Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello fellow bored's. Thank heavens for blogging to keep us occupied and our spirits high as we read about what everyone else has been ambitious enough to do, eh?

Today is weird. I am sitting in a hotel waiting for my darling cutest while he takes a test for five hours. Yup, MCAT day is finally here. I wasn't really expecting ME to be the one with the butterflies and the sweaty hands, but here I am....freaking out. It's been a while since I've had to deal with the pressures of testing. What am I saying...I don't have to deal with them now! But Alan does, and we are just so intuned that I feel it for him...(cute).

Yeeeee, hope he survives!

So anyway...I've been thinking about my blog. I actually think about my blog a lot so technically it should be a whole lot better than it is but nothing in my brain really ever gets put into action, so I'm not surprised. You shouldn't be either. I was reading a newborn blogger's blog and she was explaining the reason for her title. Then I remembered the first time Al looked at my blog and the expression on his face when he said "why Tina Butter?". So, I'm assuming everyone thinks this is just a stupid name I made up in a failed attempt to be clever.

Nope. I don't even make attempts, sorry.

The history is lame, but as per the afore-mentioned, I'm bored. And I'm too chicken to brave the city roads by myself and take me to a mall. I have this inkling I will get lost. It's actually less of an inkling and more of an...I know I will.

When I was in high school and Jen lived at home, we were bossom buddies. We were a tad bit out of control. What I mostly remember is singing into our thumb microphones and running along the tops of the couches and jumping all over the cuddle sacks singing as loud as humanly possible to the Wicked and Enchanted soundtracks....and Hillary Duff and Mary Kate and Ashley....only the good stuff. I miss those days.

When Jen met and married Reg, he used to say that when she was grumpy he would need to bring her to me for a "dose of Tina" and then it would be aaaall better. He called us Tina, Tina Butter....and JENNIE - like the commercial...peanut, peanut butter...and JELLY! You know the one?

And then Tanner and Regan forever called me Tina Butter. That is honestly and truly the only thing I've ever had that is close to being designated as a nick name. And the only people that ever called me that were Regan and Tanner. It made me feel super rad, since my lack of a nickname all throughout my life gave me a complex. Miss T never even gave me a nickname, and trust me, that is pathetic. Denise did used to call me "Teener" but I have always opted to not count that....for reasons your gag reflex is explaining to you right now.

I've been feeling guilty and thinking I need to change it to something like...Tina Butter and ALAN or Da Wiiiiildz....but really....despite the fact that the entire blog is about Al, it's still my blog. I'm actually 65% sure that he doesn't even read it on a regular basis, so until he can shape up, it's mine baby, aaaaalll miiiine!!

Just don't go thinking that I don't love him or my new last name and that's why I haven't changed it, cause I doooo (and that phrase should be said like Nacho Libre please).

Nap time? Ok.

Love ya J, I've been reminiscing prior to this blog post, and it's been pleasant.


Malea said...

Ah sisterly cute!! I love your blog name and I would keep it forever. Ryan shares my e-mail address but I still keep it as maleatortilla because that has been my nickname forever and that is how I roll ;) look at this I even beat jennie to posting a comment ;) ha ha...missed you at bear lake this year!!!

Jennie Holt said...

ha ha not by much malea!! but bravo. oh tina....maybe it is because i am sick, or really tired or just upset that i haven't seen you for bachelorette in like 2 weeks, but you made me cry. and you know how much that happens! love you too cuteness!! I am nervous for Al too now. sweaty palms and everything!!

Sami-Jane said...

oh tina, you are so funny! i hope that if you had the nerves that al was calm as can be and did amazing on his test!