Wednesday, April 9, 2014

you hardly noticed I was gone

I have come to write on this blog about 7 times and then never posted anything. A couple of times, I started telling about how I am pregnant again, but for some reason never hit "publish" and then it just seemed too far gone...the last I posted of Henry he was still a wee-little baby aaaand now he's BIG.

Like, so stupidly big. He knows what he wants and he gets what he wants and he likes that....and I don't mind it either because what else do I really have to do other than give him what he wants? Who needs valuable life lessons anyway....

Henry is around 20'ish months old (I keep losing track) and I am around 37'ish weeks pregnant (just kidding I'm EXACTLY 37 weeks pregnant - I am sadly not losing track of that). People say their second pregnancies go faster buuuut if this is faster, than that last pregnancy I had never ended because this one sure isn't. There's really nothing wrong with being pregnant (just kidding again - there's lots) but it would be nice to be myself again. I'm looking forward to having this perpetual bad mood over with. 

So far, which at this point includes the entire pregnancy....since I have taken so long to blog about it....I have felt GOOD. I really shouldn't complain, but I still do...quite a bit actually! Positive comments would include: I didn't really feel sick much at the start, it's been winter the entire time allowing me to hibernate and be a complete lazy bum, I have really enjoyed eating whatever the crap I want, we bought an exercise bike that can count as exercise no matter how slow I pedal on the lowest gear, and I don't have pre-eclampsia this time (HURRAH!!!). My main complaint, since we all know you came here to hear me whine, is I mentioned...I have been in a bad mood for 9 months. I've just been really grouchy. Not to the point of utter sadness or despair...just a GROUCH. I want to kick everyone in the grocery store, I don't want the cashier to talk to me, I want the waiter to leave us alone, everyone is annoying....everyone is in my way....everyone is ruining my day. I consider myself a fairly social person, not that I'm great at being social but other people generally make me happy, so I miss that part of myself and am looking forward and hoping that I actually do get it back. Hopefully the pregnancy is to blame and I haven't just morphed into a troll. 

I'm not sure if it's common for women to have panic attacks when they go into labor, but I'm completely certain that is what is in store for me. I remember a few things too well from last time, and I'm terrified. I have been telling Al this constantly, seeking some sort of reassurance that everything will be okay...buut he happened to be there too last time it happened, and I think he is equally as nervous. He did say to me once the other day though..."when it's happening, and it's bad...just remember you've got an awesome support team..." and then he turned his computer and showed me this pic...

I've been smiling about it every since. 

We don't know the gender of the baby, nor do I care. How could I not want another little boy after having Henry? And how could I not want a little girl after dressing Henry up like a little girl? 

(Al was leesssss than impressed with this stunt). 
Please don't mind the disaster of a house behind the child, we were putting the shared baby room together and Henry was playing right in the middle of it because he must be within 3 feet of me AT ALL TIMES (I secretly love it). 

Here I am: 

Huge. The only cute part about this is you can kinda see Hen in the bath behind me. Also I'm hiding my fat arm pretty good, I'm the best at that!! 

Well, this has been random! :)


Avrey &Cody Hendrix said...

i love this! You're real and i like that. Ugh, I hate being a big grouch.... go away stupid hormones! Henry is a doll. You make cute babes! PS... Is that a Jenny Bow I spy?! I'm officially obsessed with them!

Kristen Ruiz said...

I noticed you were gone!! Welcome back ;)
I completely agree with Avery, you make very cute babies and I can't wait to find out your next cute baby is and what you end up naming them. Keep blogging!