Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a birthday for a henry

So many things crossed my mind last Friday. Images, horrible, dreadful images, of what I was doing exactly one year ago to date. And beautiful, wonderful images of the past year. As I pushed out the images of me half dead and swollen to the size of a hippopotamus, I caught myself crying more than once at how happy I was. Happy to have Henry in my life. Happy he is healthy. Happy to be a mom. Happy he has a great dad. Happy to know we will be together forever. :)
This little boy has blessed my life, ten fold! 

For the much anticipated birthday (I love special occasions, especially ones with cake), we had friends over for sloppy joes and CAKE. I spent a lot more time on the cake than the dinner, because...well must I explain? Cake just deserves so much of my time. 

Just like every kid does, Hen has his own little personality. And even though no one really wants to read another blog about how special and wonderful and fantastic their kid is, too bad, I'm going there. Things about my 1-yr-old that I want to remember:

1. He has a big head. Even though it felt like it was the size and shape of a ceiling fan coming out, to my surprise, he had an average, tiny newborn-sized head. But over the span of about 3 weeks, it developed into a melon. The transformation happened right before our eyes, and I can remember thinking every day that it had grown another inch in circumference. While his head grew, he went through a little bit of a rough patch as the rest of his face caught up, but when it did...it all turned out rather cute. And now that the rest of him is also a good size for a 1-yr-old, we hardly even notice! 

2. He is a pansy. Me and Al decided that we have a wuss for a son. Hen is very delicate and cautious. He thinks about everything for 10 seconds, and then slowly and methodically goes in for it. He gets pushed over by babies younger than him and cries. He chickens out when we try and get him to reach for something or walk to something that is too hard. He can't crawl and he can't walk, and it's because he's scared. But this personality trait makes him THE SWEETEST THING EVER. He snuggles, he likes stuffed animals, he likes to rub soft things on his face, and he likes to keep close to us, always. 

3. He is easy. Ever since Henry was born, I have been bored. This is not a complaint. This is just a statement. When he came hurling out of me a year ago, he practically came out sleeping. He has slept through the night since he was 5 weeks old. And during the day, he can more often than not be found napping. We have had comments from fellow parents about "knowing what it's like to go without sleep". When this happens, we pretend like we can relate, trying to act like we're ALSO very hard done by, but we can't. I have slept more in the last year than I have my whole life. 

4. He hates other people. He doesn't let anyone else hold him without spazzing out. I try and force him on people to get him acquainted with the idea, but people only want to hold a screaming baby for so long...

5. Although from a distance, he's very friendly. He smiles at everyone in the store, and they think they are preeeetty special. I love seeing how a baby can brighten up someone's day. So, as long as they don't get close, people are fooled into thinking he loves them. 

6. He poo's a lot. Pretty self explanatory, he has a good digestive system. I envy this of him. 

7. He is very expressive. I think hen first laughed at 2 months, or around then anyway. And ever since, he has been laughing. He is extremely easy to please and I could not possibly count or have any space on any of my devices to hold the videos I have of him giggling. And when he's sad, it's made very clear. He will put his chubby little hand on the top of his head and drag it down his face as he sobs, just to clear up any doubts about the devastation happening on his end. 

8. He thinks balls are funny. But who doesn't? Ha ha, no but really...he can spot any spherical object (always assuming everything is a toy), and whines until it's given to him. And it usually is, because I'm also a pansy, and give him whatever he wants. 

I am obsessed with this kid....and although it was nothing like the other parties I see swarming the other blogs, it was fun, and I managed to squeeze in a few pics.

Getting some help from Logi, who couldn't stand watching Hen move so slow. 

 I didn't manage to get a picture of Hen + the cake + the candle because he had eaten his whole piece and then another (we encourage cake eating in this house) in about 10 seconds flat.

Max, Hen, Scarlet and Meah. This group is just A LITTLE entertaining. 

You said it, llama. Or horse? Or unicorn? .....? 


Sami-Jane said...

So cute! I wish I was stuffing my face full of cake! It makes me sad that Hen won't like it when I eventually get to hold him again ;-(

Kami said...

This is awesome! We love Hen!

Avrey &Cody Hendrix said...

He's the cutest ever!!!

The McGales said...

Tina I LOVE reading your blog! You can never talk about your cute baby too much. He's adorable.

Jennie Holt said...

I envy henrys mad poopin skills too. How did I never see this blog? I love him, I will switch you kids? straight across....really you are getting a 2for 1.