Tuesday, September 3, 2013

cute things that happened today

I am a very lucky person. I am lucky to have a REALLY good best friend. One that even drives the long boring road to Saskatoon to come visit for the weekend. She came this weekend and the entire weekend was a pure blissful blast of a time. Sadly enough, she had to leave today. Thus brings us to the first cute thing that happened today. Henry really loved Bran the whole time she was here, like A LOT. He would cry and freak out if I tried to take him away from her. When she left, I told him to give her a hug (he will on and off and very randomly give someone a hug) and he hugged her about 10 times, giggling and laughing and giving her kisses. CUTE.

For the most part, Hen was a grouchy poop today. It may have had something to do with our delightful company leaving us, or it could have just been a "wrong kind of the bed" kind of day, but I can't help but just dwell on all of the adorable things he did today. When he woke up from his morning nap, I went in to get him and just listened to him chatter and talk nonsense for a while. While I waited, he rolled onto his stomach and sat up on his bum. He has NEVER done this. I was in shock. I started clapping for him and giving him the up-most praise when he continued to grab the top of the crib, pull himself to his knees and then stood up...HE HAS NEVER DONE THAT EITHER. He got a lot of kisses.

We were saying the prayer before dinner, Hen was on my lap, and he was chugging down water from a sippy cup. He hasn't figured out to fold his arms for prayer yet, so he just goes about his business. We said amen. Told him to say amen, but he just barfed a big pool of water onto my plate instead.

Hen learned to walk today. I still can't believe it. No, he's not a pro. But he took like 15 steps. He got his balance and took off as long as he didn't bump into anything. I posted a video of it on my FB, I am proud like a mama goose.

When I put Henry to bed every night, I give him his fluffy blanket and he usually will snuggle me for a few seconds before reaching for his crib. Today, he snuggled me for a solid 5 minutes, rubbing his blanket on his face and playing with my hair. I swooned.

I love him so much it hurts.


Kami said...

What wahoo! Go Henry!

Breanne Eakett said...

EEEE you're the cutest! just read this because as you know I suck at keeping up with reading blogs! seeing my favorite little family is ALWAYS worth that drive! xo