Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Princes Consuela Banana Hammock

Words cannot describe the pissed off mood I was in yesterday. Nothing, I repeat nothing was going to break my concentrated gaze. A monkey riding a tricycle smoking a pipe could come give me a wet willy, and I still wouldn't crack a smile. But then this came on.

That's right, I LOL'd.


Jennie Holt said...

HA HA HA oh my heck i love this show!

love the title as well. i will be crap bag.

Chanel Beazer said...

you are the best blogger. Prepared to be stalked.

Suz said...

monkey riding on a tricycle....that was funny!

Jacklyn said...

That is one of the better Phoebe songs. So I thought that I was blog stalking you when I clicked over to check out the tina butter and there I was on your side bar, sweet we are already blog friends!

Angela Bridge said...

crap bag is one of my faves...for sure!!
oh the days when thats all we would do watch friends and eat food and do paint by numbers!