Thursday, January 7, 2010

BAD Charlie

Charlie Sheen spends Christmas in jail following wife's accusations of assault

'Bad boy' actor with a history of violence against women in cell for eight hours

This headline makes me saaaad. I am in no way a big Charlie Sheen fan because I hardly know why the man is famous in the first place, but I'm a BIG Two and a Half Men fan.

And now I can't bear to watch it anymore because I think Charlie is such a douche. It is pretty depressing because the only thing I ever turn on is either this, Friends, or According to Jim. Now that I've eliminated this from my life and I've SEEN every single Friends episod 15 times and According to Jim only comes on once in a like never, I'm pooched! I'm going to make an effort to get into Glee. Wish me luck.

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