
 I'm not trying to complain. I love every second. My heart skips a beat when he cries. Something inside of me loves having to console him. I love to feel needed. I love his tears, even though they make me sad. I love his snot, even after he's sneezed it all over his face and rubbed it in his eyebrows. He's an angel, even if he's not acting like one.
He's 10 months old next week and is just too bloody heavy to move himself around, so he's become an expert at reaching. When asked where he's at I say "sure, my baby can't crawl, but man - you should see him reach!" SO PROUD! 
I'm still getting smiles between the wailing, and they're nice :)

And now I'm just posting pictures cause that's how I do.
 Henry's red ball - classic dollar store purchase that would probably be a more enjoyable time for everyone if he could crawl after it...

And one more because I just love that belly!!


Sami-Jane said...

Take the crying Hen pictures down, this hurts my heart to see him so sad! I can't believe he is 10 months when the last time I saw him he was only 2 days old! LOVE HIM!

Kami said...

Look at these awesome pictures! You don't need a professional! Is it bad that I love all of them? It makes me want to take pictures of Max when he's crying.

Jennie Holt said...

oh my heck i am dying!!! that picture is making me want to cry!!! he is the cutest thing alive!!! Just come home NOW!!!!! we will teach him how to crawl :)

Kristen Ruiz said...

He's so stinking cute!! I want to see him reach!! And I wish I could see more of your house - the chair with the checkered upholstery looks freaking awesome. And Hen's high chair.